An old key

When she got home, her mother was flipping boxes. The cluttered ground left me nowhere. I said, “Oh, are you telling family treasure?”

My mother stopped and looked at me and said, “Have you seen my key?”

“Hey, here.” I picked up the keys belonging to my mother from the entrance cabinet.

“I’m not talking about this, it’s the old house, the old house.” The mother’s tone and expression were a little anxious. My mother and I almost turned the house upside down and couldn’t find the key my mother was looking for. The mother sat down, feeling down. Actually, I didn’t tell my mother that my younger brother was entrusted to sell the old house. A week later, my brother told me that the old house was sold for 20,000 yuan.

When I was off work that day, I met Mikasa outside the community. Misaki is a neighbour behind my family and has no kinship with our family. I call her this by the age of the village. Sansao said he took out a key and handed it to me, saying that the key belongs to your old house, and he would return it whenever he wanted to go home. It turned out that her family bought our old house.

The mother didn’t mention the key again. I thought that the old house was already owned by someone else, so I didn’t mention the key with my mother, wrapped it up and put it in a box on the top of the cabinet.

On the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, our hometown has a traditional temple fair. Mother insisted on going back to see. Misaki heard that we were back and greeted us to go to her house. In the years of being a neighbor, Misaki and his mother have always been very good, like their sisters. After having dinner, Mikasa took a few beds and said, “Don’t be too disappointed, all are clean. Go and go to your house.” Mikasa took out the key to open the lock of the old house, and we looked at that clean and tidy The yard is a little bit ashamed, as if we never left.

I sent Mikasa to the gate and thanked her. Mikasa said: “Let ’s not talk about distant relatives and neighbors, I understand your mother ’s mind. I know she can’t leave her hometown. Where the croppers go, in fact, they are firmly rooted in the soil of the hometown. In addition, I give you the keys, and There is a reason. Remember when you were at home, you often asked me why I always carried an old key? My home was in a distant mountain. It was a dirt house. The house was gone because of a sudden mudslide, but my mother We have always kept our old keys for ourselves. When I miss home, I look at the old keys. ”

There was light flickering in Misaki’s eyes, and I also felt like water droplets had fallen into my eyes.

After returning to the city, I gave my mother the keys sent by Misaki. Mother rubbing the key said, “The key to your home is in your hand. No matter what your status or situation, you are still a homeless person.”

Since then, I don’t know why, sometimes I can also scratch the key of the old house. Those tooth marks, like passwords, opened the treasures of the years.

Years passed, and the mother kept the old key and never lost it.

The old key accompanies the mother in the wind and rain, and often has rust and stains, but it is repeatedly rubbed and polished by the mother’s thick, smart hands.

Wang Jufang: a hot writer for the college entrance examination, an advocate of new-style quatrain novels, and an editor of the “Shandong Literature” column.

Yi Lin: In recent years, the level of Chinese reading has increasingly affected students’ Chinese performance. Do you have any opinions or suggestions on this?

Wang Jufang: Yes, modern Chinese reading is not only the focus of Chinese examinations, it also reflects a student’s comprehensive Chinese ability and level. Learning Chinese well can enrich language culture, acquire language expression and use art, and improve the ability to understand and understand things. Learn Chinese well, without saying anything else. The easiest and most straightforward is that when writing an article, you will naturally fall in love with flowers. Therefore, we must study Chinese well and be a literate person.

Yi Lin: Your article sees beauty in the small, and truth in the small. This happens to be lacking in student writing. What do you think is the main point of writing a well-inspired article?

Wang Jufang: The focus of writing good sentimental articles is “sense”, so where does “sense” come from? This must have a touching point. Where does this point come from? Maybe it has been hidden in your heart or brain for a while. For example, one day, a trivial, unintentional trivial matter, like a stone, stirs up thousands of waves, making you full of thoughts and shaking your heart. This is the point that touches your heartstrings. When the point of perception was found, the article was completed.

Yilin: What advice do you have for middle school students to read?

Wang Jufang: I can read some so-called “free books” that I am interested in, but I personally recommend reading more literary classics, especially reading books about the traditional culture of our Chinese nation. While improving my cultural accomplishments, Let our traditional culture have a good heritage.