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The “year” in a thousand years. Since the beginning of Pangu, the three emperors and five emperors to this day, has there ever been a Spring Festival like ours today? The world is vast and the world is galaxy. Once in a thousand years, each has its own value. Do n’t walk around, do n’t get together, flip through books. Set Qi Dui, closed its door, long lived for a long time.

What god is Plague God? Thirty-ninth time in “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Liu Ye wrote a story about Ruoyu to Jia Mu and Baoyuhu. Baoyu took it seriously, and asked Yanyan to look for the shrine where Ruoyu was offered. Yanyan came back and told Baoyu: Where is what girl, it is actually a blush god with green face and red hair. “In ancient Chinese mythology, the god that spread the plague is called the god of plague. In Eastern Han Dynasty Cai Yan’s “Arbitrary” said that God of Plague was the son of He. Xun is the grandson of Huangdi (one is a grandson). The God of Plague, also known as the “Five Plague Heralds”, Volume Three of the “Searching Gods of the Three Sects”, said: “In the past eleven years of the Emperor Sui Wendi, in the eleventh year of the emperor’s opening, five fighters were fighting in the volley, wearing five-color robes Each holds one thing. One holds the mule and the pot, one holds the leather bag and the sword, one holds the fan, one holds the hammer, and one holds the pot. The emperor asked Tai Shijuren: ‘What is this god? The Lord and the calamity? Zhang Juren The play said: ‘This is the Wufang Lishi, five ghosts in the sky, five plagues on the ground, named five plagues. Zhang Yuanbo of spring plague, Liu Yuanda of summer plague, Zhao Gongming of autumn plague, Zhong Shigui of winter plague, and the history of the plague …. … The temple was built by the Emperor Nai, … the Wufang Lishi was sealed as a general. ”Since the Sui Dynasty, there were various temples of pestilence, and there were temples of pestilence in the countryside, burning incense buns for the god of pestilence. God of Plague is also “God”. To the gods, the ancients always respected and coaxed and did not dare to neglect; they really did n’t believe, they learned Confucius’ method, “respect ghosts and gods and stay away” —not close but not negating, maintaining awe. Mao Run is terrific. In 1958, he heard that the schistosomiasis was eliminated on the Chinese land, and he was so happy that he could not sleep at night. He wrote two words, “Send the Plague God”. You are more polite, and he said “send”. He usually “destroys” the enemy “completely, thoroughly, and cleanly.” For the “God” of the plague god, he remained humble and used the word “send”, which is definitely his best choice after deliberation. Mao has always been particular about words. For example, he said that “the Haihe River must be cured” and “the Huaihe River must be repaired” are all sublime; to the mother river, the Yellow River, he humbly said, “we must do the things of the Yellow River well,” meaning to run for the Yellow River. Between the heavens and the earth, the gods are everywhere. As a self-proclaimed spirit, you must be humble …

The plague plagued alone under the moon , and there was a good medicine for the time being. At the time of the holiday, friends and friends could n’t get together, so a word of the “medicine king” Sun Siyi became popular, saying that drinking: “One person drinks, the whole family is free of disease; one family drinks, one free of disease.” Book, check it on the Internet, this sentence comes from “Be Prepared to Make Money, Volume 9: Typhoid Fang Shang, Bi Wen Second”, a complete paragraph is: “Tu Su wine, the epidemic gas is not infected with fever and typhoid Recipes: Rhubarb (15 baht), Atractylodes macrocephala, Guixin (18 baht each), Chinese bellflower, Sichuan pepper (15 baht each), Aconitum (6 baht), 菝 (12 baht). Shangqiwei, Tsui Bag Sheng, in order to mud in the sun sinking in the sun in mid-December. In the first month of the month, the medicine is released, and the wine is boiled in the wine. It is drunk in the east. The drink of Tu Su starts from a young age. Drinking one family is free of disease, one family is free of disease, drinking medicine and wine for three times, and still in the well, can still drink at the age of the world, but there is no disease. There are wells inside and outside the house, all know the medicine to warm the temperature. “He said It is a medicinal liquor. I still like Li Bai’s drinking: under the moon alone, the three of the film; Wuhuama, Qian Jinqiu, Huer will change the wine, and sell all the worries with Seoul.

On the WeChat of Raytheon and Vulcan , the recipes are flying all over the sky. Some people say that it is possible to cut off the nostrils with a small amount of sesame oil. Someone immediately denied what was wrong. Behind closed doors is the deep mountain, and reading is everywhere. Still don’t go out and flip through the books. The report said: Vulcan Mountain and Thunder Mountain Hospital were built. Vulcan-“Southern Scriptures Overseas” recorded in “The Book of Mountains and Seas”: “The South wishes to melt, orcs and humans, and rides two dragons.” Guo Note: “Vulcan also.” Means that Zhu Rong is a fire god; “Huainan” The Son said: Emperor Yan is the god of fire. Thunder God-“The Book of Mountains and Seas” has a record: “There is a Thunder God in Lei Ze, a dragon body and a human head, and a drum in its belly is Thunder.” There is also a legend that Huangdi is the ancient Thunder God. The traditional Chinese saying is that the gods of thunder and fire are gods of good fortune and evil spirits. Wuhan does not have the two gods of fire and thunder, so named, using the traditional Chinese method, pinned on people’s good wishes.

The key to prevention of “Jin Ping Mei” and its sequel is to stay at home as much as possible. Netizens recommend the best travel routes: bedroom-kitchen-dining room-bathroom-living room. I add one more stop: study. Sitting on the book city, He Jiao is king in the south. Ha, stronger than the emperor and the old. There are places in his study that he hasn’t been to, just like the emperor hasn’t traveled to his own territory, and he hasn’t been lucky enough to have all the six palace fans. No, I flipped through the book and found “Jin Ping Mei” (Zhang Daoshen’s commentary, Qilu Shushe January 1987 edition), “Three Kinds of Jin Ping Mei Continuation Books” (including “Continue to Jin Ping Mei”, “Curtain Flower Shadow”) , “Golden House Dream”, Qilu Book Club August 1988 edition), when did you forget to buy it, and never read it. I remember watching the traditional Chinese version of “Gold”, it seems that I haven’t finished it yet. Mao Runzhi said: “Jin Ping Mei” is the ancestor of “A Dream of Red Mansions” and must be watched. I still prefer “Red”.

The island read a WeChat from “Dream of Red Mansions” and said: “The Dream of Red Mansions” in Riga House sells new year’s goods, dumplings, mules, bear’s paw, pheasant, venison and other bunches of wild animals. It also has a whole hard dish in the Mid-Autumn Festival-wind pickled civet. Why do the masters in the Grand View Garden all like trouble? Lin Daiyu is a lung disease, Qingwen is a suspected lung disease, Xue Baozheng, Wang Xifeng, Qin Keqing are old patients, her sister is smallpox, the prince Tenglin is like a sea storm, Baoyu’s brother Jia Zhuzhu died … The new coronavirus gave the answer. Look at this WeChat, go to “Dream of Red Mansions”. First of all, Wang Meng’s commentary on “A Dream of Red Mansions” (Lijiang Publishing House). Let me think, which version of A Dream of Red Mansions has I read? The first to read through was the Dream of the Red Mansion in the Cultural Revolution. Read the Dream of the Red Mansion (collector’s edition) published by People’s Literature Publishing House in March 2018. “Dream of Red Mansions (Annotated Edition of Cheng Yi School)” (Guangxi Normal University Press) was also read. The best-looking version is “Zhou Ruchang’s Book of Orders and Stones” (Lijiang Publishing House). The combination of body, fat, and weekly approval is a combination of beauty and beauty. Readers do not read. My generation can’t read, so just read indiscriminately. But to be honest, “Red” is most suitable for reading in a closed city or alone in an isolated island.

Chairman Mao’s Quotations (Food) Mao Zedong said: “I have food in my hands, don’t panic in my heart, be down-to-earth, and be cheerful.” There are tens of thousands of versions of Chairman Mao’s Quotations, and there are hundreds of thematic quotations. “Quotations (Grain)” (because two pages were torn off in front of me, I can’t see the printing unit, time, red plastic suit, 136 pages, 128 format), the topic of food is rare. Take a few paragraphs of Mao’s quotations about eating, this one must remember: “Pangu begins to divide the heavens and the earth, people will eat” (the truth), “what’s the biggest problem in the world? The biggest problem in eating” (the old saying), The people, the living beings are few, the ones who use them are sick, and the ones who are comfortable are going to collapse “(the words of the police),” hiding the rich and the people, and the people “(the words of the wise),” agriculture is the national economy Food is the foundation of the foundation “(words of seeking the country),” preparing for war, preparing for the famine, and serving the people “(words of sorrow),” people eat every day … Every member of the Communist Party should not forget this simplest, “True truth” (determined as soon as you forget it), “Quantitate by person, eat more during busy hours, eat less during busy hours, dry during busy hours, half dry and thin during leisure, mixed with sweet potatoes, vegetables, radishes, melons Beans, taro and the like “(If the above items belong to the level of” Tao “, this one is a” surgery “. The elderly are born from poor people and have careful intentions. After getting rich, this is a way to eat health.) … The plague is rampant As you think about food security, maybe not redundant

The commentary “Han Yun Diary” remembers the last time I met SARS, returned the ticket to Xiamen for classes in the afternoon, and started the spring with a mask. In those days, during work and rest, I read “Han Yun Diary” (Jiangsu Guangling Ancient Book Engraving Press, March 1998). In order to read and understand the “Han Yun Diary” and to make it shine, I linked to read dozens of “Grand View Notes of the Republic of China” (Shanxi Ancient Books Publishing House), read Zhang Boju, and just commented on the comment of Han Yun’s Diary, there are more than 100,000 words . Although there was no place to publish, Yuan Shikai, especially Han Yun’s friends, figured it out. Today, I do n’t know if the electronic version of Hanyun’s Diary is still there. He has n’t moved Hanyun for several years. The “The Grand View Notes of the Republic of China” was flooded, and I was still not willing to throw it away.

“Nu Shengsheng’s Collection” When I read Feng Zikai’s “Nu Shengsheng’s Collection”, I was suddenly attracted. It was not the content instilled in me, but it was another integral part of Chinese culture. At that time, I wrote “Reading the Fragments and Repairing Compassion” after reading it, and blindly submitted it to the “Book House” magazine, which was actually published. In the past 20 years, I also bought the “Complete Works of Feng Zikai Comics” and Feng Zikai’s anthologies, which I often read and read weakly. One day, at the old book stand, I saw several critical Feng Zikai books compiled and printed at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, such as the album “Smashing the anti-party veteran Feng Zikai in the art world” album (Shanghai Art Industry Critical Materials Editorial Department). Come back. Holding the article criticizing him in one hand and the work being criticized in one hand, in contrast, I gradually saw the routine of the critics, which made people laugh and cry. It must be acknowledged that many times history is absurd. Of course, ridiculous history is also fun, provided that it is a spectator, not an experiencer.

Li Ling said that Chu Guo stayed at home less often. Read a book. Bask in the sun. Drink water. See WeChat. Around the house. By the window, I saw magpies, gray magpies, and sparrows flying around. A stray cat walked along the corner, hopped on the air conditioner, looked at the empty window, and walked along the corner again … I thought of Cao Cao’s sentence: He Zhike Yi. The crescent moon frowned, daylight remained. He Zhi Ke Yi? Stay in the nest. Li Zhe’s “He Zhi Ke Yi” (Sanlian Bookstore, November 1, 2009, 1 edition, 1 print) is also a signed copy of Mr. Li. Mr. Li divided the thought maps of the pre-Qin sons into six areas: Ludi, Qidi, Song Weizheng, Chudi, Sanjin for two weeks, and Qindi. He said: “The Chu area (now southern Henan, and extends to today’s Hubei and Hunan), Chen, Cai in the east, Ye, Shen, and Xi in the west are all Chu’s spheres of influence. Chu is in all directions, and the county is set to destroy the country. , Xi Gong, Ye Gong, Chen Gong, Cai Gong, county officials of big counties have very high status. These places are also Chu. As soon as we say Chu, many people think that it is Hubei and Hunan. In fact, southern Henan is also Chu. The so-called Chu Many people are from Henan. Lao Tzu is from Henan. “Today, the state of Chu is in trouble, and China is in trouble. Share difficulties and difficulties.

Quietly reading to avoid the plague , flipping through the books, the paper is sharp, and a hand was scratched. Fortunately, there was no bleeding. It is better to make a book made of rice paper without scratching your fingers. Suddenly, a trace of unvoiced sound passed, as if looking through the Song edition, accidentally tearing the ancient rice paper, with a bit more Ling Ran … Turning to look for it, it is impossible to catch that sound. She has been crippled. I know that the subtle voice comes from the cracking of Jun porcelain. This home-grown Jun porcelain has come to me for more than 20 years. This is the fourth time I heard her filming, all while reading quietly.

Ask God -read the Chronology of Chinese History A war, even a full-scale war. Can the libraries, cinemas and theaters in the country be closed? Can restaurants in the country be closed? Can the villages be closed across the country? Can ordinary people all over the country stay at home and not go out? Can people all over the country not visit relatives and friends? Can temples across the country be closed? Can the national masks Shuanghuanglian be swept away? Can people all over the country not go to the graves to sacrifice their ancestors? Can neighbors close the door that communicates with me? In less than 20 years, two public health security incidents without gunpowder have basically achieved what was impossible in the outbreak of a total war. The first time it was done! It’s done the second time! How many people affected the fate! Almost affects the National Games! ——It is the influence in the bad direction! Throughout the history of the Chinese nation, there have never been two major events that have so troubled Kyushu and poisoned the world in such a short time. Is there anything more shocking and worth reviewing? (The plague is rampant. Feelings of turning over the Chronology of Chinese History [prepared by the Institute of History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences]. 2020.02.02, snowing in Beijing)

Blowing out the reading lamp, all of them are ushered in the first full moon of the Gengzi year. In spite of the fact that “the mountains and rivers are exotic, the wind and the moon are the same day”, our days this year are different from those of others. God bless China, keep improving.

Distressed paper Su Dongpo was too poor to write without paper. Calligrapher Qi Gong said “distressed paper”. In the past few days, I saw two small stories while reading, which can be used as examples of caring for paper and distressing paper. One: In 1952, Mao Zedong wrote “Learn well” for Beijing Yuying School on the “June 1st Children’s Day”. After the inscription, Mao Zedong ate and dropped the vegetable soup on the inscription. After Mao Zedong saw it, he did not change the paper, and rewritten “learning well” in the blank space of the original paper. Second: In 2012, Mrs. Xi Zhongxun made inscriptions of gold for the revolutionary base area. When she wrote, the “red” word “红” was not written properly, she did not change the paper, and re-inscribed “red photos” under ” gold”. This is the style of the older generation. Distressed paper, love paper, is a virtue.