The setting sun in Florence reflects the bright side of your heart

Traveling with my parents, the most headache is how to take care of everyone’s hobby. This holiday trip, I fully planned for more than two months, and finally decided on Florence, Italy. On the one hand, the humid and mild Mediterranean climate can fully relax parents with poor legs, legs and feet; on the other hand, Florenosa has a splendid history, various museums, and beautiful scenery. No matter which one you like, Can find the right place.

When the plane landed at the Florence International Airport, as soon as we left the airport gate, we took the light rail to the center of Florence. I specifically booked the hotel near the Central Market so my parents had enough time to visit the night market in the evening.

Early the next morning, I took my parents to the Central Market, where there is one of the most famous tripe bag shops in Italy. The practice of beef tripe buns is similar to that of meat shackles in Shaanxi, China, except that the meat in Shaanxi is bacon and the meat here is tripe. The chef usually cleans the tripe early, adds tomatoes, celery, and pepper and salt together in a large pot and cooks until the tripe is cooked and fragrant. If a customer comes, the chef will pick up the tripe and chop it between the two slices of bread. That day, after we got the tripe buns, we couldn’t wait to bite it. Not only the deliciousness of beef, but also the chewing power of tripe, hot and sour, especially delicious, even the mother who did not like western food. I want to buy another one. Seeing that my mother was so talkative, I asked the shop owner to buy a tripe, and it was good to taste the Italian version of the soup.

After eating the tripe soup, I took my parents to Florence’s most famous Uffizi Gallery. The museum’s architecture was not a common Gothic design in Europe at that time, but adopted the ancient Greek architectural style. The huge Roman columns supported the buildings on both sides, as if they were two temples facing each other. What is enshrined in this “temple” is not the gods, but the crystallization of human art. Botticelli’s “Spring” and “Birth of Venus”, Da Vinci’s “Eastern Trinity”, Michelangelo’s “Holy Family”, Raphael’s “Golden Finch Statue” “, Caravaggio’s” Medusa “, each name is shining in the long river of human history.

After reading the art gallery, my father proposed to take a look across the Arno River. We passed the old bridge connecting the two banks and found a restaurant. We asked for a steak. The window was grassy, ​​sunny, and the lazy cat was beating. yawn. After eating and drinking, my parents and I walked slowly along the river bank. There were tourists coming and going in the artisan shops on both sides. We just walked and watched, and slowly returned to the hotel.

On the third day, his mental and physical energy recovered better. Immediately, the parents’ interests diverged, and the dad from architecture wanted to go to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Flowers. My mother, on WeChat, was urged by friends to go to discount stores of major brands to see if there were any discounted bags and clothes they liked. In the end, I made a plan to make a plan. In the morning, I accompanied my father to take a good tour of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore. In the afternoon, I went to a discount village near Florence and accompanied my mother to buy special items and return.

When we came out of the discount village, it was already dusk, and the whole Florence showed magical gold under the sunset. The whole city slowly integrated us like this, and we seemed to become this picture called “Florence under the sunset” Part of the oil painting. Being able to hold their parents slowly, I think, this is the best life.

1. There are discount villages near Florence, discounts are usually very low.

2. There are dress requirements for visiting the church. Sleeveless tops are not allowed. Skirts and trousers must be over the knee. Flashlights cannot be used for photography. 3. If you want to take a bus, you can buy the “Florence Card” issued by the local tourism bureau. You can take the bus unlimited free of charge within 72 hours, and you can visit the museum, art gallery or church for free.