Starbucks coffee flavor, the product of odor marketing

Do you think the smell of coffee in Starbucks really comes from coffee only?

In fact, the strong coffee aromas people smell in Starbucks stores are not all from coffee beans, but the products of scent marketing-Starbucks exclusive store fragrances made by perfumers.

Similarly, Disneyland’s popcorn stand will release “artificial popcorn fragrance” when the business is light, and customers will soon smell the fragrance.

This kind of marketing model, which is different from the traditional taste and visual stimulation, uses specific odors to attract consumers’ attention and memory is called odor marketing.

The scientific journal Neuron has published research reports that, of all sensory memories, smell is the least likely to be forgotten.

The data shows that people’s accurate recall rate of odor can still reach 65% after one year.

If you want to use the scent to form a unique mark of the brand, you need to make a scientific design based on the preferences of the target group, so that more people will like the brand because of unclear taste, and become loyal fans of the brand.

For example, in the maternal and infant supplies area of ​​the mall, the smell of baby powder will produce a warm and comfortable feeling; in the swimwear area, the smell of coconut will make you associate with the beach coconut tree; “Taste” is said to make women uncontrollably walk into the fitting room.

Each hotel has its own unique aroma, the purpose is to allow guests to trigger olfactory memory as soon as they step into the hotel, to get a feeling of home from the subconscious.

If the smell in the mall is a marketing of the brand, that person’s perfume choice is to highlight the individual impression.

In recent years, the trend of the perfume market can be summarized as the popularity of popular perfumes, star perfumes are no longer popular, and niche perfumes are becoming more and more popular.

When Dior Real Chanel and Chanel No. 5 both became “street incense”, people naturally began to look for a more niche smell, so that they could stand out from the crowd.

“Cool White Open” is a popular flavor in the Smell Library. Equally popular are “salty air”, “laundry room”, “window”, and “storm”.

New York niche perfume brand Demeter also recently launched a perfume called “Book Fragrance”, which is said to “take you to your favorite bookstore, or a library you have once bubbled.”

The niche aroma of this single scent excels in being sufficiently special and iconic.

For consumers, the process of discovering these niche perfumes is like discovering a new continent.

Male and female users have completely different odor preferences.

The smell of coffee, flowers, toast, and oranges are all tempting to women, and men’s ability to perceive the smell is relatively weak.

Citrus and orange flavor are generally accepted by men and women. Nude incense is more popular among consumers in the Asian market.

“Oriental olfactory prefers elegant and flowing atmosphere,” said Roland, manager of Estée Lauder perfume department. “Asian cultural etiquette is not to force your scent into other people’s territory. The use of perfume is to improve the freshness of the skin.”

Procter & Gamble’s Marketing Department has conducted a survey among consumers and found that users who use Rejoice shampoos are generally more satisfied with the core function of the product, “softness”, and have a slight criticism of the smell of the shampoo. The smell of the chemicals is too strong, which makes the product appear cheap, and even makes the product “unsafe”.

Even more advanced perfumes, if sprayed too much, too strong and pungent will be counter-productive, making people feel “cheap aroma”.

In addition, choosing the right perfume according to the occasion is an important criterion for using perfume.

Eau de toilette is the best choice for daily commuting, and the gas field is moderate; if you are dating at night or attending a slightly grand occasion, it is very wise to choose a perfume with a higher concentration, which will make it easier for you to be impressed by your iconic fragrance profound.

The use of perfume also varies by season. In slightly warmer weather, the perfume will be emitted faster than usual, and the scent felt through the smell will be stronger. Therefore, when choosing a perfume with a higher concentration, it is necessary to control the amount.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the perfume will be released slowly and the taste will be longer and longer. It is more suitable to choose a lighter perfume.