How do you know that you are improving

Recently we proposed a new concept called “climbing mode”. To put it simply, rarely will there be such a deterministic passage of life in the future. Every time you take a step up, you have to test your current selection and climbing ability. This is of course rock climbing.

Someone asked, how do I know which gripper to grab next? Just two days ago I saw a sentence from Yale historian Timothy Snyder, saying: “Old friends are the last thing you can rely on; new friends are the first step to change the status quo.”

You see, if you really do n’t know what to choose next, then make a new friend, which is itself climbing up.

Of course, I am not referring to general knowledge. To associate means to be really happy with a person, be recognized in value and accepted in relationship, and he will bring you into a new circle.

In fact, any human progress will be reflected in this new change in interpersonal relationships. This is also a golden thread to test whether we are really making progress!