Inspiring secrets

The same fact, because of the different perspectives and views, the impression will be completely different. Psychology refers to this “selection” as the “frame effect”, which is one of the basic skills in psychological games.

Take an example that everyone knows: If there is half a glass of water in the glass in front of you, do you think “only half a glass of water is left” or do you think “there is still half a glass of water?” The same half glass of water has different effects on people’s psychology due to different personal opinions and different thinking.

Professor Punan Keller of Dartmouth College of Economics conducted a psychological experiment centered on breast cancer screening using the “framework effect”. In the experiment, Professor Punan Keller gave a positive explanation to one group of testers that “if it can be detected early, it will improve the cure rate”, and another group of testers performed “if it cannot be detected early.” Will be difficult to treat “instructions to arouse their fear. In the end, it turned out that the group of experimenters who were aroused fear was more likely to be persuaded.

Aren’t you the same? When you want to buy a piece of beef that is 70% lean, if the aunt next to you says, “Oh, 30% is fat!” You will also feel unacceptable, and subconsciously put the beef back on the shelf. ?

It can be seen that the meaning of language varies greatly depending on the personal perspective, and in general, people tend to accept negative views.

In other words, one of the most important factors inspiring people is fear. When you want the other party to accept your own request, you may use this fear to fight a psychological war.