The most beautiful spots

When traveling in the European Republic of San Marino, I experienced such a thing: it was an early morning full of golden sun, and when the tourist bus passed a crossroad, the bearded driver stopped the car suddenly. The tourists looked around through the window and found that there was no one at the crossroads and passing vehicles, but why didn’t he drive over? You should know that there are no traffic lights at all intersections in the Republic of San Marino, no camera probes, no police on the road, and pedestrians and vehicles relying on conscious compliance with traffic rules.

The tourists urged: “Why do you stop, there are no people or vehicles at this intersection?” The driver said to everyone, “I saw a cat coming at the intersection. Let this cat pass by first. I am afraid to drive Going by the car, it scared it. “The tourists were taken aback: Waiting for a cat to pass? The tourists took a closer look to the right of the window, and it turned out that a blue cat came slowly, more than ten meters away from the intersection. The tourists laughed and couldn’t help but laugh: “Sir, you have to drive quickly, it’s still early for this cat to come!” The driver said humorously, “Isn’t watching a cat crossing the road a beautiful scenery?”

The driver’s remarks caused a laugh in the carriage, and people had to watch the cat cross the road quietly. This cat is really laid back. It looks impatiently towards the west. When he came to the car, he stopped and looked up. “Meow Meow” called a few times, as if he was greeting someone in the car. When the cat went away, the driver drove away.

The two-day tour is over. On the way back, the driver asked the tourists to visit San Marino these two days. What is the most impressive spot? Tourists almost said in unison: “Looking at a cat crossing a crossroads, this is the most beautiful spot we have seen in San Marino.”