When Shen Meixiang called, Zhang Xiaochuan said that she had just entered a batch of fish and would pass by when she finished unloading. Zhang Xiaochuan was breathing heavily when he spoke, purring and purring, he should be working.

About twenty minutes, it must pass after half an hour at the latest. Zhang Xiaochuan repeated on the phone.

Shen Meixiang looked at the phone, ten o’clock. Five minutes passed from the twenty minutes Zhang Xiaochuan said.

Could something happen again? When thinking this way, Shen Meixiang was a little lost and anxious. But what can Zhang Xiaochuan not do? You can make another call, but Shen Meixiang doesn’t. Shen Meixiang sometimes even felt that Zhang Xiaochuan’s not coming was Zhang Xiaochuan’s luck. I have opened a net.

Or did Zhang Xiaochuan have a hunch?

But how could it be. Shen Meixiang’s thoughts were only in her own heart, and she had not spit out the slightest bit from her mouth. Even though Zhang Xiaochuan likes himself, even if two people are in touch, even if Zhang Xiaochuan is a businessman, he has the shrewdness of a businessman. But in any case, Zhang Xiaochuan could not know the thoughts of Shen Meixiang.

Two polite and gentle knocks sounded without Shen Meixiang’s defense. Shen Meixiang froze for a moment, her heart pounding suddenly. She stood up, gathered her hair with her hands, and adjusted her shoulders and hem, and looked into the mirror. She is really beautiful in the mirror, tall body, slender waist, tall woman’s pride, raised buttocks. More importantly, his face looks good. She believes that her face of melon seeds, fine eyebrows, danfeng eyes, thin red lips and porcelain white teeth must occupy many men’s dreams, and now this image must also be the protagonist of Zhang Xiaochuan dream.

Shen Meixiang calmly, high heels knocked evenly and brightly on the floor. Shen Meixiang opened the door gracefully, and saw Zhang Xiaochuan holding a bunch of bright roses. The warm, unrestrained, strong aroma made Shen Meixiang think of the word passion.


Shen Meixiang looks forward to Zhang Xiaochuan. Without Zhang Xiaochuan, or without Zhang Xiaochuan’s help, his own path has come to an end. There was a hurdle yesterday, and a million hurdle was not easy for a weak woman like Shen Meixiang to cross, even though the bank’s salary is not low.

But whether Zhang Xiaochuan was willing to cross this hurdle and become the beam that Shen Meixiang crossed, Shen Meixiang was not sure.

Zhang Xiaochuan hugged Shen Meixiang. But when Zhang Xiaochuan’s affection reached a certain level, Shen Meixiang decisively pushed him away. Shen Meixiang heard the desire fire burning in Zhang Xiaochuan’s body, snoring loudly. Shen Meixiang took her weak hand, pushed Zhang Xiaochuan’s chest, backed up little by little. Shen Meixiang turned away Zhang Xiaochuan’s desire.

Zhang Xiaochuan is not upset. Zhang Xiaochuan said, I like your character. Shen Meixiang didn’t know why Zhang Xiaochuan said so. There was actually another reason for her resistance. But this reason is deep in his own mind, and is not visible to Zhang Xiaochuan.

The fishy smell of Zhang Xiaochuan’s body and the rainy smell of outside rain flew beside Shen Meixiang like a fly. Shen Meixiang’s brow frowned. Shen Meixiang twisted her head and returned soon. Shen Meixiang took Zhang Xiaochuan’s hand and sat on a small square stool in front of the bed.

Zhang Xiaochuan’s tiger head and his brain were rubbing his hands, watching Shen Meixiang. Zhang Xiaochuan said, find me something? Shen Meixiang glanced at Zhang Xiaochuan, complaining slightly, can’t find you?

This remark was obviously a Mars, which ignited Zhang Xiaochuan’s dry wood. Zhang Xiaochuan leaned up again and raised Shen Meixiang’s shoulder. But Shen Meixiang said, however, it is true that I am looking for you this time.

Zhang Xiaochuan’s boldness and sturdiness. Zhang Xiaochuan said, what happened? As long as I can do it. Shen Meixiang’s hand holding the phone was a little hesitant, deep down, she hoped and feared Zhang Xiaochuan’s boldness. But when he pulled the bow and let go, he could only shoot the arrow.

Shen Meixiang’s hand squeezed the phone, opened the screen, and showed Zhang Xiaochuan a photo.

The phone screen is small, but there is an infinite hole behind the screen. A beautiful picture in this hole is connected to Zhang Xiaochuan’s future, and now also connected to Shen Meixiang’s future. Of course, the most important thing is to be able to fit Zhang Xiaochuan.

The first picture, behind a wide highway, a row of newly built gatehouses. Shen Meixiang said, this is a new gatehouse in our hometown, Liuxiang, with a good location. Zhang Xiaochuan didn’t know what Shen Meixiang’s picture contained, but she lowered her head seriously and looked at Shen Meixiang’s mobile phone.

Slender white tender fingers swipe, another picture. A gatehouse, two French tung trees at the door, small balls hanging from the tree, and a tall electric pole behind the gate. The front door is neat, but just a rough. Shen Meixiang said, the location of our hometown Liuxiang is good. In front of these gatehouses, there are national roads and there are many vehicles. There are also a lot of people in Liuxiang Town. Zhang Xiaochuan stared at Shen Meixiang’s mobile phone screen, but mainly looked at Shen Meixiang’s fingers. Shen Meixiang’s fingers were so white that Zhang Xiaochuan thought that such a finger would stain the nails red and bring a golden ring, which should be another look.

Shen Meixiang’s words continued. Shen Meixiang said that in such a large town of Liuxiang, there is no store for hairdressing, dyeing and massage. Zhang Xiaochuan still did not understand what Shen Meixiang said, but Zhang Xiaochuan said, what does this have to do with us?

Shen Meixiang said, how long do you think the fish shop business can be done? This question is strange, Zhang Xiaochuan didn’t think so much. He looked up, his face sullen. Shen Meixiang also said, Haven’t heard the story of smart people and eggs? Zhang Xiaochuan shook his head. Shen Meixiang said that smart people never put eggs in the same basket. Zhang Xiaochuan still looked up, looking at Shen Meixiang childishly. Shen Mei Xiangxi laughed. Shen Meixiang poked Zhang Xiaochuan’s forehead with her finger, and there was love in the monster, saying, you’re stupid!

Zhang Xiaochuan held Shen Meixiang’s hand. Zhang Xiaochuan said, not only do you say so, but the teacher also said so. Shen Meixiang smiled again.

A stone pressed by Shen Meixiang’s heart was completely removed by Zhang Xiaochuan’s humor, and her thoughts were alive. Shen Meixiang said that the earliest thing I learned was the technique of haircutting. Because of my poor family and no money to rent a house, I found such an errand in the bank opened by my classmates. Zhang Xiaochuan suddenly interjected, such an errand is very good. Shen Meixiang said, what do you know. Do you know how much money I make alone? Do you know how much pressure I am alone? Without your support, the monthly deposit amount alone would crush me.

Zhang Xiaochuan’s heart was opened a hole by Shen Meixiang, bleeding with red blood. Zhang Xiaochuan was distressed. Anxiety floated on Zhang Xiaochuan’s face and said, what do you say?

Shen Meixiang said that opening a beauty salon in Liuxiang Town, according to my estimation, will make enough money to buy a front office in a few years. Zhang Xiaochuan did not return to Shen Meixiang and bowed his head. Shen Meixiang’s heart sank, thinking that Zhang Xiaochuan should be worried. Shen Meixiang went on to say that even if the business is poor, there is absolutely no problem with renting the house.

Zhang Xiaochuan looked up and looked at Shen Meixiang’s eyes. Zhang Xiaochuan’s eyes were so hard that Shen Meixiang just looked away for a while and then avoided.

Zhang Xiaochuan said, what do you think? Shen Meixiang’s heart floated up again. Shen Meixiang said, I am optimistic, how can it not work? I mean, rent this door and use the highest decoration to make a luxurious private room. You can also hire someone for a massage. The area of ​​this door is quite large, more than 200 square meters … Shen Meixiang has a lot of words, more than all the words that Zhang Xiaochuan said.

Zhang Xiaochuan said, how much is it? This remark came out when Shen Meixiang’s words weren’t over yet, which frightened Shen Meixiang. But then, Shen Meixiang’s words were faster, as if hidden on her lips, and when Zhang Xiaochuan’s words were agitated, he jumped out without hesitation. Shen Meixiang said, one million.

This remark should have smashed Zhang Xiaochuan. In fact, Zhang Xiaochuan has a million yuan in Shen Meixiang’s deposit here. Shen Meixiang knew, and Zhang Xiaochuan knew too. Zhang Xiaochuan did not return to Shen Meixiang, but looked up to look at the sky outside.

Shen Meixiang’s heart flickered. She suddenly regretted why she raised such a topic. Isn’t it good to find another reason? Such as investing in the stock market, or gold futures, or reselling cars and other large businesses. As long as Zhang Xiaochuan moves his mind, or just thinks with his knee, the flaw comes. Which 200-square-foot house needs one million for renovation? One million can’t buy a two-square-foot house in a township?

When Zhang Xiaochuan looked back, Shen Meixiang said, Actually, this is just my thought. I’m stubborn and want to start a business in Liuxiang Town. I don’t think it will fail, even if it fails, it will not drag anyone on.

This remark put a wall between Shen Meixiang and Zhang Xiaochuan. But how could Zhang Xiaochuan allow such a wall between them. Zhang Xiaochuan said, I never worry about the failure of the business, as long as you look at it. The heart raised by Shen Meixiang suddenly dropped. Shen Meixiang said, what are you worried about? Zhang Xiaochuan’s words softened, Zhang Xiaochuan said, I’m lost when you go.

Shen Meixiang laughed and said, “Where do I go? It just opens up another space for our days. And in another space, maybe we have a better life. Moreover, the separation is only temporary, and when the business is done, you can dispose of your fish shop and visit our Liuxiang Town. Or, just open another branch in our Liuxiang town. Make your live fish business bigger and bigger. Of course, in the end we have to return to the city. However, at that time, our business was enough to support our rich lives, houses, cars, and even villas.

Actually, money is not a problem. Zhang Xiaochuan’s words broke Shen Meixiang’s heart. Even if I lost it, I acknowledged it. Who told me to love you? Zhang Xiaochuan’s words were soft and she made Shen Meixiang’s tears come down. Shen Meixiang looked at Zhang Xiaochuan’s face and almost said that I couldn’t ask for your money. But when another man’s shadow came up, Shen Meixiang wiped a tear.

Shen Meixiang said, I won’t ask for your money. I just borrowed it. This remark pushed Zhang Xiaochuan away. Zhang Xiaochuan smiled. Zhang Xiaochuan said, could you not have me in your heart? Do you still say such things in our relationship? Shen Meixiang also laughed. In Zhang Xiaochuan’s eyes, Shen Meixiang smiled with tears, like a rose with dew.

When Zhang Xiaochuan gave Shen Meixiang a bank card with a password of one million and a password, Shen Meixiang said, I will write a loan slip to you. Zhang Xiaochuan laughed again. Do we still need an IOU? Shen Meixiang said that was not the case. Now, although we are close, we are not married yet, and our economy is independent. Even if you don’t lend me money, I won’t blame you. Now that you have borrowed it, no matter how you say it, an IOU is necessary.

Shen Meixiang took the pen to write the IOU, and the tears first slid along the cheek for a distance, dripped, and fell on the IOU, forming a bright wet mark. But for a short while, tears dipped into the paper.

Zhang Xiaochuan saw Shen Meixiang’s font beautiful. Zhang Xiaochuan thought that a bank clerk who writes such beautiful fonts is very rare.


Liu Qiang’s hanging bottle is finished. Shen Meixiang went to Liu Qiang’s bed and pressed the call button.

The liquid in the other bottle began to flow into her husband’s body, and Shen Meixiang’s head relaxed. Shen Meixiang took a look at Liu Qiang, her eyes still closed, but her breathing was still even. There was a fine layer of sweat on his face. Shen Meixiang rubbed the towel on the bedside and wiped Liu Qiang, and saw the black beard, and even black spots grew from the gauze. Shen Meixiang touched Liu Qiang’s face, and tears came again.

When did you fall in love with Liu Qiang? Shen Meixiang asked herself many times in her heart. Now thinking about it, it should start from Liu Qiang’s jump.

That night, I studied by myself late. There are not many people in the classroom. Four fluorescent tubes buzzed. Tiny insects kept flying in the cries of the lamp. The pale life under the fluorescent light can easily lead to some messy ideas. For example, that night, Liu Qiang closed his textbooks, stretched his back, and said to several other students who were also preparing to return to the dormitory that I wanted to jump.

These words grew horrible fangs, attracting everyone’s attention. Shen Meixiang looked at Liu Qiang. Shen Meixiang felt that Liu Qiang’s face should be smiling. In this case, it should only grow on a joke face. If it grows on a solemn face, things will be big.

Male students are not afraid of big things. The one named Wang Xiao just shook, and jumped whenever he wanted. Shen Meixiang stopped him. Shen Meixiang stood up and pointed at Wang Xiao. Liu Qiang really wanted to jump off the building and you were responsible. Wang Xiao smiled, what responsibility did I bear? Not that I pushed him.

Che, who wants you to take responsibility! Liu Qiang said, clamped the book in his armpit and went out. Shen Meixiang said, you really jump? Liu Qiang said, of course, he really jumped.

Liu Qiang’s words were very powerful, and led a dozen people out. They followed Liu Qiang to see how Liu Qiang jumped off the building. Only Shen Meixiang said, are you tired? Liu Qiang gave her a blank look, said nothing, and walked up the corridor.

Liu Qiang handed Wang Xiao’s book to me and held it for me. Stepped on one side and stepped over the railing.

The lights on campus are bright. It’s pretty empty. The lights hit the campus, and loneliness grew, and loneliness became thick.

Everyone thought that Liu Qiang only had to let go, bend his legs, and jumped like a frog. The height of the second floor is not enough to hurt one’s life, but it can hurt one’s muscles.

Liu Qiang didn’t jump like a frog. He bent down, climbing his hands to the outer edge of the building, and pulled himself down like a hanging piece of wood. This piece of wood was wandered out first, then wandered again, and let go.

Wang Xiao shouted, who can’t jump like you. Liu Qiangqi took a look at the dust on his body, patted his hands twice, raised his head, and said to Wang Xiao, Come, you take a look.

Later, when Shen Meixiang met Liu Qiang, Shen Meixiang asked, why did you jump off the building? Liu Qiang said, I just look for the feeling of jumping off the building.

Later, Shen Meixiang discovered that Liu Qiang already had a gene for jumping from the building.

Learning certainly did not say. Liu Qiang’s grades are good. The ladder created by such achievements can easily send Liu Qiang to the school he wants to go to and learn the specialty he wants to study. The financial major is the ascending ladder built by Liu Qiang. The day when the ladder was laid, Liu Qiang suddenly found that he had fallen to the ground. And it’s hard to climb the top of wealth along your own ladder.

But there is absolutely no problem in maintaining adequate food and clothing. Shen Meixiang is a teacher in the town’s junior high school, and Liu Qiang is in the town finance office. Such days are already immortal in the eyes of rural people. But Liu Qiang wants a higher life.

What a higher life looks like, Liu Qiang is also vague. After two years of marriage, his son fell to the ground, and his life was mixed with chai oil and salt. The days in chai oil and salt can taste the taste and definitely need patience and confidence. Liu Qiang didn’t. Liu Qiang’s gene jumped off at that time. This time, he was hooked. He used his confidence and intelligence to bet on the whole world, on the fate of his life, and on the fate of his entire family.

He lost. The hole made by gambling debt collapsed quickly, and a million holes soon collapsed. This hole is quite large, and it may not be filled with the days of Liu Qiang and Shen Meixiang.

Shen Meixiang knew that Liu Qiang was going nowhere. After dinner, under the bright light, Liu Qiang put down his rice bowl and went out. Shen Meixiang’s tone was as smooth as possible, saying, you can’t bet like this anymore. Liu Qiang turned his head and glanced at Shen Meixiang. Without gambling, did you pay the debt? Shen Meixiang said that we can slowly return. We have wages and we can always afford them. Liu Qiang hummed, would it be the year of the monkey? Can’t we live through? What else could Shen Meixiang say, Liu Qiang stared, forgetting when I won? Look at the gold chain on your neck, look at the iPhone in your hand, look at the designer clothes you wear. Which one did you buy for my salary? Affordable by salary? If Liu Qiang was sharper than a knife, he opened Shen Meixiang’s heart.

Gambling is definitely not a good thing. Shen Meixiang knew. Shen Meixiang has read more stories about gambling in books. “Three Words and Two Shots”, “Liao Zhai Zhi Yi” … But when the events in the book really happened to him, Shen Meixiang was blinded, or Shen Meixiang didn’t see it clearly.

Liu Qiang was rich at some time. Shen Meixiang knew. Shen Meixiang knew that Liu Qiang walked close with colleagues and even some small bosses in the society. Shen Meixiang even knew why Liu Qiang and these people stayed away all night. Moreover, Shen Meixiang knew that such a thing would not last long.

But in the face of money, in the face of money from his own hands, and in the face of money to buy face and vanity, Shen Meixiang lost. Shen Meixiang even enjoyed Liu Qiang’s madness. For some time, Liu Qiang was even the hero in the hearts of Shen Meixiang and his colleagues-no matter what the means, the money is the hero.

Come out and always return it. Shen Meixiang remembered a word spoken by a character in a TV series. Shen Meixiang fully understood that night, but Liu Qiang didn’t. Liu Qiang is already a bull who has seen the red cloth, and continues to be crazy.

do not talk. I know in my heart. Liu Qiang sent Shen Meixiang’s worry that night with a sentence. He ripped his shirt, went out, and walked into the darkness.

Only a strong external force can make Liu Qiang change everything. Shen Meixiang does not have this ability, and the law has this ability. But the law could only be hit by a hailstone, and there was still no tenderness, and even Shen Meixiang hurt with this family. Shen Meixiang didn’t think about reporting. Leaders also have this ability, such as secretary, mayor, and even financial director. If Shen Meixiang came to the secretary and mayor and cried again, the leader could not ignore it. The way of management is either to replace or punish, and these are not what Shen Meixiang wants. Scraping the bones to cure poison, more need courage, Shen Meixiang did not.

Shen Meixiang needed a thick rope that pulled Liu Qiang back. Family relationship can make this claim, but Liu Qiang’s father died of illness when Liu Qiang was very young. Liu Qiang grew up with his mother. And what Liu Qiang got from his mother was more doting. Shen Meixiang knew that Liu Qiang’s mother could not be the one to pull back her son. Shen Meixiang also wants to pull, but can you pull it? !!

Days were rubbed by Liu Qiang to the point where it was stretched. Shen Meixiang needs more money to make up for the day’s deficit. Shen Meixiang’s salary card is in Liu Qiang’s hands. Often, when Shen Meixiang and Liu Qiang asked for money, the salary card was empty.

Shen Meixiang needs to rediscover her life. Staying out of pay is a last resort. The classmate’s private bank is already quite large, and the classmate gave her more than twice the salary of her teacher.

Zhang Xiaochuan walked into his life, which seemed accidental, but it was inevitable. Zhang Xiaochuan likes Shen Meixiang. Steady and generous, low-key, not showy, Shen Meixiang concentrated on the advantages Zhang Xiaochuan likes. When Zhang Xiaochuan attacked wildly, Shen Meixiang hesitated. Shen Meixiang even wanted to tell him the real situation.

After all, Shen Meixiang had to endure. The advantage of stomping two boats is that one boat is overturned and the other one. But Shen Meixiang’s feet stuck to Liu Qiang’s boat. Shen Meixiang sometimes thinks that she can’t be a husband and wife or a lover. But Zhang Xiaochuan came from his husband and wife. Zhang Xiaochuan learned the lessons of life in the divorce battle of his parents, and he must be wholehearted in finding his wife.

Zhang Meichuan was very satisfied with Shen Meixiang’s performance. He never saw other men beside Shen Meixiang. Even, Shen Meixiang was as simple as everyone else in ancient times. Zhang Xiaochuan loves very much.

In a short period of time, Shen Meixiang passed more and more. Two roads, one to Liu Qiang and one to Zhang Xiaochuan. Shen Meixiang seemed difficult to choose until Liu Qiang had an accident.

Liu Qiang’s accident is sooner or later, and Shen Meixiang pretended to be the result. But Liu Qiang’s incident was too big, far larger than his own expectations.

Liu Qiang was beaten. Being forced into debt is a common occurrence of Liu Qiang. But the debt collection was very fierce. Liu Qiang was annoyed. The creditor was even more annoyed, so that night, when the dark wind was high, Liu Qiang started with the man.

Liu Qiang was admitted to the People’s Hospital because of a traumatic brain injury.

Liu Qiang needs a lot of money to make up for his injured head.

The hospital mercilessly left all the savings sent by Shen Meixiang, Liu Qiang’s mother and relatives. However, after Liu Qiang treated with a scalpel and a suture needle, the remaining blood in the brain was removed along with the consciousness, leaving a body that could only breathe.

To cry without tears was not the performance of Shen Meixiang at that time. Shen Meixiang cried well for two days and two nights, her eyes swollen into two red peaches.

But the reality did not change anything for Shen Meixiang’s cry.

Two thorny issues came over like mountains.

The creditor’s heart should be made by a stubborn stone, without any slight change because of Liu Qiang’s body. They think that Liu Qiang is a very good actor, lying on the bed, can only lie to those people with low IQ, but they are not the people, they are the director. Moreover, according to their plan, if one million continue to hang on, the next victim will not be Shen Meixiang, nor Liu Qiang’s mother, but Liu Qiang and Shen Meixiang’s son.

Second, Zhang Xiaochuan has been mixed into Shen Meixiang’s life. The most important thing for Shen Meixiang is how to escape from Zhang Xiaochuan’s time and do her own thing, such as serving Liu Qiang. Moreover, Shen Meixiang suddenly found out after Liu Qiang’s accident that the original idea of ​​stepping on two boats was only a moment, and Liu Qiang was his own ballast stone. Her emotional balance has completely fallen to Liu Qiang’s side.

There is a shortcut to the first problem, which is easy to solve. The short cut is to take Liu Qiang’s problem and hand it to the police. The injuries to Liu Qiang far exceeded the bottom line of the law. These people pay a heavy price for their actions. But on the other hand, this shortcut also hurt Liu Qiang. When combing this case, it is impossible for the police to track down only the perpetrators, and it will definitely bring the matter to the bottom. Liu Qiang’s gambling will obviously be exposed in front of public security. In that way, the reason for the traffic accident will be broken like a layer of paper. With it, public medical expenses, accidental injuries, and even salary cards will be collected. The rest is only Liu Qiang, a body that cannot speak. Already.

Concealing it is undoubtedly a layer of shells outside his own days. Days will tremble in this shell. The premise is that as long as Liu Qiang owes the one million owed.


Zhang Xiaochuan is undoubtedly a timely rain in the dry days of Shen Meixiang. The money in Zhang Xiaochuan’s hands is like Shen Meixiang’s mirror. More importantly, Zhang Xiaochuan loves himself. Zhang Xiaochuan has become the stone of Shen Meixiang killing two birds with one stone.

Zhang Xiaochuan’s longing for a better life became the weight that Shen Meixiang held in her hand.

In fact, in addition to the first real photo of the door by Shen Meixiang, other photos on the Internet about the details of the decoration are as good as hair, just send a photo to Zhang Xiaochuan.

Now the hospital has tied Shen Meixiang’s feet. Shen Meixiang’s life was tied to the white monotony of the hospital. The hospital’s time is irregular, and night is not much different from day. The goblet hits almost during the day. Between the hanging bottles, Shen Meixiang needs to stare at the transparent plastic bottle on the hanging rod, and from time to time look at the urine bag under Liu Qiang. A bit idle, Shen Meixiang stretched into Liu Qiang’s bed, and Liu Qiang’s muscles would be atrophied by ease. Shen Meixiang’s weak hands should wake Liu Qiang’s muscles.

From time to time, Zhang Xiaochuan on the phone will pull Shen Meixiang.

This morning, the hospital rounds have ended. The nurse began to intubate her husband. When the new intubation was in place, Shen Meixiang started washing feet for her husband. Shen Meixiang’s hand was inserted into Liu Qiang’s quilt, and his hand was pinched twice on Liu Qiang’s calf.

Take out your hand and open your phone. It’s Zhang Xiaochuan. A bunch of bright roses on the screen, under the roses, a line of red characters, I wish my wife a happy birthday! Followed by a red lips.

Shen Meixiang quickly returned a thank you. Before she put down, another message came, but it was a big surprise for his wife today.

Shen Meixiang’s heart hung up. Recently, Shen Meixiang was afraid of Zhang Xiaochuan. Shen Meixiang knew that the house she had built with lies was vulnerable. The lie is broken, the house is broken.

But is there any other way? Shen Meixiang tentatively asked Zhang Xiaochuan what surprise was in the end, I want to know. The word was typed, but it was not sent. Staring at the screen, hesitated for a while, then deleted one by one.

Shen Meixiang thought about a thousand possibilities. Of these thousand possibilities, as long as Zhang Xiaochuan does not come to Liuxiang Town, Shen Meixiang’s lies will stand there. But what about Liuxiang Town? Another thought, how could it be, because Shen Meixiang did not leave more information for Zhang Xiaochuan.

Of course, Shen Meixiang’s ID card, Zhang Xiaochuan, has seen it, but what about it? The address of the ID card is a collective household and is not specific. Without a specific address, coming to Liuxiang Town, a town of more than 30,000 people, it is not easy to find out about one person.

When thinking this way, Shen Meixiang’s heart dropped again. But soon, Zhang Xiaochuan’s message came again. Zhang Xiaochuan asked, where are you? This problem is easy to get. Shen Meixiang took a photo of the decoration from her mobile phone, and sent it to Zhang Xiaochuan with the words “I’m decorating our gatehouse.”

Zhang Xiaochuan’s message was also a photo, but it was a gatehouse with several decoration workers. There is also a sentence below, is it here?

Shen Meixiang’s heart referred to her throat. The gatehouse in the photo is the prop he used to coax Zhang Xiaochuan. There is no doubt that Zhang Xiaochuan has arrived in Liuxiang Town and found the porter room he used to make props. As soon as he asked, the lies broke.

With no God, Shen Meixiang thought of the idioms he had learned in school.

Shen Meixiang stood up and clasped her hands. Holding the phone and walking in the ward. Within a few steps the phone rang again. This time, it was not a WeChat call. Don’t worry, Shen Meixiang knows it is Zhang Xiaochuan. But he still raised his hand. It was really Zhang Xiaochuan. Shen Meixiang didn’t answer, her phone call was boring. When the phone calls got tired, they stopped. But Zhang Xiaochuan was not tired, and the call came again. This time, Shen Meixiang did not let the phone call, she pinched her finger and pressed the hang up button. Shen Meixiang continued to walk from the ward to the corridor, but before the end of the corridor, the phone rang again. This time, Shen Meixiang directly shut down without hesitation.

Shen Meixiang’s thoughts couldn’t be closed. Shen Meixiang continued to walk in the corridor and in the hall on the floor. Shen Meixiang sat down with a group of stainless steel chairs in the hall. The coldness of the chair calmed Shen Meixiang.

Can’t hide. Shen Meixiang thought so. Another thought, I always have to pay back when I come out. After all, one million is not a small number. It is almost a savings of Zhang Xiaochuan’s life. Zhang Xiaochuan could not stop there.

Reboot, and a new message is lying in the phone. This message has teeth, and she suddenly bites Shen Meixiang.

Where are you exactly? Are you a liar? How long are you planning to lie? I’ll give you another chance. If I don’t answer the phone, I will call the police.

Flashing police lights, neatly dressed august policemen, cold handcuffs with metallic luster, and even leather shoes on policewoman’s feet-these things suddenly came close. Shen Meixiang’s body was cold.

Lying in bed is my brother. Because of a car accident, I had to save my brother’s life first. I sublet the house to others. The lie inadvertently emerged and grew up.

The new lie will definitely raise a lot of questions, for example, where did the one million yuan of decoration go? This problem can be covered by hospitalization fees. But what if Zhang Xiaochuan insisted on staying to serve Liu Qiang? If Liu Qiang has been in a coma, this lie can be achieved. But what if Liu Qiang suddenly woke up? And son. The son followed grandma. If you come to the hospital, with a mom, the balloon of lies will pierce with a needle.

Shen Meixiang lowered her head in the dim light of the hospital corridor, musing all the way. The corridor of the hospital is quite long, but Shen Meixiang’s footsteps are longer, from east to west and from west to east. When he walked into a mystery, he could not find the answer.

But time was sharpened by Zhang Xiaochuan into an awl, sharp and cruel, flashing awful metal light. Time has not allowed Shen Meixiang’s footsteps to continue.

Shen Meixiang opened the phone screen and sent a WeChat to Zhang Xiaochuan. I was in the hospital. I have n’t turned around yet. I took a short look at my phone. Zhang Xiaochuan returned. Which hospital? Shen Meixiang returned to the People’s Hospital.

Shen Meixiang didn’t need to know that Zhang Xiaochuan drove to the hospital as soon as she received the information.

Time slowed down again. Shen Meixiang’s thoughts returned to the original track.

What if I do n’t write an IOU? When this problem came out, Shen Meixiang was shocked with cold sweat. When sensible, mother said, be an honest child. To participate in work, every class session, stand on the podium, and tell the truth to the neat students sitting below. Honesty actually grows into the bones. How can you not write an IOU? Could he really cheat Zhang Xiaochuan?

But if you really do n’t write a debit note and you do n’t confess that you have borrowed money, is there a way for the police? Is there a way for the court? Thinking about it this way, Shen Meixiang was a little hesitant, and she suddenly thought of the word “rogue”. Could he have become a rogue? I should have a noble soul, how can I relate to the rogue? !!

Zhang Xiaochuan sent another message: Which building, which floor, and which ward?

There were many cars parked in the yard, but Shen Meixiang saw Zhang Xiaochuan, who was standing next to the car holding a mobile phone, from the window of the ward.

Shen Meixiang seemed to see that in the snow and ice, Zhang Xiaochuan stepped on a bicycle and carried a basket of fish. The dirty down jacket was tattered, the broken down was mixed with bright ice cubes, and the down was mixed with snowflakes … Summer came momentarily, and Zhang Xiaochuan’s clothes were soaked, and sweat ran down his bronze cheeks. He held the fishing net, wiped the sweat on his face with his sleeve, picked up the fishing net, and plunged it into the pond …

In a blink of an eye, Zhang Xiaochuan, who was standing beside the car, was gone. When Shen Meixiang saw a figure leaning forward, she threw herself in a large water, and there was a noise, and she saw thousands of fish flying in the water. The fish surrounded him, hit him, and sharpened his teeth. Tearing him.

Shen Meixiang panicked. She didn’t have time to reply to the text message and ran straight downstairs. She knew that even if it was really a big ocean downstairs, she had to face it.