Food love

Sici is so edible. She deserves the glory of eating, and there was even a saying circulating in the restaurant: The restaurant that Xixi had never been to cannot be called a restaurant. She saves all her expenses, wears simple and affordable clothing, uses a black-and-white screen phone seven or eight years ago, and devotes her whole heart to the cause of eating, not leaving any restaurant or blind street food. Talking about food is like a treasure for many years. In recent years, it has become worse and started to make handmade at home at any cost. Once it was time for dinner, every company colleague came to watch the Western lunch box with great interest, but no man fell down under her apron.

Sixi has thirty two, is still single, and has never been in love.

Food is destined to be separated from romantic love by a glass barrier. The scorching fire traces that you can imagine all happen to thin and melancholy women, who are too indifferent to clothing, food, shelter, and clothing because they pay too much attention to love. As for food, men have already become an unnecessary thing once they have eaten food.

And if a woman is a quasi-food from a young age, she may have few chances to turn around in her life. Once I was called by a bachelor to eat, and there were several young girls sitting on the table, with lively voices, and I knew at a glance that I was interested in bachelors, so that every time he talked about a topic, there was someone very enthusiastic To respond. The one who responded the most and was the one who could eat the most. Young, with a little baby fat, his face was full of brilliance, and his facial features were just enough to make people feel emotional and youthful. At first the bachelor said anxiously, “Don’t you order too much?” She said arrogantly, “No more, no more. I can eat it. I had no beef at all last time. Please wait for everyone to eat.” By the time she stopped chopsticks, she was still suffering. Because it was so naive and cute, the bachelor could not help laughing and said, “You are really a pig.”

I knew afterwards that this girl had been enthusiastically pursuing a bachelor for a while, and the bachelor who was over thirty years old rejected her too young. Seeing the little girl going out contentedly after eating, I couldn’t help but defame: how can you eat so much when you eat with someone you like? So it was not without reason to think of the bachelor’s rejection. Through the scene of two people eating, he found that the girl loved food much more than he loved him. When she thought of herself as being better than a plate of barbecued pork, her self-esteem was instantly ruthlessly destroyed. How could there be any extra love?

Countless women who ate food are on this lonely road. Maybe it’s broken, it’s a strange woman, she is delicious from an early age, and she has an amazing weight. In order to fall in love, she followed a movie-like hunger strike, spent tens of thousands of dollars in a weight loss classroom, and spent tens of thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery. After I fell in love, I immediately turned around, and turned into a fake food replacement, even worse than before, not only eaten his own salary, but also eaten all of her boyfriend’s share. After we got married, we would have bounced back to what we were before. Fortunately, men know that women are married after this marriage, so they have n’t investigated it.

You may think that eating is very miserable, but one eating happily eats the delicious food on the earth, marvels at every dish, praises every snack, and the life is always better than those who are sorrowful and bitter, at least her happiness is true It’s like a fake replacement.