King Lanling: The best male god who died early

Gao Changgong, the king of Lanling, is a famous general in Northern Qi. He is a nobleman, the grandson of the Eastern Wei Dynasty, the founder of the Northern Qi Dynasty, a self-made hero, the grandson of Gao Huan, a general of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the son of the general of the Northern Wei Dynasty and the state of Gao Cheng, and the nephew of the Emperor Wenxuan of the Northern Qi Dynasty. But his illustrious origin is far from being the biggest reason for his fame.

According to the author, there are at least three key factors in the reason why the king of Lanling became famous:

First, popularity is extremely high. King Lanling was the leading actor in the large-scale song and dance drama “Lanling King Into the Formation”. At that time, the drama was popular all over the country, and Lanling Wang was a mess. In the contemporary era, it is definitely a top traffic star.

Second, it looks handsome. In one fell swoop, he entered the top four of the “Rose Stoppers” of “The World’s New Words”, a list of male goddesses for beautiful men. “Bei Qi Shu” and “North History” both recorded “the long and respectful appearance, the heart and the sound, and the sound and beauty.” The “Ling Ling Zhongwu King Stele” said that he “has a good style and a beautiful appearance,” and “Old Tang Book Music” “Zhi” said that he “is talented and beautiful,” and “Zi Zhi Tong Jian” also recorded him “beautiful and brave.” How beautiful is Lanling King? This is an eternal mystery, because no portrait of King Lanling has been passed down.

Third, fighting sturdy. King Lanling often singled out with the enemy alone, and after hundreds of battles, never lost, especially in the Battle of Sheshan, he led the district 500 cavalry to defeat the North Zhou. This is a real skill! The idol’s appearance and super strength make him both a male god and a god of war. It is difficult for the king of Lanling to become famous! If there were fashion magazines at that time, Lanling Wang would surely occupy the covers of various magazines for a long time.

However, as a military general, King Lanling was too idolistic and seemed a little embarrassed. When King Lanling fought against the enemy, not only did he not achieve the effect of Zhang Fei’s “a roar on the Changban Bridge that scared the enemy’s gall water back”, but he often attracted enemies to watch and appreciate his beauty. In order to avoid this embarrassing comedy effect, and to prove that he is a true faction, in each subsequent charge, the king of Lan Ling must put on a terrible mask before killing his enemies. This wearing doesn’t matter. It not only achieved his prestige of Pizza Hut on the battlefield, but also made a great contribution to Chinese civilization without paying attention. The mask is based on the research of the Tang Dynasty song and dance opera and the later generation of Peking Opera.

Maybe we would think that King Lanling had such a noble and talented general that he would definitely kill the Quartet in the Northern Qi Dynasty and build his career. After the death of Lanling King’s uncle Gao Yang, after several feng shui rotations, the governor of the Northern Qi Dynasty took the post of Emperor Gao Wei, the emperor. This master is not doing anything serious and doing bad things.

One day in the fourth year (573 years) of Emperor Wuping of the North Qi’an, Gao Wei heard the intense and intense “Lanling King’s Battle Song”, and couldn’t stop the sour water in his heart. It’s even higher, that’s unscientific! Therefore, Gao Wei took the opportunity to hint King Lanling: “The battle of Sheshan was really too dangerous. In case there is a good deal, it will be too late to regret it!” It means that you have passed the scenery, too Just take it and demobilize it! For King Lanling, it is commonplace for leaders to fight. Then he casually whispered, “National affairs are family affairs.” Gao Wei was very unhappy at first, and it was worth it! Obviously it ’s your family ’s business, which is your family ’s business. If you treat the state affairs as family affairs, what the hell is this country leader? Gao Wei’s heart broke out, and he was sent to the Lanling King a glass of poisoned wine that night.

A generation of top-ranked traffickers died at the age of 33. Without a battlefield, Ma Ge was wrapped up in the body, but died in a political struggle.

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