I arrived at the Polaroid Hotel at six in the afternoon. I called the road and he said that he was taking a shower on the fifth floor and asked me to go up and take a shower. I didn’t get up right away, but instead trapped in the sofa in the lobby with my eyes and patrolled again. The golden environment made my legs tremble slightly, and I knew that I was a little embarrassed here, not to mention that I was on the shuttle bus for an afternoon, My motion sickness is not much better than when I was young. I took a deep breath and glanced at the big tadpole in the large aquarium. It was also staring at me, but calmly, it probably looked down on my hunk.

The lady at the front desk also looked at me, she had a baby face, petite and cute. When I came in just now, I told her I was looking for the road, and I was my cousin on the road. She asked me if she would make a call for me, and I said I would call it myself. She said, oh okay, please sit down. She stretched her right finger and pointed a leather sofa not far away. Honestly, I didn’t want to sit on the sofa. She said that, and I let the subject do whatever she wanted. I couldn’t let her see my panic. After I got up from the sofa again, I walked up to her and asked where the stairs were. She smiled and said, you can take the elevator and the elevator is right next to it.

I was still dizzy in the elevator room, not much better than taking the shuttle bus. On the fifth floor, I asked a waiter and found the location of the bath room. Call the road again, he came out to meet me in shorts. The road was shaved, and his energy was good. His skin was fair and healthy, and he did not know when to write a dragon on his right arm.

Come, come in. The road patted my shoulder and took me into the bathroom. The bath room was luxurious, quite different from the cramped cramps of our country bathhouse. The road first took me to soak in the large bath for a while. I grabbed his tattoo and asked him when he made it. He said it was just tidy and pretending. He asked me if I wanted to get one too. I said it was okay. I had to be a model. He pouted and smiled, and said, that’s true, you are a cultural person, or I would ask you to help. By the way, how’s your book going? I think you are fine.

The book is no problem, the key is to do this? I asked suspiciously.

Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. The road said with certainty.

You are responsible for the accident. I am worried to say.

I am responsible, I am responsible. The tone of the road was not hesitant.

After soaking in the bath for a while, the road said that we should take a shower. After the shower, the road stripped off the shorts, revealing the house in the crotch. His people made me startled, especially the two eggs were so horrible, the pelts were black and red. I joked that you are not a virgin. Mr. Lu Nunu mouthed and laughed twice.

That night, the road called a few good friends, and ate a barbecue at the roadside stall next to the security dormitory, which was a treat to me. This is my first time eating a kebab of lamb and I barely drink a bottle of beer. The amount of alcohol on the road is very good, and the beer he drinks must have more than a dozen bottles. The smoking position on the road is also very chic, he can even exhale a beautiful smoke ring.

Now that I want to come, I almost forgot the appearance of the security guards who ate that night, and their food was not so good. I gradually got some confidence in front of them. Although I didn’t drink much wine, I touched the glass and said two scenes that I could handle.

The only thing I remember was the captain of the majestic security guard, I heard the road frequently called his brother. Brother Bao didn’t talk much and didn’t say much, but he had his own aura, which can make people understand that he is the boss of this group of people.

After eating dinner, the road took me to the roads in the city. The roadside lights were bright and the bustling people under the stop signs were waiting for the buses. I didn’t know where they came from and where they were going.

The road said that the buses were poor. I don’t agree with the arbitrary statement of the road, and even feel aversion, because I just went to the bus stop and looked for the road. However, if you think about it, I’m really poor.

I asked the road, wouldn’t you take a bus? Road said, sit, sit now, but one day, I have to get in my car. As the road spoke, there was a fire in his eyes. I also think he is bragging. At that time, there were a few ordinary people who could have private cars. Besides, the road was just a little hotel security.


Q City is an open port city with mountains, sea, parks, squares, commercial buildings, hotels, traffic, and bustle. Over the years, I’ve been to Q City a few times and only saw the road three times. In the summer of 2002, when he was a security guard at the Polaroid Hotel, it was the first time.

The first time I saw the road, I did a very bad thing with his encouragement. Now think about it, if anyone asks me to do that kind of thing, unless it kills me. I won’t do it if I can’t fight. Of course, I couldn’t do it if I was killed.

That night, I lived in a security dormitory on the road. Although he was a security guard in a star-rated hotel, the dormitory he lived in was not much better than the dormitory that I lived in when I was in a normal school. It was also a kind of bunk bed. At night, the mosquitoes buzzed and fluttered. Fortunately, the mosquito coils smoked them, but they still made noises without a face. I and the road pulled some common things and asked each other about the situation of the elderly on both sides.

My mother’s name is Aunt, and my father’s name is Aunt. My mother is my sister-in-law. My mother also has a younger brother and a younger sister, which is my second aunt and old aunt. They are called the second uncle and old aunt by the road. After pulling for a while, my wine came up and slumbered to sleep. Before I went to sleep, I heard the road say that working part-time is not profitable. To succeed, I have to do it for myself.

Well, let’s talk about the bad things the road has done for me. He asked me to take him as a test. That’s it. After graduating from junior high school, I was admitted to a secondary normal school. The road, I went to a general technical school.

At that time, the secondary teachers still assigned, but the secondary technical schools did not care about finding a formal job. The school’s teachers are still responsible. When we go to school, the head teacher will teach us to take a college self-study exam during school. I was pretty good. When I graduated from secondary school, I got my college degree. He also took a self-study exam when he was on the road technical school. He said that he had passed a few subjects and had not passed a few subjects.

After graduating from the road technical school, he found a job as a hotel security himself. He said he couldn’t read the book for a while, and he asked me to take two courses for him. I asked the road, what are you doing as a security guard? The road said, it’s useless.

I was scared to pant in the exam room. The proctors were two young men, one man and one woman. One of the men, Wen Wen, was weak. He was responsible for checking ID cards and admission tickets. He picked up the papers on the road and looked again and again and again to look at me. He even asked me gently, are you on the road? I bit my posterior molar, and definitely said, yeah, what happened?

The man Wen Wen left me, and he walked around the woman, saying nothing. Probably that woman is an examiner. I pray in my heart, Lord Buddha, don’t be in trouble. Probably the Buddha really showed his spirit. The man Wen Wen finally didn’t say anything to the woman, but he walked around the examination room and would always stop by me for a few seconds. When he stopped, including when he left, throughout the exam, I bowed down, leaned over my body, and worked hard to be honest. Maybe my humility affected him, he didn’t kill me.

Needless to say, I successfully helped the road to pass the two subjects, one of which was English. The road was actually telling a lie to me. The two subjects were actually two subjects that the road had never passed. After those two subjects passed, the university’s college certificate was also available. Since then, I have been worried about it. I don’t think the road should lie to me. Should it be right or wrong, the road just lied to me. And, I think, he lied to me more than this one later.

I walked out of the test center and waited for me at the door. There was also a rich and beautiful woman with him. I remembered that I had met her. She was the woman on duty in the bathing department of the Polaroid Hotel. Yesterday evening, after I walked out of the bathroom with me and the road, she and the road talked for a while.

The road waved and called for a taxi. The three of us got into the car. I sat in the front. The road and the rich girl sat in the back. I saw in the mirror that their legs were leaning together, and they throbbed gently. The grumpy flirtatiousness could not be hidden in the girl’s eyes.


After returning home, it was already evening. I was fainted again, and on the bus, I resisted not letting the fries and chicken nuggets from my stomach. At noon I was ugly again at KFC. The road asked me what to eat, how do I know, I have never been to such a place before. Let me say whatever you want, I will eat whatever you eat. The order of the rich lady ordered fries, cola, crispy fried chicken, and corn salad. When I ate, I calmed down and saw how they ate me. I didn’t have much eyes after all. But I felt like they were a light bulb in front of them. After dinner, the road said, stay for another night. I said, forget it, I will have class tomorrow. The road didn’t say anything about retention, he said, okay. Then he called another taxi and took me to the bus station. I watched the road and Fengyun daughter leave, I think, my future appearance is really good.

In the evening, my parents and I told me about giving the test to the road. My mother’s face was hilarious. She should think that I helped her family to do things, which is worth her pride. My father was silent for a while, and said, you shouldn’t do such a thing, it’s a mistake. I laughed at his pedantic. It’s all old, what a farmer he knows. The road called and asked if I was home. I said that I was home safely. I asked with a smile, what are you doing with me? The road froze for a moment and said, “Nothing, nothing.”

I still work as usual, go to elementary school to be a class child king. In fact, at that time, even the child king was vain. I had just been to work for less than two years, and I opened so poorly three or five hundred a month.

At that time, I wrote a bit of artificial tofu and wanted to make a few cigarettes, but very few published things. The person I was introduced to teach in another elementary school. She was thin and thin, with a water snake waist. I wrote her a few love letters to show her talent. I said that my dream was to be a writer, and she disagreed that she wanted to be a businessman.

From a very early time, I found that we have different perspectives. Slowly, I heard some gossip, meaning that the male principal of my primary school is an old hooligan, and the female teachers under him are basically unable to escape the clutches.

This is a period of annoyance. I have to take six lessons a day, and I am very tired. In addition, school leaders bully newcomers and always send me some dirty and tiring work. More importantly, those rumors made me sleepless. I called on the road several times. I thought he had something, so I asked him on the phone, what was it? The road said, all right, are you in class? I said, oh, I’m in class. In other words, I’m going to class soon. Just hung up. In fact, in addition to being upset, I was also distressed by the phone bill. At that time, it cost more than thirty cents a minute, so I was fine. ill.

In fact, at the time I could also vaguely understand that if it was okay to call me on the road, he might want to contact me.

Our hometown was originally a poor township in a poor county below another city. My aunt and second aunt are in the same village. My mother and my old aunt married in the same village a few miles away.

As a kid, among the large group of fart children at relatives’ home, I and the road were the best. Neither of us is a good bird and has caused a lot of trouble. He cut the toad on the toad’s head and almost blinded his eyes with white liquid. I’ve chopped the skin of the snake, and I’m sick to eat for a day. After the torrential rain, we joined forces to turn the big rock next to the well into the well and successfully marry another child, causing the bad guy to be beaten. As for stealing fruits from the tree and stealing eggs from the henhouse, things are even more numerous.

I had occasional fights with the road, and once we fell on the slippery sandy beach, I held him by the neck and pressed him underneath, holding my hair and not letting go. We held this position for at least half an hour until my mother called us home for dinner. When we got up, we squinted at each other’s messy faces, and threw ourselves up again.

As for we left that poor village because of a provincial water conservancy project in 1994. In short, our hometown is now at the bottom of the water. My family and my aunt ’s family were the first to leave. We moved to C town, L county, Q city. The village of my aunt and Eryi family is the second group. They have to make a tick to decide where to go. Eight of them were from County L of Q City, and the roads were rubbing their hands, but they got the hook from Township X of Y County of Q City. My grandmother and the second wife cried for a long time. The road suddenly became a sinner.

In this way, our relatives were divided into two places, more than four hundred miles apart. At that time, more than four hundred miles seemed as far away as 25,000 miles. Since then, we have basically lost touch. It’s just that adults occasionally use other landlines to communicate with each other.

I finally had a relationship with the subject of the water snake waist. One evening, I rode a bicycle to pick her up to come to my house for dinner. I couldn’t find her in her office and couldn’t get through her cell phone. Finally, she came out of the sports equipment room in that elementary school, her face flushed. of. There is another person in the sports equipment room, the legendary old hooligan principal. I pushed open the door and saw the old hooligan sitting on the floor playing computer, a soft sponge blanket on the floor of the sports equipment room. The curtains in the sports equipment room were still tightly pulled.

I threw a loud slap on the waist of the water snake.


The second time I saw the road was at his wedding. That was about 2006. The bride on the road is not that rich girl, but rather a petite and weak girl. If I remember correctly, she should be the lady standing at the front desk of the Polaroid Hotel.

The wedding was very grand, and a Cupid’s arrow passed through the glass corridor from the podium, and two red hearts that were more than ten meters away drew cheers from the guests. I sat at the table, raised my hands and applauded. I bless the road, but I can’t help dissatisfaction with the road in recent years.

Let’s put it this way, I didn’t want to attend the wedding on the road. My mother pulled me here by birth. I know her honest heart. The reason I didn’t want to attend the wedding on the street was because my wedding was not on the street.

After breaking up with Water Snake Waist, I was introduced to my current wife. In case of night long dreams, I got married after meeting my wife for three months. Our wedding was held in a rural courtyard. There was no big scene, but we still felt sweet and happy. We respect each other as guests and live a peaceful life. My wife soon gave birth to a son. At the full moon ceremony of my son, the road was still not there.

Later, my mother held a sixty-year-old birthday banquet and still didn’t see the road. Of course, my uncles still came by bus from four hundred miles away.

My aunt said that my cousin was very busy and couldn’t make time. My aunt sighed. My second wife’s family was cold and said nothing. During this period, from the words of the old people, I probably know the life track of the road in recent years. My uncle leaked a secret from the road. He said that thanks to a college degree, he even passed the English test before he applied for a purchase in a large supermarket in Q city. My aunt said that this kid’s brain is really good.

I didn’t know until now that the road asked me to test for him, not to play blindly. This guy turned out to be planning. In this way, it was I who helped the road to get my education and found a new job, but he was even more annoyed when he was not in position when I was doing business.

Also, during the period, the road occasionally called me, not to connect with feelings, but to borrow money from me. Once I said I wanted to buy a house in the city, and once I said I wanted to do it alone. I failed to lend him a point, because his behavior made me not want to lend, and because I did not have a penny of spare money at all.

In the corner of the hotel, I saw the security captain of the Polaroid Hotel, Brother Bao, wearing a decent casual outfit, sitting quietly there, his eyes calmed. Those security guards who drank together that time only came with a treasure brother.

We ate from the restaurant and returned to our home on the street for three or two hours. In the end, the street still bought a building of more than 80 square meters in the city. Excluding the public stalls, it seems very aggressive. The road took all the savings of my uncle’s family, but it must be a waste of money. In this way, I secretly admire the road, no matter what he did, no matter what he did, he was a man in the city.

I teased my petite cousin, and she smiled politely. I went to the other bedroom with me for a while.

I smoked a cigarette and handed it to the road. The road waved and said, I won’t smoke anymore.

I asked, why?

The road said, your bitch will not let me smoke. I smiled and asked him, hello, what about that rich girl? Did you sleep for others?

The road hurriedly stopped me, sweeping out with my eyes, stood up again, and closed the door.

The road said, “What kind of daughter-in-law, don’t talk nonsense.” She is with Boge.

I said, you can really do it.

The road said, what, they are fine.

I asked the road, are you still in the supermarket, the buyer is so poor, there is a lot of oil and water.

The road sighed and said, it’s difficult. The road said thoughtfully, Su Yan was a good girl.

I asked, who is Su Yan?

The road laughed, the plump woman you said.


On the way back, I thought, why did the road say that the rich girl was a good girl? I made up some plots in my head. Perhaps the road was talking about sleeping with Su Yan, and then I denied myself. It may be so, but it’s not just that.

With a degree on the road, a large supermarket hired him, but how did he give him the errand of the buyer? Perhaps a fat-headed leader of the supermarket went to the Polaroid Hotel, and under certain circumstances, that leader “cultivated” Su Yan. Forget it, this is just my imagination. But this imagination helped me become a lame novelist.

In my family’s talk, I probably learned what happened to my wife on the road. It turned out that Niu Xiaoli, the wife of the road, has long been following the road. After going to the supermarket on the road, Niu Xiaoli also resigned from the Polaroid Hotel and followed the supermarket. Niu Xiaoli’s father is a run-down social bastard, but he still has a reputation in the city. From this point of view, it is understandable that the road chose Niu Xiaoli. He is a foreigner who wants to settle down in the city and always needs some bluff. But I vaguely think that they are not very suitable, because one surname is cattle and one surname is horse.

Later, Niu Xiaoli’s style was unexpected, or in some kind of expectation. Niu Xiaoli never goes to my small village. By the way, she had only been there once, and she showed unbelievable suspicion. Niu Xiaoli is an only daughter. She likes to let the road go to her maiden’s house during the New Year. After she gave birth, she was only allowed to take care of her mother-in-law. My aunt went to the city to see the children for a few days and was sent back.

Talk about my own troubles.

In the past few years, I was slapped in the water snake waist and I didn’t know what kind of demon method was used. It even mixed up with the middle-level leader of the elementary school. A friend of mine who wrote novels sighed that in an era of “goblin eggs”, nothing happened. I thought he was talking about “convulsions”, and he specifically emphasized “sperm eggs”.

I don’t care about what he said, but as a person in the system, I still have some consciousness, and I never say that. Moreover, I think this is a good time to provide a stage for everyone who wants to fight. Foreigners such as my cousin crossing the road are all struggling to stop in a small city. I don’t want to ask for those names, and I don’t want to pursue so-called wealth and power. I just want to take care of my family and maintain my affection.

Really, this is not my lie. But my wife didn’t think so. She said that she had met the water snake waist several times, and the water snake waist provoked her with high toes.

For the encouragement of my little teacher’s wife, I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t beat her. But I couldn’t help her, so I had to think of other ways. I took the money accumulated in writing and went to Tuomen Road, looking for relationships, and slowly worked as a small leader in the primary school. When I gave orders to my former colleagues, I looked down on myself a little. Moreover, not many people listened to me, they all knew that I was just a stranger.

The road occasionally called, and I could feel that we had nothing to say to each other. Slowly, the phone was gone.


Later, the road was well mixed, and he eventually left the supermarket and went it alone. This is what I expected. When the buyer was on the road, he didn’t take a lot of rebates from the inside. Finally, the incident happened and he was swept away. In fact, even if this did not happen, the road would have to leave on his own initiative sooner or later, and he originally hated working for others.

After working in the supermarket for three or two years, he felt the doorway and understood the routine of the supermarket operation and the profit situation inside. Picking up a small bag across the road, I went to a large supermarket below in the county to discuss business and settled in the booth. He mainly makes snacks and children’s toys. At first, he bought a van himself to deliver the goods himself. After two or three years, he bought an overbearing one and started to expand other businesses. The delivery was left to a past buddy.

My sister-in-law said that the road was full of eyebrows, and pride was full of words. My aunt still sighed, because she had a hard time seeing his son and grandson. When my cousin’s cousin got married, the road was not present, and my aunt said he went to Shanghai. When my old aunt’s daughter married, the road didn’t come. My aunt said he went to Thailand. Our relatives sometimes sneered at the absence of the road, but finally got used to it.

My mother was able to excuse him. My mother said in public that the road is busy, everyone understands it, and you can’t blame it. Privately, I sometimes bumped against my mother. I said, no matter how busy he is, he can’t be busy every time. My mother said that he didn’t mix well before and was sorry to come back. I asked, what happened later? My mother said that it was because she hadn’t come before, and if she came again, she would be gifted.

I spread my hands, and I was speechless. I don’t understand why my mother protects her kin to such an extent. My father would quarrel with my mother, what should I do, nothing to do! My father is a traditional old farmer. He can’t get used to anything.

Later, my old uncle did a bit of trading. He asked me to borrow money and I gave him ten thousand. I told my old uncle, you and the road borrow some. My old uncle said that the roads were all loans and there was no money in his hands. I laughed, how could it be.

According to my sister-in-law, the stalls on the road are getting bigger and bigger, and have started the business of high-end clothing. The road also bought a villa in the scenic area of ​​Q City, and it has already been renovated. Anyway, to say that there is no money on the road, I don’t believe in life or death. It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not, but my aunt and aunt still have no blessing to live in the villa. It is true.

In recent years, I have taken my wife and children to visit Q City, and I also bought a tens of thousands of private cars. When I went to Q city, I didn’t contact the road again. I didn’t want to hear him say which big city he went to or what country he went to.

In my free time, I still write some vulgar texts, and occasionally meet with my friend who wrote novels in a small county, have a drink and chat. When he talked, he was still crazy, full of dissatisfaction and ridicule to this world. I said, dude, do n’t do this. If you say this, you wo n’t even publish a novel. He took a sip of wine, smiled at me, and murmured in his mouth, you, you.


Yes, I can hear a bit of meanness from my buddies who write novels. I don’t know when I became worldly. This is really sad.

One summer night, I drove into the county at eight o’clock, and I was like a dog in the parking lot below the director’s house. It was not dark at night, and the people passing downstairs made me frightened. I thought they had penetrated my dirty tricks. I put the seat down and tried to hide myself.

It was finally dark, and my heart was slightly settled. I widened my eyes and stared at the house on the sixth floor of the director’s house. An unknown green plant was placed on the back windowsill of his house. The light didn’t turn on, I know the Secretary hasn’t returned home yet. At about half past eight, the director finally returned home, and I saw him wearing a white shirt and entered the unit door. After waiting another two minutes, the lights on the sixth floor finally turned on. I took a swollen portfolio and got out of the car and walked to the director’s house.

I’m playing drums straight in my heart, without any anger. Well-informed people told me that for major affairs, we can only find the main leaders. In the daytime, I went into the office of the director and reported the idea to myself. The director was very kind. He said that it was good for young people to ask for progress, and he would consider my ideas. To avoid suspicion, I didn’t take the portfolio into his office.

Well, I don’t think he will refuse my piety tonight.

I finally stood outside the door of his house. I raised my pants and rang out my right hand to ring the doorbell. The door didn’t open. I moved two steps to the door, avoiding the cat’s eyes, and pressed the doorbell again. The door finally opened. The director recognized me and he called my name. I said, hello, director, let me visit you. While talking, I saw him squinting at my portfolio with the corner of his eye.

At this time, my cell phone rang. The ringtone is very big. At that moment, the director showed impatience. He waved his hand and said, go back. He then closed the door.

The call came from my mother, and I hung up the phone in anger. I rang the doorbell again. I pressed it several times in a row, and I couldn’t wait to open the door. I had to retreat in sorrow, and I thought I could only find another day.

When I got into the car, I sent a message to the director: I’m sorry to bother you. Then, I called back, and I asked my mother angrily, why don’t you call early or late? Why do you call at this time? !! My mother froze for a little while, and she said in vain, something happened to your cousin.

There was a sudden thunder in the sky, and the raindrops of beans suddenly fell from the sky. I started the car and drove out of the neighborhood. When turning around, the wheels knocked over the trash bins in the community. Like a thief being chased, I fled back to my little country in a wolf. Along the way, the rain was getting heavier, and the wiper was at its maximum, and it could not wipe out the raging rain. I couldn’t see the road ahead. I simply parked the car by the side of the road, and the poplar on the side of the road made a strange noise in the wind.

My wife also called and she asked me if everything was done. I just yelled at her and got off!


A Swiss army knife was inserted into the chest of the road. I finally saw the icy road for the third time in Q City. Exhausted in his quiet face, he didn’t see the slightest terror before death. My aunt was crying and fainted, my aunt Tieqing faced, said that the road was blind, and the wrong person was used.

My eyes were wet and finally started to cry. For so many years, I have always felt that the road is getting farther and farther away from us. This time, he will really disappear. I found a notebook in the relics of the road. On the title page of the notebook, I saw an untitled poem:

A winding zigzag path

Walk on the rugged foothills

Who i am

I am my easy road

I roughly guessed who the killer was. I’ve seen him, and I’ve seen his eyes. In his calm eyes, I once saw another blazing flame. The killer was quickly found and he fell to the moat in Q city. A Swiss army knife was also inserted in his own chest. This is a murder that cannot be understood. Motives and processes are unknown. Later, an official of the city government in charge of the road 3D cooperation project suddenly fell off the horse. I even think that the death of the road may not be a simple murder, maybe there is conspiracy between the living or the dead. I know my paranoia has been committed again. Who made me a shit novelist?

I went to Xiaoxiancheng again and found my buddy who wrote novels.

I said to him, my cousin disappeared.

I said, maybe I lost him.

I said, I really want to call him now.

My buddy who wrote the novel drank a glass of wine. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and tilted his lips again. He solemnly said that it was you who were too kind. Nowadays, when ordinary people reach the age of their cousins, how many are there to move around? All walks need copper stench as capital. We are not short of emotions, and we have little copper smell. Let’s put it this way, not only you, in a sense, everyone has a cousin who disappeared. If you say it is lost, it is completely correct. Of course, some people can walk around without copper smell, such as you have authority or beauty.

I took a sip, raised my glass and drank it. My tears dripped into the steaming boiled fish. The dead fish’s eyes had eroded, but it still looked at me fiercely. I looked out of the window, in the square not far away, singing and dancing, the crowd was like weaving, and the lights were full of auspicious light.