Homework should focus on effectiveness

In recent years, there has been a different voice among parents and educators in Spain on the topic of homework. Opponents argue that homework should be cancelled. They believe that homework is useless to students; advocates believe that homework is a basic tool for learning. Facing the tit-for-tat situation, experts urged that everyone should not be concerned about whether to do homework, but should focus on the form and effectiveness of the homework.

A few years ago, a Spanish mother named Eva asked for more than 200,000 people to “rationalize” the work. The Student Parents Association of Madrid called for the cancellation of the assignment, which they considered to be a wrong way of learning, overloading the students and seriously disrupting their family life and leisure time. Since then, a protest has erupted in Spain over a “homework strike.” In November 2018, the Valencia Region of Spain passed the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

After that, the debate storm struck again. Schools are required to “can carry out planned learning activities (homework), but to ensure that those activities do not undermine children’s right to entertainment, sports, social and family life”, this is the first academic task in Spain And set norms.

In order to test whether homework can improve academic performance, the researchers focused on two issues-how much time to spend on homework and how to do it. Pilar, a researcher at Camilo Jose Serra University, explained: “The data collected shows that in a particular age group, more time is spent on homework to get better grades. This conclusion is for middle school students Is true, but it is not true for elementary school students. This difference may be related to problems in learning. ”

Many Spanish educators have also come forward and proposed different improvements.

First of all, homework cannot be undone. Education experts put forward: “The issue of time allocation is not excessive in childhood. Students in the lower elementary grades need to study for half an hour to an hour every day; senior students in the elementary school need one and a half hours; junior high school two and a half hours; high school three hours. ”

Second, teachers should coordinate tasks with each other. If each teacher arranges his homework without considering other subjects, homework will become numerous and complicated.

Finally, strengthen home-school collaboration. Parents and teachers should always communicate with each other, not only to perform their duties, but also to understand and cooperate with each other. Teachers should understand the situation of each student, make the assignments as private as possible, help them according to their own characteristics, enrich the form of assignments, increase the student’s interest in learning, and ensure that students can develop in a comprehensive and healthy way during the learning process; In addition to fulfilling their responsibilities of supervision and supervision, parents must also report to their teachers on their children’s home situation, and work with the school to formulate an education plan for each child to create a positive environment for their growth.