Nearly one month after coming to the son’s home in the county seat, Uncle Hong was awakened by a sound of swearing through the streets around five in the morning. For a moment, he was a little confused. Open your eyes and look at the brightly decorated rooms that are still dark and do not hide their bright rooms. Is this the son’s house in the city? Someone in the city got up early and scolded the street?

The surroundings are quiet. At this point in time, most people in the community are not up yet. At this moment, I guess I was like myself. When I was awakened, I was lying in bed and listening to people scolding. Uncle Hong once tasted it, and immediately began to listen intently.

It was a woman who scolded the street. The age of hearing the sound should be fifty to sixty, and you have enough gas. What scolded, Uncle Hong hadn’t heard it for a while. After all, I haven’t heard such a curse for many years. Even in the countryside, I can hardly hear it.

He couldn’t lie down because he couldn’t hear anything. He got up lightly and opened the window so that he could hear better.

“… Our day your girl, my day your big …” As soon as the window opened, a clear curse came in like a tide.

The uncle lay back comfortably on the bed, frowning, but a wretched, boring and contented smile appeared on his face.

“Have you gotten your day!” He thought, cursing so hard! Still city people, no culture.

“… What’s hard to do, you want to be a thief? You ca n’t afford the food, so find a septic tank and drown it early! Shameless things, go to the street to ask! The whole family kneels on the road, so do n’t steal That ’s it. Someone ’s dog ’s mouth saves your family ’s hunger! Go ask! Thief, let the old lady see, I chop your hands, chop your feet, chop your brain, and chop your ancestors Eight generations! “She chopped, and the uncle’s head nodded consciously, as if she really felt the power of that chop.

What kind of woman is it? This is enough to curse! The same is true of people who steal food. Have to be cheap. Listen to the scold at home now, can the food still be swallowed? Uncle Hong couldn’t lie down, got up and opened the door to the balcony.

Uncle Hong’s son, Hong Xing, served in a government department and became a small official. I heard that there was a rare opportunity for promotion at the moment. Hong Xing strives to perform actively and low-key daily, hoping to seize this opportunity to climb one level up. Daughter-in-law Liu Lin is an obstetrician at the county hospital. She is very busy at work. Granddaughter Xiaoxingxing is in first grade of primary school this year. The couple were too busy to work, so there was no way for the elderly to come over to help pick up and take care of the little star.

Hong Xing’s house is in a garden area. Next to the garden district is an old residential area with a part of it demolished. Uncle Hong remembered that this residential area has been in this way for several years. Every time he came to his son’s house, it looked like this: oblique long rows of red brick cottages, two of which were demolished by the roadside. Without movement, the ruins still stood there. I heard from my son that this is the former employee dormitory of the supply and marketing cooperatives, and they are all old workers. There has been no consensus on the demolition. Later, the developer responsible for the development of the land had an accident. The old residential area that had been demolished a little bit has been kept like this. The voice of scolding came from the old residential area.

Uncle Hong stood upstairs, and this old residential area had a panoramic view. It was already bright at this moment, and pedestrians were walking on the road. Uncle Hong’s gaze followed the screeching search, and he saw from a distance the half-opened foundation near the roadside, which was reclaimed to make a vegetable garden. There was a woman standing in the vegetable garden, who could not see her face. She seemed to be wearing a floral dress. You should have a scoop of ladle in your hand, standing in the middle of the vegetable field, yelling and scolding in the direction of Uncle Hong, waving the scoop in your rhythm while scolding. She seemed to be tired of cursing in the middle. She bent down and sprinkled a few scoops of water in the garden. She stood up and scolded a few more words, but her momentum was not as strong as before.

It seems to be enough to scold.

Uncle Hong stood on the balcony and looked down at this old residential area. This area is a special presence among the surrounding tall buildings. Broken, old, and wayward. Half of the broken wall was demolished, covered with vines, and yellow flowers swaggered in the wind. Some people’s rooftops and empty foundations of demolished houses were all opened as vegetable gardens. The vegetable garden makes this old and broken place look alive. Early in the morning, there were many elderly people who were carrying buckets to water and pick vegetables on the vegetable field. From a distance, the green garden is very attractive.

Uncle Hong swallowed, and it would be nice if his son’s house had such a vegetable plot! Uncle is good at planting vegetables. Unfortunately, there is no use for it.

He glanced at his balcony in disgust, not even a flower, but a fleshy head and head. No way, daughter-in-law likes it, and baby granddaughter likes it too. What’s so good about this thing? You ca n’t eat or use it, not even a beautiful flower! The name is also stupid, fleshy! Don’t people in the city like to lose weight? How fleshy is the flower? Seeing them like that, they look like silly sons of the old five in the village! Where is it good? If you want to raise flowers, you must raise them like a little granddaughter. The flowers are red, green, and green.

Uncle Hong uttered these thoughts in his heart, but he did not dare to speak out, or even dared to accidentally carry it on his face. Liu Lin, daughter-in-law, will be unhappy when they see it. People treat these meats as a treasure, and take care of them after work every day. They also talk to the meat, saying that it will grow better. Uncle Hong had eyesight and saw that Liu Lin was serving a lot of flesh. He never talked a lot on the side, and even showed a respectful expression to the flesh.

He was a little afraid of this daughter-in-law.

Liu Lin was actually pretty good to his father-in-law, but he just couldn’t stand her love of cleanliness. When Hong Xing’s mother was there, she couldn’t get along with this daughter-in-law because of hygiene problems. Every time I can’t live in my son’s house for three days, I pack up my luggage and go back to the countryside. As long as Liu Lin can’t go back to the country, she will never go back.

The uncle also admits that Liu Lin cannot be blamed entirely. The health habits of his wife do have problems, especially when eating. She always likes to put chopsticks in her mouth and chop loudly before going to chop vegetables; if you chop the vegetables, you should pinch the food and turn it around on the plate to find it; just find something delicious After turning it around, I just ate some radish and cabbage. It’s really bad to look at the picture. Uncle Hong also told his wife many times at home that she should not chopsticks and turn the plate when eating out. As a result, his wife was annoyed every time, not only did not change, but also deliberately became louder and more angry.

Liu Lin is not used to her mother-in-law’s fault. Seeing her mother-in-law said that she wouldn’t change it, she seemed to be secretly fighting, so she directly served her a dish and put it in front of her.

Hong Xingma thought it was a shame. Because of this, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, son and daughter-in-law, son and mother quarreled. Hong Xingma was furious and never visited her son’s house again. It was not until last year that she was hospitalized for stomach cancer before returning to the county seat. Basically, I often stay in hospitals. Liu Lin did well this time. She did not abandon her sick mother-in-law and arranged for her to live in the hospital where she worked.

Because of the previous unpleasant experience, Uncle Hong was unwilling to come and live with his son in the city, preferring to live alone in the country. What he was afraid of was that this lifestyle was different, because some small things would rust the relationship between family members. Instead of living with her son, Liu Lin is more filial, and usually calls more frequently. You can do whatever you want at home, you don’t have to change the habits of others.

What else can I ask for? It is a burden to grow old. Farther apart, it is still a burden to worry about children; living together is a burden that everyone dislikes. Uncle Hong thought this very clearly. He’s in good health, he can move, and he’s just over sixty. It’s okay for him to live by himself. He doesn’t have to go to his son’s house to eat a poor bowl of rice.

But he couldn’t help it. Liu Lin came to pick him up in the city to live with him. What can he say for the granddaughter’s usual attendance at school and for the son’s peace of mind? These two people, is not all the uncle’s thoughts and hopes in this life? They need, not to mention living in the city, just to take his life, they have to take it out! For the elderly in the countryside, the children who can be prosperous and living in the city need to pick them up in person, which is a decent thing to show off. Which other old man in the village does not envy him? If he persists, he will only be scolded.

Besides, now that I can move, I naturally do n’t need to rely on my son and daughter-in-law. Therefore, the elderly must also be conscious, when it is time to help, do not help, when they need to take care of themselves in the future, how can they let the younger wait?

Although Uncle Hong is an authentic peasant, he can be said to be a person with very high EQ. He speaks decently, has a sense of doing things well, thinks openly about everything, and works diligently. It also looks decent to stand with the old people in the city, and it won’t make people recognize that they are from the countryside. Such a discerning person like Liu Lin also recognized his father-in-law very much. If it was Uncle Hong who went first, Liu Lin was afraid that she would rather ask for a nanny rather than let her mother-in-law take care of the little star.

“Dad, get up too early.” Daughter-in-law Liu Lin knocked on the door gently, interrupting Uncle Hong’s cranky thoughts.

Uncle Hong quickly agreed. Before leaving the balcony, he looked down at the residential area again. The scolding woman did not know when she had left. There are already people coming and going on the street downstairs, and you can hear the roar of cars and the hustle and bustle of the market.

At this moment, the early morning sun hit the buildings on the street, as if the city had been plated with gold, and life was hot and fresh.

Liu Lin feels that the breakfast shop outside is not clean and is not afraid of trouble. She wakes up every morning to prepare egg milk bread oatmeal. Although Uncle Hong is not used to eating, he also admits that these things made by daughter-in-law are good for children and good for his family. The granddaughter’s stars have grown pink and lovely since childhood, healthy and lively. Everyone praises her. Grandpa Hong feels shame when she holds her to school. His son Hong Xing has also been healthy and healthy. Uncle thinks that this is all due to Liu Lin, the doctor is not a vain. Because his wife was not particular about him, Uncle Hong lived a rough life all his life. He didn’t want his son who had a hard time studying in the city to live as he did.

The people in the city should look like the people in the city. Liu Lin has the look of life in the city.

“That woman, I haven’t scolded the street for a while, I thought she stopped! Why did she scold again! Dad, did you wake her up, too?” Hong Xing said, frowning and eating bad oatmeal . He really didn’t like to eat this stuff, but Liu Lin said that his stomach was bulging, and he became very blessed in his thirties. He had to force him to eat this every morning, saying it was good for his health and maintaining his image.

“It’s a bit noisy, and people in the city scolded the streets early in the morning?” It was really unpalatable to eat oatmeal with his son! Bread slices are also dry and difficult to swallow. He slowly ate a little bit.

“Dad, I woke her up too. Grandpa, what did she scold?” Xingxing drank milk, fluttering her beautiful eyes, and intervening in adult gossip.

Liu Lin brought up the boiled eggs and took one of them to help her daughter peel: “Child, what are you asking? No cursing words are good words, do n’t ask, do n’t listen! Eat quickly, so slow to school It’s going to be late. ”

After sending Xiaoxing Xing to school every day, Uncle Hong went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables on the way back. Liu Lin doesn’t come back for lunch at noon, Hong Xing doesn’t come back most of the time. Generally, he and Xiao Xingxing eat at home. This time of day is the time when uncle is most relaxed and comfortable.

Uncle Hong bought two fresh vegetables and was not busy going home. The breakfast at home is nourished, and he can’t eat enough. Every day on the way back from shopping, he would buy something to eat at a street breakfast stall alone, noodles, buns, churros … every day. What nutrition, what hygiene! This year, who still lacks nutrition and lives to his own age, wouldn’t he have a good time eating it? As far as hygiene is concerned, it’s okay to see it, so many people eat, and no one has seen anything wrong.

He hadn’t even been in a shop by the road. The uncle walked straight to the store and was about to get the boss to have a bowl, and at a glance he saw that his son was sitting in the innermost corner to eat ravioli.

Hong Xing also saw his father. “Dad, how can you …” The father and son looked at each other and smiled awkwardly, Hong Xing beckoned, “Boss, here is another bowl of ravioli, big bowl.”

Uncle Hong sat across from his son: “Do you have enough to eat every morning? How does it work if you are not full?”

Hong Xing laughed: “Dad, what’s the problem? You don’t like to eat the nutritious breakfast made by Liu Lin. You don’t like it?”

“So you eat outside once a day? Your daughter-in-law is also good for you and wants you to lose weight. This is good, eat two servings, don’t you lose more and more fat?”

“I do n’t eat double servings every day, sometimes I eat and eat. Dad, do n’t tell Liu Lin, she has to know that she has to eat endlessly. You eat slowly, I go to work. Today I went to the countryside Don’t come back for lunch at noon. I saved the money, and you took the money, and then told me when you spent it. “When Hong Xing left, he gave his father five hundred yuan. Uncle Hong accepted the money and looked at his son’s hurried departure. The figure was indeed obviously blessed, and it was necessary to control it.

When he returned home, Uncle Hong deliberately took a few more steps to pass the old residential area. The vegetable garden on the side of the road looked a bit messy and not too small in size. It just opened on a foundation that was demolished. Seasonal vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes are planted in the vegetable garden; close to the road, the owner uses the removed bricks to clutter a circle of edges, holding several sticks horizontally and vertically. The sticks are covered with beans, bitter gourd , Loofah, cucumber, vines are full length together, there are many beans and young melons hanging on the vine, and the sticks are pressed down to the ground. A pumpkin was planted in the corner of the vegetable garden, and the vines were spread out in situ. They were almost spread on the road. Among the dense leaves, small pumpkins were seen.

“It’s no wonder that someone steals vegetables and goes well.” Uncle thought. He looked at the stick lying down the side of the road and couldn’t help but reach out and lift it up.

“Who are you! What do you want to do during the day?” A woman’s voice came behind. Uncle Hong quickly put his hands away and turned, and the raised stick fell down again.

A middle-aged woman did not know when she was coming, looked at him suspiciously, and looked poor. The woman had short hair, looking in her fifties, fair-skinned, facial features that looked very pleasing to the eye, slightly fat, and wearing a black blue dress. When she was young, she should be a beauty, but at this time her deep drooping lips and a hostile look made her look mean, fierce, and inaccessible. This should be the woman who scolded the street in the morning.

Uncle Hong quickly smiled at his smile: “Don’t get me wrong, I think your stick of beans is about to fall, hold it up.”

The woman glanced at the vegetables in the plastic bag of Grandpa’s hand, not those grown in her vegetable garden.

“Fell down, you don’t need to help you,” said the woman indifferently, walking straight to the side of the road and holding up the fallen stick by herself. There were some beans and ripe melons in the tangled vines below. The woman supported the stick in one hand and picked bitter melon in one hand. When she bent down, the fat buttock was facing Uncle Hong, and the loose blouse pulled up with her hand, exposing a white greasy waist.

Uncle Hong stood there suddenly flustered and his throat was dry. Want to go, but a little reconciled.

“This dish looks so good to you.” Uncle Hong squeezed a flattering smile on his face, even though the woman only picked vegetables and didn’t look back. The uncle still put on the expression and gesture to welcome her back.

The woman picked up two dozen bitter gourds hiding underneath, and turned away the supporting stick as she turned around and withdrew. She let go a little earlier, and before the person came out, the stick fell down on her head with tangled vines.

“Be careful!” Uncle Hong’s eyes were stricken, and he reached for his hand and grabbed a handful of bean vines. He took the stick and did not completely fall down, just against the woman’s hair.

The woman hurriedly came out from under the stick, looking at Uncle Hong with a softer face, and nodded slightly. Uncle Hong let go of the vine he was holding. The two held up and put down a toss, and the simple fixing under the stick had been loosened long ago. As soon as the uncle let go, the stick was rattled with vines, and all fell down, and the bricks used to fix the bottom of the stick were also pried.

Uncle Hong and the woman looked at each other, and looked at the vine that had fallen to the ground, a little at a loss.

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t owe my hand to help the stick. If you can’t hold it, this help will break. My countryman, when I see the stick is about to fall, I want to help. . I’ll help you get it right again. “Uncle Hong said, then put down a bag of vegetables in his hand and used to make the stick.

The woman also came to help: “Don’t blame you, this stick is unstable, and sooner or later it will fall.”

The two helped to pull up the vine that had fallen to the ground and re-fixed the stick to support it. This work is naturally nothing to Uncle Hong. He gently lifted the stick with his hands and feet, found the gap in the concrete floor to force the stick in, picked up a few bricks for reinforcement, and added a few sticks in the middle to support the vine. The woman has been helping him.

“Do you have a concrete base under this vegetable field? The dishes look good.” The uncle did his homework while doing things.

“It’s okay to grow it by yourself. It’s lack of soil, and the cement base below can’t hold fat.”

“It’s not easy for you to grow such good vegetables on a cement base. We don’t necessarily grow better in our country vegetable garden than you do. At first glance you are a hardworking person and do good things.”

Everyone loves to hear good things. The woman finally smiled: “My mother’s family is also in the countryside. There is no other way to grow vegetables. Like people, the mound is thicker, is willing to fertilize, and often looks after it. It naturally grows well.”

The two were busy for a while, and finally put the fallen vines back together, looking more neat and neat than before.

Uncle Hong stood in the vegetable garden, and looked at the newly-built croissant vines from left to right, and patted the soil with satisfaction: “It should be able to hold these vegetables off the shelf. I watch a large vegetable garden here upstairs every day. Let’s count your eye-catching vegetables. When the peppers and eggplants come out of the garden, you have to make a whole more garden, add another layer of soil, and grow radish and cabbage. ”

This is now edited by Uncle Hong. This garden is no better than other gardens, but its owner must love to hear people boast that it is the best. After the woman was busy, the sun was flushed on the face, and when she was full of smiles, she spoke more familiarly.

“Brother, you are adept at first glance. There are buildings everywhere in the city, and the soil is not easy to make. There are so many vegetable fields in this place. Everyone sees that soil tightly. I have to go to the county town by myself. It was brought back a little bit by the outer river, but it didn’t take much effort. At this point, people still stole a lot. ”

“This kind of physical work is not done by a woman. Let the family do it for you. If you don’t see me, I’ll help you get it.” Uncle Hong pointed to his house, “I’ll live upstairs there. Son and daughter-in-law Busy, my granddaughter went to elementary school this year and asked me to come and help me take care of it. I usually have nothing to do. I just want to make a variety of vegetable fields. I can’t get it. ”

“Then help me to make the whole thing. Let’s say that you can help me prepare the vegetable field. I can’t finish the vegetables in this garden by myself. If you want to pick them, you can pick them and pay for them.”

When Uncle Hong returned home, he brought back a few eggplants, a pepper, and two reddish bitter gourds.

The woman’s surname is Han, who used to work in the cafeteria of the supply and marketing cooperatives. Everyone called her Master Han. Her husband was a small cadre of the supply and marketing cooperatives, who had died for many years. She did not remarry, and she lived in the same old dormitory with her son. She didn’t want to live with her daughter-in-law and still lived alone. Uncle Hong made an appointment with Master Han and helped her get the soil first.

Master Han gets an old-fashioned bicycle. Uncle Hong pushes the bicycle and goes to the riverside to get soil with Master Han. The couple ran back and forth a few times, and took back the good soil on the big woven bags. The soil obtained should be piled in the corner of the vegetable garden. After the pepper eggplant is pulled out, add it when leveling the vegetable field.

The soil came, and the uncle offered to wait for the beans to go off the shelf and build a fence around the vegetable garden to save others from stealing vegetables. As soon as Master Han heard that he could prevent others from stealing vegetables, he became excited.

“That’s great! You don’t know how bad some people around this place are. I have this vegetable plot on the side of the road. Some people have stolen vegetables at both ends for three days. Last year, the radish I planted was pulled out overnight. More than half. Do you know what the people around here say? I ca n’t eat so much by myself, only for others, just as Jide. My eyes are too bad! Is n’t it just bullying my orphans and widows and no one supports them? Am I dead? Is there no good for a man? I worked hard to order a meal, and if I was stolen, I still listened to the rumors? No wonder, I scolded together at the beginning of the month to make the family of the thief a bad year!

Uncle Hong has forgotten the garden every day for a while now. Master Hong has forgotten that Master Han is the woman who scolded the street. Suddenly I heard a lot of sympathy in my heart when I heard her take the initiative. In the past, there were widows with children in the village. As long as they didn’t find their next home, they would either become nails in the eyes of the women in the village, or stab in the flesh of everyone. This master Han seems to have become a thorn in the flesh of this inhabitant. Uncle Hong’s attitude towards them was unaccustomed on the one hand and quite sympathetic on the other.

Women with children have a hard time living. Those who unkind and want to blame, deserve to be scolded!

After meeting Master Han, Uncle Hong’s life in the city has become energetic. I used to do things every day like Liu Lin’s schedule to complete the task, and even eating and picking up food was like a sneak attack. Now, Uncle Hong feels that he is living his own life every day. He wakes up early in the morning and cleans himself up. He goes to Master Han’s vegetable garden to be busy with her. Sometimes after waking up early, when I think about what I want to do with Master Han in the morning, I occasionally forget to hum two operas when I forget.

In the city, he felt like he had a friend and someone living together. There are a lot of old people in the community. There are several chess and card halls on the first floor. There are a lot of old people playing mahjong and chess. There are also Taijiquan, square dance, and a mop-like writing brush on the ground … Hong Uncle often stands there watching the excitement, alone, silently. It’s hard to say why, he just couldn’t get involved in the activities of the old people, and he always felt inexplicably that he would show up as soon as he participated. He couldn’t tell what kind of stuffing would be exposed. Perhaps it was the truth that he had no stuffing, not buns, but steamed buns?

For decades, Uncle Hong has crafted a decent countryside setting for himself. Although no one cares here, he is very concerned about himself and has been working hard to maintain it.

It’s been more than a month since I came to the county seat, so the uncle lived in the community like this, and was separated from the community’s social life. Feel lonely amidst the excitement.

Sometimes, he even thinks that if Xiaoxing is still a baby, he can naturally sit with other old people who look at the children and talk about grandchildren while watching the children. He has observed that Little Star looks better than all the children in the community! It ’s a pity that the baby star of his own family is in elementary school, and this social road has been blocked.

Well now, he met Master Han, a woman who looked decent when he did not scold. The most important thing is that what they said and done together was his best thing, and she could only fight. In the presence of Master Han, he has not shown cowardice, and no one has disturbed them. Master Han usually lives alone, and never walks and dances in groups with the women in the neighborhood. Uncle Hong is not integrated into city life, and is mostly home alone. The two worked together for a few hours a day because of a vegetable garden. They talked and laughed. This short time has become the daily hope of the two.

Uncle Hong was more concerned than planting his own vegetable field in the countryside. He went to the suburbs when he was free. After ten days of work, he got a bunch of sticks to make fences and piled them in the small courtyard of Master Han’s house.

After the autumn, the two pulled up half-withered pepper eggplants and pulled the messy melon vines. Uncle Hong thickened the soil on the vegetable field by half a foot, and dug a drainage ditch in the middle. Reclaimed soil with broken bricks. Around the vegetable field, the original sticks were all messed up, and they were all pulled up. A circle of bricks was used to surround the vegetable field with a ruler. Then the sticks were arranged on the low wall to form a neat fence. The uncle also made a simple fence door.

Master Han simply fell in love with Uncle Hong’s vegetable garden. This time, her vegetable garden really stands out! Even if it doesn’t grow anything, it looks comfortable! Even people passing by couldn’t help but take a closer look.

After the two amaranth fields were tidy up, Uncle Hong made a reasonable plan for Master Han, radish, cabbage, garlic, and lettuce. Master Han was naturally obedient and obedient, and the two together went to the vegetable market to buy seeds and prepare to grow vegetables.

During this period, Uncle Hong went to Master Han’s house several times, took a tool, drank tea, and sat down for a while.

Master Han’s family was cleaned up, not Liu Lin’s perverted neatness, but the usual cleanliness. Enter a small yard, keep a few pots of flowers and plants, and hang some clothes. The kitchen and bathroom are built separately in the yard. There is a small living room and two small bedrooms. It is quite loose for one person. It is an old house, the indoor light is not good enough, and the light is turned on during the day.

In the small living room, there is an old-fashioned three-seater sofa, opposite the wall is a small square table and two small bamboo chairs. There is a set of low cabinets directly opposite the door with a TV set on it. There are not many things, and they are clean and tidy. Toward the yard, under a well-lit window, was an old-fashioned sewing machine that was rarely seen. After being laid off, Master Han relied on people to make sewing work for his household. On the sofa was a stack of quilt pillowcases, all of which she took over.

The first time I walked into Master Han’s house, Uncle Hong felt that his hands, feet, and eyes had found a place to put on his own. What a gracious and comfortable home environment! The small square table with a clear wood grain, the printed glass that few people have used at home, a pot of cool jasmine tea, a plate of sugar-picked tomatoes or cucumbers … even the lights turned on during the day, the yellow brightness seems to be It’s just right, too much for Uncle Hong’s appetite! When my wife was here, my home in the country was never so clean. Hong Xing’s mother didn’t pay attention to it. Uncle Hong was envious of his wife’s love for packing. But he couldn’t change his wife, so he had to pack himself, no matter how messy the house was, he had to go out and be neat and tidy. When he came to the city, his son’s house was spotless, but his daughter-in-law was too particular! At home, he always reminded himself where to put his hands and feet, where to sit on his buttocks, and how to stretch out his chopsticks to retract them.

Like garlic being planted in a daffodil pot, I don’t know if I should grow it into a flower or a vegetable.

The first time he went, he fell in love with Master Han’s cabin. During the day when his son-in-law went to work and his granddaughter went to school during the day, he basically stayed with Master Han. The two set up a vegetable garden, drank tea, and chatted.

Uncle Hong did not expect that his happy time would end so embarrassingly and so unexpectedly.

In fact, before the accident, the piece of vegetable garden and the two people working together in the vegetable garden every day have let gossips spread in the workshop: Master Han, who has been widow for many years, got along with an old man. But Uncle Hong had few acquaintances in the community, and Master Han didn’t dare to mess with it. The children of the two were busy working or living elsewhere. These rumors did not reach their ears.

In an environment with no acquaintances, mixing with a widow every day makes Master Hong, a decent person who has been savvy for a lifetime, completely relaxed his vigilance. He was enjoying the delicate red love in the setting sun. Yes, he did fall in love with Master Han, and even quietly thought about the possibility of living together, but he had not the courage to say it.

The accident happened on the day when the two bought rapeseed and planted it on the vegetable field.

In the morning, I went to the market to pick the seeds. After the two sprinkled the seeds together in the afternoon, Uncle Hong went to her house with Master Han talking with a smile.

Master Han forgot one important thing. The night before, she called her son and asked him to come back the next day to get some pickled beans and peppers back to eat. As the vegetables in the vegetable garden could not be eaten, Master Han made all kinds of pickles. Although her daughter-in-law didn’t like her mother-in-law, she liked the pickles she made very much.

Uncle Hong bought a seed, watered it, and watered it all day. As soon as Master Han came in, he took out a plate of white sugar-marinated tomatoes from the refrigerator for Uncle Hong to eat.

Uncle Hong is so good. When eating, Master Han sitting at the other side of the square table only drank tea and did not eat it, but had to pick it up with a toothpick and give it to her. Across the small table, the two gave way, and a few slices of tomato and juice spilled from the plate. The tomato dropped in an awkward position and landed on Uncle Hong’s crotch. The uncle sat there, holding a plate in one hand and wearing a slice of tomato with a toothpick in one hand.

Master Han did not avoid the suspicion, came up with a smile and came to help him clean up.

Stories, like accidents, happen at the most delicate moments.

Just then, someone came in. Not even Master Han’s son, but her daughter-in-law who has always had trouble with her. She came to pickle.

“What are you doing? A lot of age, shameless! It’s not shameful in the daytime!”

Master Han’s daughter-in-law looked at the scene in front of her and stood up loudly as she stood at the door.

Uncle Hong stood up in shock, and the plate on his hand fell to the ground and broke. Master Han, who was squatting in front of him, made him stand up, stand still, and sit on the ground with one butt. Uncle Hong was too late to explain, and scrambled to reach out and pull Master Han sitting on the ground.

This panic and chaos scene suddenly made the atmosphere in the room more embarrassing and ambiguous. It seemed that something really bad happened before. The two neighbours who just passed the door also stopped to look around.

Master Han’s daughter-in-law has always disliked her mother-in-law, and the two did not agree with each other. She is also a woman with no idea. At this moment, she had no idea of ​​being ugly at home. She only had the anger and excitement of the nasty mother-in-law who had arrested her on the spot.

“Who is this old man? How old are you, how do you do such a ugly thing? You don’t have to face, we have to face! Don’t let go, what’s it like?”

Uncle Hong’s face was like a pig’s liver, and he quickly let go of Master Han’s hand. He had always been able to speak kindly. His head was blank, and he stutteredly argued, “You misunderstood. We didn’t do anything ugly. The tomato fell to the pants … ”

Before he finished, Master Han, who had been white and red for a long time, pushed him outward: “What are you talking about! Go back first, let’s go, what are you still standing for?”

Uncle Hong took the juice of a tomato like this and fled the Master Han’s house in a embarrassing manner, and passed through the door with a few excited eyes.

Fleeing all the way home, Uncle Hong was still snoring. Although there was only Uncle Hong in the quiet home, he felt that not only was there no room for hands and feet, but the whole person was nowhere.

Unexpectedly frightened, Uncle Hong has forgotten to connect his granddaughter to school.

The uncle escaped from the disaster scene fast enough. He did not expect that the rumors spread in the community at a faster rate than he escaped with richer details, more complete plots, more ambiguous effects, and more wretched imagination. .

Before Hong Xing and Liu Lin got home from work, they knew that his father and the widow who had cursed him were arrested on the spot.

It was Liu Lin who knew this first. When she came home from work, she saw her daughter carrying a schoolbag alone near the community, walking slowly on her way home alone, playing while walking. Liu Lin asked, knowing that the father-in-law didn’t pick up the stars, he was already dissatisfied. As soon as she entered the neighborhood, a woman whom she knew well pulled her aside and told her about the news that caused a stir in this neighborhood.

Liu Lin heard her father-in-law’s scandal, and even her ears were blushing. She has always been very strong and loves her face, and she has something to do with this scandal! The other side is the widow who is famous for vulgar curse! She was so angry that she didn’t return home, so she took out her cell phone and called Hong Xing to let him come back immediately to deal with his father’s scandal.

Although Uncle Hong was ashamed and embarrassed to explain this misunderstanding to his son and daughter-in-law, Hong Xing and Liu Lin also basically believed what his father said. They still blame the old man for being too unchecked and careless. There are many wrongs in front of widows. Men’s guide to action for thousands of years, how many people learned from their blood and tears! This is all right. What fell from Uncle Hong’s hands was tomatoes, yellow mud! Yellow mud!

Liu Lin was so angry that she didn’t want to talk to her father-in-law. She went back to the room and closed the door angry.

Hong Xing couldn’t blame his father any more. A person who is smart and decent for a lifetime, suddenly encounters such a scandal, and says that he is too afraid to think about it. He only told his father that he would never have any more contact with that widow since then, and try to go out as little as possible in the near future. The explanation of this kind of thing is also unclear, and the more they talk, the more chaotic. Fortunately, there are not many people who know the uncle in the community. As long as they do nothing, they will slowly forget it.

What else could Uncle Hong say, his son wouldn’t tell, he would do the same.

The next day, Uncle Hong did not go out during the day. Hong Xing took the time to pick up her daughter from school to buy food, and even bought breakfast secretly for his father. The uncle was ashamed and comforted, and his son was kind and forgiving, not too embarrassed for his humiliating father.

During the day, when Uncle Hong was alone, he stood on the balcony and looked around many times. He did not see Master Han appear in the vegetable garden or elsewhere. I do n’t know how she is doing now? Looking at her sister-in-law, it is definitely not a fuel-saving lamp, and her cultivation is much worse than her daughter-in-law Liu Lin. Although Liu Lin didn’t look good about it, at least she didn’t say anything terrible. The thought of Master Han’s son-in-law’s vulgar words yesterday, Uncle Hong’s face rose red.

I do n’t know how she is doing now? Uncle Hong picked up his cell phone several times and wanted to make a call to Master Han, hesitated again and again, and let it go. What do you want to do when you call? What can I do? Maybe even more chaos. My son is right. The best way to end this matter early is to stop throwing a stone into the water and not breathe. Keeping silent is the only option.

In this way, Uncle Hong kept himself at home for three days.

In three days, he did not see Master Han once, and he did not know if the scandal between him and her had subsided a bit. The son-in-law returned home without mentioning it at all, as if nothing had happened. This kind of understanding and avoidance did not talk, somehow, uncle Hong has some loss and sadness.

In the eyes of his son-in-law, the quelling of the scandal is the first. What do the old people think is not at all their consideration? The father came to take care of their children, not to live their own lives.

Isn’t the full extension and connotation of father’s life the son’s family? At this age, can there be other pursuits in life?

At least in the minds of the son and daughter-in-law, the father is already just the father.

Three days later, Uncle Hong couldn’t stay at home and asked his son to send Xiaoxingxing to school by himself.

Uncle was guilty when he left the house. He watched nervously all the way, the faces of familiar or strangers passing by. What made him breathless is that no one looked at him at all!

He didn’t know that in this rumor that his daughter-in-law accidentally broke the mother-in-law’s rape, he was just a symbolic supporting role. No one cares who he is, everyone talks about the famous Korean widow who often scolds the streets early in the morning.

Seeing the environment so safe, Uncle Hong decided to stay outside for a while. He went straight to the shop and walked to the corner where his son was sitting before eating slowly.

At his next table were two aunts. They were sitting there eating and chatting, and their voices were not loud. But Uncle Hong still heard what they were talking about, and the two of them chatted, letting him forget to eat cymbals and eavesdropping with their ears turned back to them.

“It is estimated that Master Han will never scold the street in the future. This neighborhood is quiet.”

“If there is such a scandal, there is no face. I don’t know what she thinks. When she was young, the widows came over. This turned out to be such a scandal that the children and grandchildren could not look up.

“The widowhood has been a long time, and it is estimated that the psychology is a bit abnormal. If I had found a man to take another step, it would not be like this.”

“Forget it, which man would want her? You haven’t heard her scolding a street? A woman, for a handful of vegetables, can’t curse any ugly words. I can’t hear you.”

“She wasn’t like this before. Master Han was also a flower of the supply and marketing agency when she was young. She was gentle and did not speak loudly. When she became a widow, men had her idea. Those men just wanted to take advantage of her. It ’s not because I really want to marry her. Those men ’s wives can let her go? If his own man ca n’t manage it, he blocks her door and scolds him, and has been beaten a few times. Slowly, she has become like this, A thorn. A widow is not harder. How can an orphan and a widow survive? ”

“Also. This kind of thing, it is always a woman who suffers. Do you say that this man is sincere to her now? He has been a widow for more than ten years, and suddenly has a reason to be a man, is there a reason? I heard that this is a Old man from the countryside. ”

Uncle Hong’s ears were hot and his whole body was stiff. He didn’t dare to move.

“Who knows! I heard that she hasn’t gone out these days, and the old man hasn’t gone to see her anymore. It doesn’t matter if the vegetable garden looks like a root. It is probably broken, people want faces, trees want bark. Both of them want to return Fooling around together is not the western scene of our place? Children at home will not agree. Han widow and daughter-in-law made such a scene on the spot, the old man’s family didn’t know what happened! I heard that I live in the garden In the community, can his children know the name of Widow Han? The old man of his family followed such a woman, and can he hang on the face of the family? They will stop if they die! ”

“That’s, children, I can’t tolerate these. Well, actually, he is single, and if it’s not like this, it’s a good thing to get a line when you get old.”

“At this age, how many more years do I have to live with?”

Uncle Hong slowly ate a bowl of ravioli after the two women left the ravioli store.

When he got home, he stood on the balcony again and looked at the vegetable field where the two became friends. In such a good sun, there was no one on the vegetable floor, no food on it, and there was a well-built rack that stood tall.

Uncle Hong just looked at it this way, looking at it. At this time in the past, he was working happily with Master Han, and the world around him was empty.

I don’t know if the seeds that they sown together a few days ago were watered? Will it still sprout?

Uncle Hong ate very little for dinner. He returned to his room early and closed the door in the suspicion of his son-in-law.

The room didn’t turn on the lights. The uncle was lying on the bed, looking at the moonlight outside the window, and couldn’t sleep. What did you do wrong? What did Master Han do wrong? What’s wrong with the two who are growing vegetables together? How did this happen? How could it be so bad?

It is already over ten in the evening. The outside living room lights were turned off early, and no movement was heard. Uncle Hong’s mouth was dry and he had been thirsty for a while. He got up lightly, without turning on the lights, and went to the living room to drink water in the moonlight outside the window.

Passing by the door of his son’s and his wife’s room, he saw the light leaking out of the door. The door was not closed tightly, and they could hear them talking.

Uncle Hong didn’t care, he was about to walk quietly, and the voice in the door came quietly first. Uncle couldn’t help but stop.

“… what happened to your dad outside today?”

“Why do you say that?”

“He usually watches TV for a while before going to bed. Do you think it’s normal to close the door so early today? I suspect it hasn’t been out for a few days. As soon as I went out today to hear someone gossiping, I felt bad.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It’s been a few days. Who said nothing boring? Okay. Besides, my dad has no acquaintances here. Everyone doesn’t know him at all. Who would talk to him? The lights are off. ”

The light leaking out of the door slit went out. The voice did not stop.

“Hong Xing, your dad … shouldn’t he go to that woman again?”

“What are you talking about? You see?”

“Don’t I see him a little abnormal–doubt.”

“Do you think my dad will blacken my face?”

The uncle stood quietly in the darkness. He unconsciously reached out and wiped his face, as if he had wiped his face so dark that night.

It was already more than one in the middle of the night, and everything was silent. Uncle Hong leaned on the bed with his eyes open. He couldn’t hear heavy breathing, but his chest swelled sharply. Uncle felt really dull and got up and got out of bed again.

In the night sky, a bright moon like an ice plate hangs, and the moonlight like water gently and coldly covers the earth and dreamland. It was a bit cold outside, and I forgot to wear a dress when I went out. Uncle Hong felt a little cold on his body.

Forget it, he likes this coldness, which makes him feel sober and fresh. Because of the slight coldness on my body, it seemed to have become much lighter, my breathing became smoother, and my steps were light and steady.

Stepping on the moonlight, the uncle went straight to the side of the vegetable garden.

Seeing no one around, he opened the simple fence door and walked into the vegetable garden. The uncle squatted down to see if the seeds in the vegetable field had one or two buds.

As soon as he crouched down, Uncle Hong was surprised and pleased to find that a new sprout was popping up on the vegetable floor! In the moonlight, you can clearly see the small round leaves, squeezing open and tender faces.

The seeds they sown did not die, they all sprouted!

Uncle wanted to cry and laugh, after all, he grinned silently. He reached out his hand and gently and gently touched the piece of soya bean-sized bud. As soon as his finger touched the new leaf, he felt a clear coolness at his fingertips, and there was water on the new leaf!

Uncle Hong was busy touching the soil on the ground with his hands, and gently pinching a little soil to look closer. That’s right, this vegetable field has just been watered, just watered! The leaves are wet, and the garden soil is also moist. It should be just now, just before Uncle Hong came, that someone had poured water here.

Who else besides her?

She dared not go out during the day, and she couldn’t sleep at night.

Uncle Hong couldn’t help turning his head to look at the alleyway leading to Master Han’s house. Dark, of course, no figure. Uncle’s eyes were hot. He quickly looked up at the moon in the sky, and bit back the tears that seemed to shed.

When he left, Uncle Hong kicked and broke the low fence next to the vegetable garden, broke a few sticks on the fence, broke the fence door with force, and threw it aside. He had wanted to step on the vegetable field a few times and looked at the buds that just came out.

Before five o’clock in the morning, and it was still dark outside, Uncle Hong was awakened from his sleep by breaking the quiet street cursing. How familiar and kind of cursing–

“Which one cut the brain! I chopped my hands and fed the dogs! Is my vegetable garden blocking your family’s ancestor’s grave or blocking your dog’s way? Do you want to owe it? Bullying a woman is not afraid of thunder! Those with bad mouths and bad hearts are not human beings and ghosts! You guys chew your tongue behind, hurt people in the middle of the night, and you ca n’t see another good animal. Do n’t be afraid that your hands are cheap, and you have the ability to stand out! My mother is here , There is a skill to come out! Do not hide in the crotch to make a turtle head! ”

This morning seemed to be quieter than usual because of the scolding sound from the community. Uncle Hong was sure everyone was awake, and he was lying on the bed like him at this time, listening to Master Han ’s cursing and screaming. The air, the house, the trees … everything is listening, right?

Who said that Master Han dare not swear? Why dare not scold? Others can pour ice and dirty water on her, why can’t she pour it back?

No dirty water to splash? Uncle Hong can get a pot to her and make her happy! These days, she must have been broken at home, right? After a lifetime of hard work, at this age, I still need to look at the people around me and listen to the rumors of idle people. Even their own children need not care, just as they would not care about her!

That’s it, no need to swallow. Uncle Hong prepared a pot of dirty water, and she poured it out happily. Along with her unwillingness, her bitterness, her stubbornness, her resistance … In this morning, we splashed on the peaceful dreamland of those who watched and criticized her life.

Splash well! Uncle Hong almost laughed.

There was news of Liu Lin getting up early to make breakfast in the living room. I woke up so early today, should I wake up the curse?

Listening to Master Han’s curse, Uncle Hong was extremely comfortable. He sat up and kept a contented smile on his face.

It was getting brighter, and the curse was still flowing. Uncle got out of bed and walked to the window, looking out over the vegetable field. The familiar figure was standing in the middle of the vegetable field in the ruins of the city, scolding and shouting loudly around him, full of momentum, full of vitality, as if she was the only person in this world.

Indeed she was alone, at least in the eyes of Uncle Hong at this time.

Eat more breakfast today. Uncle Hong thought.

She had strength to eat, and repaired the fence and low wall for her.