My animal “neighbor”

In Flagstaff, USA, I live next to various animals.

The most common is the squirrel, scientific name “Arizona Grey Squirrel”. This kind of squirrel likes to get up early, and every morning when I get up and brush my teeth, I can hear them click through the roof. When I first went to Flagstaff, I felt very fresh. From time to time, I fed peanut squirrels to the squirrels and watched them holding the peanut hoe with their two front paws, not to mention how cute they were.

As long as a squirrel knows that I have peanuts here, all the squirrels around will know, they will run across the roof, waiting for me in the big tree in front of my house. As soon as I went out, the squirrels called out in unison, as if to say, “Have dinner? Let’s eat!” If I didn’t immediately take out the peanuts, they would climb and jump between the tree and the roof, shaking the big furry Tail, anxiously wait for me to feed.

I went out and met the landlord. She stopped me from feeding peanuts on the spot. The landlord said: “The squirrel especially loves to knock on the wires, and will run to the house along the hole in the roof, which may endanger your safety.” So, the landlord invited a professional company to inspect and repair the hole in the roof. The branches of the trees in the front and back yard were trimmed, so that the lowest branch was kept at least 2 meters away from the roof. In this way, the squirrel would not run through the branches and holes to the house and knock the wires. The squirrels were watching “.

The more common is the skunk. The skunk living in Flagstaff has two white stripes, which extend from the head and neck, the sides of the back to the tail, so its scientific name is “Arizona Striped Skunk. ” I thought that a skunk animal is “I don’t commit it, it doesn’t commit me”, but the reality is that I don’t commit it, it runs too fast and hits my body with one head, mistakenly thinking that I want to attack it, After giving me a stinky “poison gas bomb”, I ran out of sight, leaving me depressed in front of the stinky body. I had to drive to the gas station, picked up a water gun and blasted at the body. A staff member at the gas station covered his nose and smelled “weier”, and also comforted me: “Although the car wash didn’t do much, but three weeks later The smell is gone, and there is no other way, you can bear it! ”

In addition to squirrels and skunks, there are often unexpected guests in life. It was dark early in winter, and I drove home that day. I turned on the high beam and walked slowly. As I turned into the residential area, suddenly, a dark shadow came out of the roadside. I quickly stepped on the brakes, but the shadow’s momentum was very fierce, and it hit my head straight, scaring me to sit in the car and not move: what did I hit?

The black shadow stood up stubbornly, and I could see clearly by the high beam. It was a deer, presumably going down the mountain to look for food. When I came back to the mountain, I ran too fast. It lowered its head, shook its hoof, and trot disappeared into the night. I dared to get off the car and found that the deer was too powerful, and my car was deformed by being hit by it. I called the landlord for help. The landlord called the police for help. When the police came, they asked me about the situation and told me, “It’s okay. Everyone will bump into the deer from time to time. Will the car buy insurance? Repair it yourself.”

The next day, I drove to the repair shop, and the master of the repair shop was happy as soon as I saw my head: “You also hit the deer? Where have they been infested recently? I repaired several cars because I hit the deer. The car with a deformed head! “The master told me that this deer is a subspecies of Arizona with a white tail. It is named after the tail is raised and the bottom of the tail is white when running. It is very common in Arizona. I thought about it, indeed, about two and a half hours drive from Phoenix, Arizona, to Flagstaff. One of the warning signs on the roadside is “Be careful of hitting a deer”. The minibus I took The driver also said that he could often see deer crossing the road. At this time, let the deer go first.

It seems that to be “neighbors” with animals, we must be polite to each other in order to live together peacefully!