Modern people, please wait a moment

The one thing modern people are not good at is “waiting”. People on the street are always in a hurry, as if someone is catching up behind, looking from a distance, they can even feel their eager mood.

The same is true of dating between lovers. If the other party is one minute late, we will call the other party quickly. Has anyone experienced this before? This is because we can’t stand waiting.

But it takes time to do anything. The timing is immature. Even if you are in a hurry and want to do it immediately, there will be no results. There is a saying in Japan: “As long as you wait, there will always be a calm day.”

Presumably, everyone has heard “pecking at the same time”. “啐” refers to the young bird in the egg. When the shell is about to break out, it sucks the sound of the egg shell with its mouth; “pecking” is the action of the big bird pecking the egg shell from the outside. Both must be done at the same time to ensure that the chicks hatch safely.

If the big bird “pecking” is early, the eggshell may be broken before the chicks are ready for birth; if the “pecking” is late, the hatchlings will suffocate and die in the eggshell. In either case, it is difficult for the chicks to survive.

Timing is so important, and the attitude of waiting for the time to mature is an indispensable factor for success.