Grave Robbery Notes

Aguo’s grandmother is in her 90s, and grandpa passed away very early.

On this day, Gou went to see her grandmother and accidentally saw a well-made candlestick on the window sill. A Gou asked curiously, “Where did this thing come from? Why haven’t I seen it before?” Grandma replied: “Your grandfather got it out of the ground while working, and kept pressing it under the box. I turned it out two days ago. “Ago is interested, and asks Grandma to borrow the candlestick. A Gou finds an expert in cultural relics to identify that the candlestick turned out to be an old antique, with an estimated value of more than 10,000! At this time, Ago was like discovering the New World. He immediately rushed to the grandma’s house, searched through the boxes and found nothing, but found a broken book left by a grandfather.

A Gou opened the book and randomly turned to a page that read: “15 baskets were unearthed today, with broken porcelain pieces.” A Gou turned the next page: “Today, dig three feet and meet two clay pots.” Tian Ah, is n’t this a tomb note? A Gou hurriedly asked her grandmother: “How many years has my grandfather been doing this?” “I worked for more than ten years when I was young. Your grandfather is too embarrassed to do this, so I don’t want to tell my descendants.”

Grandpa has robbed graves for many years and always has some inventory. Why did he live in poverty all his life? Aguo analyzed that her grandmother had been living in the old house and would not move. The baby might have been buried in the corner of the old house. Grandma loves Agou’s second uncle the most, these babies must be left to the second uncle!

Early the next morning, Gou excuses to pick up the house and dig the ground in Grandma’s small courtyard. For a long time, Grandma Ago asked wondering: “What do you want to do?” “I’ll just say, my grandpa has robbed the tomb for so many years, how can I leave something. Don’t always want to leave it to my uncle, you Calculate by yourself, how many times does Uncle come back to see you a year? ”

Upon hearing this, Grandma shook her head and said, “What, your grandfather has never stolen the tomb.”

A Gou was anxious and quickly asked: “So what is he doing in the hole all day long?”

Grandma said: “Your grandfather walked the streets and struck water wells for others!”