Loach like fishing under the hook. I would also like.

After school, the loach carried a shovel, I grabbed the earthen jar and ran into the vegetable garden to dig earthworms. Then, take the fishhook and run towards the lake south of the production team. The lake is very long, there are many fish, and many people come here to fish and hook. After we arrived, loach was responsible for putting earthworms on the fishhook, and I was responsible for inserting water bamboo. Water bamboo is tied with a thin line, and a fishhook is attached to the thin line. Insert one about two feet away. The water bamboo is soft. After the fish eats the earthworm and is hooked, it wants to run. But as long as the fish breathes a sigh of relief, the water bamboo will stand up again. After a long time, the fish will run out of energy and will not struggle anymore, waiting for us to poke it up with a net.

That night, after all the water bamboos were plugged in, I found that the loach was flushed, redder than the sunset in the west. I raised my hand and tried it on the loach face, burning my hands. I said loach, you’re sick, go back. Loach looks at dozens of water bamboos inserted by the lake and asks me, can you do it? I nodded firmly.

Then the moon came out, and I walked back and forth by the lake to see if any fish were caught. In the middle of the night, no fish was seen. I find it strange. What makes me even more surprised is that by the lake, it seems that I am alone. My eyes walked in the moonlight, and the lake was in the shape of a crescent moon, surrounded by a tomb with a hoe-like stack. I got goosebumps all over. I stared at those tombs and wanted to leave, but my feet couldn’t move; I wanted to cry, but I didn’t dare to speak. At this time, the loach came running, panting. Loach said, are you okay? I hugged the loach and cried. Loquat said, after I went back, Fan Mi fell asleep and saw you crying, and ran over. I put my hand on the loach’s face and it was hot. I burst into tears.

The loach had a high fever, and the lungs became inflamed. He took more than ten days of medicine. In those days, we did not hook fishing. Sometimes, when I met Loach, Loach said that Dad would not let him go. I asked why. Loach said his father would not let it. But one afternoon, Loach suddenly told me that after school, we went to dig earthworms. I said your father wouldn’t let it go. Loach said his father had been sent to dig channels outside. I rejoice and say yes. After school, after digging up enough earthworms, the loach mysteriously said to me, walking about four miles north, there was a wild pond (a pond that was not managed by anyone) and there were many fish in it. When we arrived, the sun had set. Loach is still responsible for putting earthworms on the fishhook, and I am responsible for inserting water bamboo. Being plugged in, two boys came over. When they saw the water bamboo, they pulled up when they came up. I did not comply, and said why you pull my water bamboo. One of the boys said, Why should we find it first? The other boy raised his arms and hit me. Loach suddenly jumped in and blocked me. Loach said, what do you want to do? The boy didn’t say a word, and took a punch against the loach’s chest. Loach squatting to the ground. The boy raised his fist and slammed at me again. The loach suddenly jumped up and stood in front of me. The fist hit directly to the loach chest. The loach squatted to the ground again. I also raised my arms and wanted to fight with the boy. But the boy suddenly said to the loach that was squatting on the ground, watching you fight for justice, let you fish for one night, and it was just one night. After that, the two boys left.

I lifted up the mud owl squatting on the ground and asked him how he wanted to go. The loach did not say anything, and continued to wear earthworms on the fishhook.

That night, we learned a lot.

On Sunday, the mud reached me with a snakeskin bag. After we dug enough earthworms, we went to the lake and hooked. However, after catching a few fish, the loach dragged me and walked backward. There is a vacant lot in the back post, with haystacks beside it. After that, the loach pours the bottom of the snakeskin bag upside down, and there are pots and spoons running out. I was puzzled and asked loach what these things were doing? Loach said, cook fish. I am happy with the loach, and the pot is in the stove. Soon, there was a scent of fish floating around. While we were preparing to eat fish and soup, I noticed that the haystacks not far away were billowing with smoke. No, the haystack is on fire. The loach turned around and looked at it. He took off his gown and ran over, yelling and beating. The fire was getting bigger and bigger.

After hearing the news, the members rushed to the haystack with buckets and basins. The fire only gradually reduced until it went out.

The captain was very annoyed, saying that the haystack was prepared for the oxen in the team, and the haystack was burned. In fact, he wanted to starve the oxen in the team. Without harvest, without harvest, members will be starved to death …

After the captain said this, I felt that the problem was serious.

I pull loach, and whispered loach, what should I do?

Loach said, you just said you saw the fire and ran over.

Later I learned that the loach told the captain that the fire was accidentally lit when he cooked the fish. The captain asked if anyone else was there. The loach said that he was going to wait for the fish to be cooked and called me over to eat. Before he could call me, he found that the haystack was on fire.

That fall, I was admitted to a middle school in my hometown. I don’t understand how loach scores are so good. Later I learned that the team reported the loach to the school, and the school did not record him.