Snow and pixel age

The second snowfall in Beijing in 2019 was a bit later than people expected. Due to the greatly improved accuracy of the weather forecast, the circle of friends began to boil a few hours before it snowed. People waited, pointing their phones out of the window from time to time, waiting to catch the falling snow.

This is not the first time everyone has filmed snow, but in terms of the number of people waiting and the anxiety, it is still a landmark event. Beijing friends in my circle of friends, at least three people wrote poetry for this snow. Of course, photography contests are essential. Some friends constantly adjust the color and texture of photos before presenting their entries.

For northerners, snowing is a complex experience. On the one hand, the white snow does surprise people; on the other hand, it also means real cold. Twenty years ago, many parents were still worried about what boots their children wore in snow. Cotton boots are the warmest, but they get wet easily. Northern families have all experienced the experience of baking soaked cotton boots and socks on a radiator, which is a very special taste and gives a strange sense of happiness.

Today’s snow, at least in a metropolis like Beijing, has become a purely aesthetic event. In the circle of friends and Weibo, no one was called “cold”. The combination of thermal underwear and down jacket is enough to deal with the severe cold of minus 10 degrees Celsius. The popularity of cars makes people no longer feel cold in the process of moving. The cold nature seems to have changed, it is no longer terrible, but makes people feel kind.

At this time, Xue’s “threat” was lost and the beauty was fully revealed.

People no longer use the “Ruixiu Zhaofeng Year” to express their feelings as in the past. This is a great progress of the times, indicating that China has truly transformed from an agricultural society to an industrial society. Lenses, whether cameras or mobile phones, represent the fruits of industrial society. People’s camera equipment is getting more and more advanced, the pixels are getting higher and higher, and the later beautification has been improved, all of which make it possible to “capture” snowflakes.

The beauty of snow is in its perishable nature. If you hold it in the palm of your hand, you won’t even be able to see it clearly, it will become a drop of water, or a touch of moisture, giving people infinite regret. However, in the pixel era, snow is no longer mysterious, changing from “instantaneous” to “eternal.” In the circle of friends photography, people saw a lot of snow, but that snow is no longer the snow in the past. People pretend to be extremely happy, but only on the child’s face can they see the real joy of meeting snow.

The scenery is the same. Now even middle-aged and elderly men, when traveling, hold up their cellphone selfies like girls. People no longer seem to be shocked by the beauty of nature, but instead focus on the illusions captured in their phones. The latest mobile phones come with a beauty function, and the photos are more beautiful than the original. This can be used to describe not only beauty, but also scenery. The real thing seems to be far from enough.

The more we take pictures, the more we are “moved” by ourselves in the mirror. We have created a newer and more perfect self, but with it, we no longer have the tension and happiness of taking pictures. Some time ago in Jiuzhaigou, a middle-aged couple held an old mobile phone and asked passers-by to take a photo of them. After the shooting, the two put their heads together to see the picture. The wife was very excited: “It’s so beautiful!” The moments that are overly moving, and may be truly meaningful, are such encounters accompanied by a tremor experience.

What is the pixel era? It may be the era when people are dissatisfied with real sexy, it is the era of general beauty, more selfies rather than looking for someone to take pictures. The true meaning of people’s photography used to be “representation of truth”, which puts those painters who are looking for realism into despair. The pixel era has redefined photography, which means that the technology itself has surpassed people’s needs for it, and it has reshaped people’s needs.