Wild bird

I often have birds in my study, but I do not raise them, but wild birds.

The corridor outside my study is made of wood. After a long time, the eaves opened, and some birds flew to build their nests. There are so many plants on the corridor. The birds mistakenly thought they were a place to play, and they entered the room through the cracks under the eaves, but these birds who entered the room would soon panic, scream loudly, and lose heart Flying around. If it was a young bird, their calls were sharp and thin, full of fear, and their parents would call out anxiously, but it would be difficult for these birds to fly out of the original entrance.

At this point, I have to catch it by hand, and then open the window after catching it. It is difficult to catch birds in the house, things are too mixed, and they are often knocked upside down.

This happens several times a year. I used a cotton cloth to block the crack under the eaves, but soon it was pecked off by the birds. Don’t they like my study too?

I will not stop the cracks in the eaves. They will come as soon as they want, and let them fly for a while, then catch, open the window and let them go.

One fledgling was caught and held in his hand. I tapped my furry little head with my finger and said, “Remember, if you want to come again, don’t miss your parents!” Where can it understand me? A pair of round eyes looked at me, sparkling, innocent and cute, which made me kiss it and let it fly away. In this way, there were more and more wild birds in my study. One morning I heard howling in the study. In the past, there were actually two birds flying and barking. I shouted at them: “You’re going to be upset!”

Another day, I noticed that there was bird feces on the manuscript sheet of the desk.

I laughed. Where to find this wild fun?

However, when I cleaned the room one day, I found a dead bird behind a large flowerpot. It had been dead for several days, and it was dry and hard. I wonder if it came in someday, why didn’t you see it fly or listen to it? Most of the time, when I was out, for a few days, it did n’t eat or drink, was thirsty and hungry, lost his way, died, and looked very pathetic! So I invited the decoration master to repair the roof eaves of the corridor, and all cracks were tightly closed.

Since then, there have been no birds in the house. As a result, I felt empty again, as if I had lost something.