Just for suffering

Many people asked me why I went to Nepal and I said, “Look at elephants. Isn’t it cheaper than going to Africa!”

In Qiwang, I was strangled by an elephant, and I went into the forest stepping on the original vegetation. Because it had rained before, the ground was muddy, and the stagnant water trapped in the footprints of the elephants was against the mottled light. In order not to disturb the animals, the guide reminded us not to make a sound, but the old British lady next to me was always unable to keep excited and patted my arm to let me look here or there. I hated that my English was not good, I could not listen at all. Understanding what she told me to see, she had to look in the direction of her fingers, and then “OK! OK!” Tutu turned back and asked, “What did you see?” I said, “Shh! See so many trees!”

Elephants are very individual animals. If you ride a horse, all the horses must walk one way and they are arranged in an orderly way. But elephants are not. They do n’t take unusual paths. Each elephant is crossing alone. Where? Where the woods are digging, people are going to choke off.

After the elephant stopped suddenly after a few steps, we hurriedly looked for it, and there was a black rhino beside my leg! Its skin is as thick as leather armor and reflects light. This rhino is much cleaner than in a zoo and is very flexible and runs fast. Probably they adapted to several rounds of observation on this day, so they turned a blind eye to the elephants and people around them, and grazed. Next to it is a small rhino, said to be its son. These two guys are the stars in this national forest park.

After watching the rhino, the elephant began to walk home quickly. Through the dense jungle, through the not-wide river, through the plains, and out of the forest park.

Before I came to Nepal, I told a friend who had been to Africa to see animals. She said, “It’s different from the zoo. You saw everything when you bought a ticket at the zoo. We don’t necessarily see a few sheep. “But wouldn’t we just like that? When we can get everything easily, we are tired of it, and we are obsessed with the search process.

Did I ever want to make me have a hard time, just eat bran-gulp food all day long.

It’s hard to say when the hard times come. The buffet here is simple, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, brine cabbage, cheese, rice and bananas. Every meal I eat with my own mustard and rice, and it feels delicious. Tutu also left the small bananas saved in the beak to the elephant. The belt became wider, and everyone became thinner.

The next day, the guide asked everyone if they were going through the jungle adventure, speaking like a science fiction plot. One way is on foot, and the other is by jeep, which is safer and can go further. Of course, the main difference is that you can choose to hike without spending money, and you have to hire a driver to choose a car. I quietly pulled the handsome guide and asked him, what’s the difference between the animals seen on foot and by jeep? He looked at me and laughed, then quietly said, “As you can see.”

Several people have taken the lead in the jeep. I grabbed the car and asked the people inside: “Can the guide tell you that you can see it?” A girl moved her eyes from the screen of the phone and looked at me and said, “Asian white rhino , Bengal tiger, antelope, deer, and crocodile. Aren’t you going? “I shook my head vigorously.

A guide stayed because of my choice. He handed me a stick that was as thick as a mop. I didn’t know how many people had used this stick, and it was very slippery. I took the steel gun like a soldier and asked him what it was for. The guide said that if he encounters danger in the jungle, he hits with a stick. Oh my god! I never thought that one day, I would become a female Wu Song in a foreign country.

At this time, the jeep engine rang, and my companions waved goodbye to me, and I threw my stick and made my ears slap. In order to make the animals feel kind to me, as a person, I went back to the room and changed into a Nepali costume I just bought. That’s how it started.

As for what you saw this way, nothing special except a few termite mounds. After walking in the woods for more than an hour, his arms were sore and he kept dragging his stick back. Those in the jeep didn’t even get out of the car to see the termite mound, and the thought of them immediately calmed me down. Suddenly I thought about the zoo in front of our house, but we ran so far, not for the hardships!

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