Grandpa is my patient

After graduating from college, I officially became an oncologist. My grandfather was very happy. He kept saying, “Our family has a doctor.” He even took a yellow book from his house and said to me, “Baby, if you are a doctor in the future, you must not be confused. There are some medicines that you can’t use wrong. You have to look good. ”

Although I stopped smoking, my grandfather still coughed frequently. I asked my grandfather that he coughed yellow sputum without chest pain and hemoptysis. It is better to take some cough medicine. I felt the pulse of my grandfather, and his pulse was strong and powerful. I told him that maybe he was on fire and pneumonia was also possible. He asked him to go to my hospital for examination.

One day I was at work and I called and said my grandfather had hemoptysis and felt chest tightness and shortness of breath.

I hurriedly asked grandma to take grandpa to the hospital. Physical examination, blood draw, chest radiograph, oxygen inhalation, hemostasis, infusion … After a series of examinations, a shadow was found in the left hilar of the grandfather, and there was pleural effusion. Then I performed a chest CT, combined with medical history and tumor markers. I initially diagnosed my grandfather with lung cancer. The pathology was not clear, but he had hemoptysis and pleural effusion. The director said to me, “Your grandfather should have symptoms early. He also has a long history of smoking. Now he is older, we do not recommend surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We should treat it symptomatically.” As a doctor, I also often I told my family this way, but now I have become a family.

I curled up in the corner, tears couldn’t stop falling. The next day, we concealed my grandfather, and I told him that he had pneumonia and had pleural effusion, so his chest tightness worsened. My grandfather always trusted me, and said with a smile, “It’s good that my baby is a doctor, it comes in handy.” Grandpa’s pleural effusion grew quickly, and he gradually had difficulty breathing. He couldn’t sleep on his back at night and his appetite changed Much worse. I continued to hide from my grandfather and told him that because he was older, he would be hospitalized longer.

My grandfather’s condition is not optimistic, and I have gradually accepted it, but when I told you that when I saw the sad and frustrated expressions of my loved ones, I was pulled back to reality-my grandfather was seriously ill.

In the following months, I kept draining my pleural effusion and tried to apply interleukin-2 to the chest cavity, but the effect was not satisfactory.

My grandfather is more and more unwilling to eat, and my chest tightness and shortness of breath are becoming more and more frequent. I ca n’t pretend to forget my other identity as a loved one. It didn’t take long for her grandfather to become lethargic, she could no longer eat, and ECG monitoring was also used. “What is the percentage of blood oxygen”? Only the ECG monitoring number is left for daily communication with my grandfather. Suddenly one day, “Dr. Chen, the blood oxygen in the 18-bed has fallen to 67%. Come and see!”

When I heard the nurse ’s shout, I immediately ran to the grandfather’s bed: “Increase the oxygen flow to 5L / min, Lobelin and Nick Szamy each received one!” I gave an oral medical order urgently, and the director came over with me rescue. I couldn’t help the tears, he was really about to die … I was rescued, watching the figures representing life, “Be sure to rise!” I spoke to the figures in my heart … I don’t know how long it took, “Heart rate, Respiration was zero, blood pressure and oxygen could not be measured, carotid pulsation disappeared, bilateral pupils were dilated and fixed, and clinical death was announced. “I suddenly heard a word from the director. Grandpa died!

Since I studied medicine, I have experienced the deaths of many patients, and death is the outcome everyone will eventually face. But when we really face the death of our loved one, he is not only the patient, but also my grandfather. I do not want to lose him, but rationally know that I will eventually lose. The doctor’s profession allows me to accompany my grandfather so intimately through his life. I am satisfied. I will remember what my grandfather said and be a good doctor.