A P shoes

Not long ago, Ah P couldn’t stand the encouragement of his fellow villagers and went to work in the provincial capital. A shoe shine booth was set up at the door of a community.

Unexpectedly, after a month, the income turned out to be three times that of his hometown. People in big cities are really brave. It ’s a big business to earn two yuan for a shoe polish in their hometown, but here, just call five yuan and there are many people waiting to patronize! AP was happier the more he wanted, looking forward to earning a gift as soon as possible, so as to marry Xiaolan in the village!

When A P was looking down for beauty, a pair of brown leather shoes appeared in front of her eyes, exuding an unpleasant smell. The person asked: “Master, how much is the shoe shine?” A P pinched his nose and looked up. He was a big man with sunglasses. A P took a closer look, the leather shoes were covered with gray, and the soles were still covered with shit. A P replied in a hurry: “Sir, your shoes are a bit bad. Ten yuan, how about it?

“I’ll give you twenty yuan, move quickly, I’m in a hurry.” Sunglasses said, sitting on the folding chair with one buttocks, one foot stretched out and rested on the shoe shine platform.

“No problem, my movements are very quick!” After listening to 20 yuan, A P was happy. He secretly thought, this is a rare guest, I have to do my best to wait. Ah P first wiped off the dust on the surface of the leather shoes with a soft cloth, then brushed off the dirt on the soles with a hard brush, and then took a brand new soft brush from the toolbox and danced quickly on the surface of the shoes.

Brushing, A P startled: Oops, how did it peel? Could it be that the action was so violent that it wiped away the leather shoes? AP glanced nervously at the sunglasses man and found that the other party was concentrating on the phone, not even noticing that his leather shoes had been wiped off.

Ah P settled down a little, what should I do next? If you let the other party know that you haven’t been scolded by a dog? It’s okay to be scolded, but my face is thick! The most feared thing is if the other party wants to compensate themselves? This is a pair of genuine leather shoes with genuine prices, the price must be very expensive, you can’t afford it!

By the way, there is a way! A light flashed, quickly find a brown shoe polish from the toolbox, stir it evenly with your own special color supplement, apply it to the leather shoes off the skin, apply the bright oil again, then wipe with wax paper … A few steps down This leather shoe has a brand new look under A P’s wonderful hands.

A P said to the man in sunglasses with some anxiety, “Sir, are you satisfied with this foot?”

The sunglasses man looked down and looked like he was stung by a wasp, but jumped up and pointed at his leather shoes and said angrily: “Hey, what did you do, how did it happen?”

Ah P thought that his remedy was not in place and screamed with his head down: “I, I …”

Without waiting for Ah P to admit his mistake, the sunglasses man impatiently said: “Let you shine shoes, what are you doing more than one thing?”

Ah P quickly waved her hand and said, “Sir, I, I don’t understand what you mean!”

“This is a pair of old leather shoes that have fallen out of the skin. Today, I finally turned it out under the bed. Who knows that I just went out to meet the road construction, the dust is flying, and accidentally stepped on the shit again, making the good shoes messed up. .. I want you to clean your shoes. Who will make your colors? Come on, let me restore the skinned areas as they are, hum! “Sun Jingnan said cursingly.

AP heard it and realized that it was the case. Although I can’t figure out the other party’s intentions, it’s someone else’s business. Blame yourself for being smart! Ah P thought he was out of luck. He didn’t dare to neglect. He quickly took out his tools. It took a lot of effort to recover. “I’m sorry, sir, I couldn’t restore it for a while! Give me another half hour to try …”

The voice was not over, and the sunglasses man shouted violently: “I’m going to an important meeting, how can I wait for you for another half an hour? You must hurry to find a way. You know, I want to participate in the construction of a clean government culture in the city. After the meeting, we have to take a group photo. At that time, leaders of all sizes are wearing old clothes and old leather shoes, reflecting the simple life style of the cadres, but my little character is wearing bright and shiny leather shoes alone under the eyes of everyone. , Is this ridiculous? ”

The man in sunglasses became more and more angry, and his fists waved, frightening AP to sit on the ground. As soon as A kicked his legs, he wanted to get up, and he kicked off a shoe.

A P picked up his shoes, flashing light, and asked, “Sir, how many feet are you?”

The sunglasses masculinely said: “My feet are very big, 44 yards!”

Ah P was happy, he said: “It happens, don’t look at my thin body, but born with a pair of big feet, I am also 44 yards.”

The sunglasses man calmed his anger, without a word, picked up A P’s shoes and tried them on. As a result, it was just right. “Quick, take off your other shoes too.” Sunglasses male eyes said brightly. AP quickly took off another shoe and handed it to the sunglasses man.

“Haha, yes, yes, I will wear these shoes to the meeting. My shoes will change with you.” Sun Jingnan said, standing up.

A P reminded: “Sir, I’m talking about it, my shoes are spreading goods, you have to think about it and then change it!”

The sunglasses man paid twenty yuan, walked away, and said without looking back: “My shoes will be given to you. Anyway, these shoes are old, and I originally planned to return to the trash bin after opening today. ”

The sunglasses man walked away, and A P finally let off. A sudden reversal happened, and A P quickly adjusted his emotions and focused his attention on brown leather shoes. Haha, this is genuine leather, although it is old, but after his own clever complementary colors, it is simply new leather shoes. Soon, AP put on another pair of faded shoes, put them on his feet excitedly, and walked a few steps. Hey, although it has been the shoe shine booth for so long, this is the first time A P has put on brand-name leather shoes, and it feels really good!

Ah P didn’t want to set up a stall, and tidied up, ready to go back to his place. Ah P walked halfway cheerfully, suddenly his face changed, and the whole person was stupid! He wanted to cry without tears, and slapped his head: bad, the shoes that were exchanged by the sunglasses men’s yin and yang, but he quietly hid a lot of hard-earned money under the insole! Mother, I was so stimulated, my brain was short-circuited, and I forgot …