Behind the fireworks

I heard the sound of firecrackers from outside and saw the table full of home-cooked dishes. The wife was pouring red wine into the goblet at the moment. Under the light of the living room, her eyes and crow’s feet were obvious.

Leaving her uncle’s house, I discarded the previously disguised face, and I began to lean back on my chair to resume smoking addiction and linger. His wife went into the bedroom and turned on the electric blanket, then turned on the TV.

As she walked out of the bedroom, she said to me, “You’re better than my ex-husband.” I hadn’t figured out what she meant, and my cell phone rang. The wife opened the door of the refrigerator, and she put some home-cooked food that she brought back in, but she quickly took it out again. She murmured, “You don’t need to put the refrigerator this day.” I looked at her and answered the phone. The phone call came from a woman who claimed to be working in the media. She first said to me, “Sir, Happy New Year.” Then she said, “Today is the thirtieth year. We are conducting a questionnaire survey. What are your feelings and hopes on this day? Sir, what are your feelings and hopes? Can you tell me, thank you for your cooperation. “The wife put the boxed vegetables back on the table, and then asked me,” Who’s on the phone? “I put down the phone and said to my wife: a woman, a senior media reporter, asked me if I’m doing well today.

My wife seems a bit interested in this topic, she just moved over to sit on a stool next to me. The wife said, “Turn on the speakerphone.” I turned on the speakerphone, and I put the phone on the desk. I said, “That’s it.” The other party said, “Yes, it’s delayed you a little bit.” I said, “It’s too sudden, there’s nothing to prepare, it’s really hard to say.” The other party said, “Sir, don’t be nervous. What do I say in my heart? ”I said,“ Actually, I really have any feelings, especially this year ’s 30th year. Hey, by the way, which media will you report what I say? Go out? “The other party said,” Sir, we are a WeChat platform called Fireworks. We will process your remarks and launch them on the platform. Later, the URL will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Go up. “I said,” I’ll talk about it. ”

At this time, I saw my wife move her body, and she pushed the ashtray with the cigarette towards me. I said, “This year, this is the first time I accompany my wife to her family’s New Year’s Eve dinner. I can’t talk about it nervously, but I’m more restrained, but I want to escape more.” I took out a cigarette from the cigarette case. Point. The other party said, “Why is this the case, haven’t you had dinner with their family before?” I said, “That’s not it. After a few meals, it all broke up, but that was a thing many years ago. “The other party said,” Sir, would you like to be specific, I don’t understand very well. “I said,” I don’t understand, it’s probably because I look at me, that’s what I mean. “The other party said,” Sir “How many years have you been married?” I said, “It’s been almost twenty years.” I popped the ashtray into my ashtray, and my wife took out a tissue from the box and wiped the table. The other party said, “You have only had a few meals with her parents after living together for so many years. Sir, is it your problem?” I said, “I need to explain to you that although my marriage age is almost twenty years Yes, but that’s cumulative. I have had two marriages, and I have been married to this wife for less than ten years. “The other party said,” Oh. “I went on,” She just met me a while ago, her parents I do n’t know. Later, we lived together. We lived together for several years, and her parents did n’t know. ”The other party said,“ Her parents are abroad? ”I said,“ Yes, I did n’t go until I got a marriage certificate. Their family, so eat together no more than five times. “My wife kicked me under the table with her feet.

I continued: “This time her parents came here to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and she has a concubine who lives with us.” The other party said, “So this time you have to go with the old man for a big dinner.” I said: “The attitude is always Yes. “The other said,” Sir, why do you want to run away? “I was about to answer, and I heard my wife say aloud to her cell phone:” Because my parents asked him to buy a house. ” Get up and go to the kitchen. I picked up the phone, turned off the speakerphone, and put it in my ear. The other party said, “Sir, it’s your wife.” I said, “Yes.” The other party said, “She seems angry.” I said, “Yes.” After I said I took my cell phone into the kitchen, and I saw my wife. Leaning on the edge of the pool was applying paint to the fingernails. I came out and I said to my mobile phone: “Beautiful girl, I want to be interviewed face-to-face. Can you arrange it here?” The other party said, “Sir, is it inconvenient for you to speak, so let’s go here today. Later, you can use the website I sent to pay attention to it. “I said,” OK. “The other party said,” That’s it, once again, I wish you and your family a happy New Year. ”

When I called the phone, I saw my wife coming out of the kitchen. She said, “No more talking, ready to talk face to face?” I said, “Is it possible?” My wife said, “Is that possible to buy a house?” “My wife said,” Really? “I said,” Really. “After that I took a red envelope from my pocket and handed it to my wife. I said, “For your son, he will come back from your ex-husband in a while, don’t forget to give it to him.” The wife took the red envelope and said calmly: “You have given it for ten years, but I have not given your child once. Yes. “I said,” Isn’t this with us, you can’t hide it if you don’t want to give it. “My wife took the red envelope and sat on the sofa. I heard her say,” My husband, we have been together for so many years, you I did take good care of my child. “I said,” Pretend, did you just say that I would pretend than your ex-husband. “I sat down on a chair. My wife said, “Some things can’t be pretended.” I paused and said, “Actually, sometimes I can’t help thinking about my child.” My wife said, “Especially when you see my child Eating with great interest your meal, isn’t it? “I said,” A bit. “The wife said,” The child knows that you are good to him, and her grandparents know. “The wife motioned for some water, and I poured a glass. I said, “When the annual leave is over, I will go and see the house.” My wife said, “No, I still have the idea of ​​staying two years ago. Now I feel that this thing is meaningless. When the time comes, the relationship breaks down and the property Dividing is still a lot of things. “I said,” How do you explain to your parents? “My wife said,” Isn’t their daughter the best way to explain it? ”

At this time, my cell phone sent a text message prompt. I picked it up and looked at it. I smiled and said, “A link.” My wife said, “The beauty reporter sent it? Don’t open it?” I said : “No, these things are meaningless.”