Mouse Fun Map

They all said, “Cross the mouse, everyone shouts.” But the artist does not give up. In the painter’s pen, the mouse is not only painted beautifully, but also full of fun and meaning.

The earliest drawing of a mouse seems to be “Li Rat” by Zhu Xuanji of the Ming Dynasty.

One litchi with three leaves and three litchis on the branch; green leaves, litchi purple and red, a gray-and-white mouse, large head and abdomen, long tail, pointed mouth, round eyes, staring intently Lychees.

The entire picture is based on the ink color, dark green, purple red, and gray and white. The three colors are extremely contrasting; under the sharp contrast, the three things contrast with each other, which greatly enhances the expansion of the picture and gives people a liveliness. , Vivid, alert and sweet joy. So, here, this rat that eats litchi no longer seems to be a nasty mouse in the normal state, but a “hi” mouse, cute and flattering.

After all, he is an emperor and has nothing to worry about. Therefore, drawing a mouse is also a carefree mouse and a smart and interesting mouse.

The Badashan people painted a picture of “Melon and Rat”.

Pure ink stains, huge melons, very small rats; huge melon, Wei Ran occupy the entire picture, and the little mouse, a small handful, live on the melon; mice, although small, are extremely painted by the artist Sensitive, with sharp mouth and big ears, arched back, rat eyes wide open, as if to escape at any time. This mouse may be a “stealing melon rat”, so it showed that alert “escape” mood.

We know that the Badashan people were originally royal grandchildren. After the death, they became “adherents” and lived on painting. His paintings, mostly flowers, flowers and birds, are mainly freehand ink paintings, usually “though the image is small, but the meaning is deep”, because he always has an “old dynasty complex”. Therefore, if you think deeply, this “melon” may represent the fruit, and the little “rat” is not the one who steals the “fruit”?

The painter Zhang Daqian painted a “Lamp Rat”.

This painting is directly taken from the allusion of “rat stealing oil”: a lamp is burning, the lamp smoke is soaring, and it escapes upwards; a mouse lies on the edge of the lamp, with its back and claws bowed, and its head is on the oil surface With sharp ears and round eyes, he looked puzzled, alert and anxious. Put the word “stealing” to the fullest.

The moral of this painting doesn’t seem to be very profound. The author mainly wants to express a “interest” and convey the special taste of folk cultural legends.

The old man in Shiraishi likes to draw plants, insects and small animals. Regarding rats, he painted a picture of himself.

A large scale with a long pole occupies the entire picture. The scale is long and the scales are heavy. A mouse is firmly attached to the scale hook. The long beard has a long tail and is light-looking, especially its size and small fat , As the “brain-filled fat” generation.

Obviously, this is a caricature. In the world, many self-righteous people. As if, without him, everything is impossible.

In fact, put it on the scale and weigh it, but it is “a mouse”.

Of course, there are still many pictures of rats. If you enjoy the “rat picture” in the year of the rat, you will get a taste of life, which is also a joy in life.