The mysterious “lavender”

Nair is a little gang leader. He eats both black and white. He can get a lot of top-secret information from the police intranet. It provides a lot of valuable information for the gang and helped him escape the police arrest several times.

In his spare time, Nair likes to collect art and has a high level of appreciation.

On this day, a friend took a few oil paintings to find Nair and asked him to help see how much it was worth. Nair looked at them one by one and thought they were ordinary.

Nair shook her head and said, “These paintings are not worth much money, but if you like it, it is good to enjoy it at home.”

Before leaving, my friend randomly selected a smaller painting from several paintings and gave it to Nair. Nair didn’t want to refute her friend’s face, but smiled and stayed. After his friend left, he took a closer look at the picture: there was a hillside in the painting, there was a large piece of lavender on the hillside, and there was a thin black line on the top of the painting, which looked a bit obtrusive. Nair shrugged her shoulders and rested the picture beside the sofa.

At this time, Nair received a call, and someone introduced him to a man named Auro, saying that Auro would visit Nair’s house and ask for help.

Soon, a tall, middle-aged man came to Nair’s house.

This thin and tall man was Oro. He said straight away: “I was recently targeted by the police for suspected fraud … I also asked my brother for help.”

Nair smiled and said, “How do you want me to help you?”

Oro looked at Nair with pleading eyes and said, “Please pay attention to the police’s movements and help to report the news.”

Nair said routinely: “I will definitely help you, rest assured.”

Oro got up and said, “Thank you, bother.” Accidentally, his corner hung on the oil painting resting on the sofa. Auror hurriedly straightened his hand and looked at it by the way. He looked at the picture, thought about it, and asked, “Can you sell me this picture? I’ll give you thirty thousand euros.” The price Auror surprised Neil. Nair’s brain is moving fast. Could this painting be a real masterpiece?

Seeing Nair did n’t answer, Oro said with a smile: “Forgive my outburst, I just like the mood of the painting. So, I ’m paying 50,000 euros.

Seeing Nair still hesitate, Oro said with a smile: “Let’s make a friend, I have to trouble my brother …”

This made Nair hear a few words. He thought to himself: Oro deliberately sent me money on the grounds of buying paintings, the purpose was to let me do more for his affairs. However, it is better to be cautious. If this guy sees the benefits of painting, will he lose? Thinking of this, Nair smiled and said, “I have something tonight. Let’s discuss the painting later?” Auror agreed readily.

The next day, Nair found several authoritative collectors to appraise, and they concluded that this picture is a work of an ordinary painter, the level is average, and the valuation is not more than two hundred euros.

Back home, Nair called Oro to his house. The purpose of letting Auro come to his home is mainly for the oil painting. Nair understands that Oro wants to connect with himself by buying paintings. Oro has been on the verge of crime for a long time and naturally wants to keep up with the police.

Auror is definitely among the people in the rivers and lakes. He has long understood the purpose of Nair. He reiterated old things and directly gave Nair 50,000 euros in cash. Then Oro shook Nair’s hand and quipped: “Boy, if you lose money in this painting, don’t regret it!”

In the past six months, on this day, Nair saw an explosive news from the news. A draft of the work of the famous Impressionist painter Manet was accidentally discovered and was auctioned by the mysterious buyer at the sky-high price of 40 million euros at the Saint Laurent auction house. The photo of the painting flashed through, but it surprised Neil: How is this painting like that “lavender”?

Nair hurried to inquire online. The clear online auction photos showed that this high-priced lot was the “lavender” sold by Nair to Auro.

Neil, who loves money so desperately, is crazy, but he can’t figure it out. How can this oil painting of a fairly general level be the work of the founder of Impressionism Manet? Nair searched the Internet with a question mark, and found the reason why the paintings were sold at a high price: there was an abrupt black line on the top of the painting, which attracted the attention of the owner of the oil painting. . Oil paints have strong coverage. To save, oil canvases are often used by painters for recycling. Therefore, it is very common to hide other paintings under one oil painting. Therefore, the owner of the painting used X-rays to examine the painting and found that there was actually another oil painting under “Lavender”: a draft of Manet’s famous painting “Olympia”, with the autograph of the painter in the corner of the painting .

The more Nair wanted, the more he lost, 50,000 and 40 million, which was a gap of several hundred times. Nair gave the real masters to Oro in vain!

After a week of insomnia, Nair decided to return his money, and Nair began an investigation of Auro’s whereabouts. After several days of tracking, Nair found that Oro left the company at 8 o’clock every night and drove a black Cadillac in the underground parking lot to leave. Nair thought, this is a good opportunity.

At eight o’clock that night, Auror appeared in the underground parking lot in a black trench coat and went straight to his Cadillac. At the moment when Aurora opened the door, Nair held his head with his gun.

Oro asked in shock, “What do you mean, man?”

“Auruo, you are so hacky! Fifty thousand paintings deceived from me and sold for 40 million. I do n’t want to talk to you nonsense, let your assistant immediately hit 30 million in my account, let ’s clear ! ”

Oro’s voice was crying: “Brother, you spared me, I really have no money, you can check all my accounts, I still owe a lot of money to the bank. Besides … your painting is really not a famous painting!”

“Not a famous painting? Can you sell 40 million?” Nair demanded.

“Brother! Let me tell you the truth, you don’t need to say 40 million in your painting, even the fifty thousand I gave you is far from worth,” Auro breathed and continued, “The top of that painting It ’s worth two hundred euros. I ’ll give you the fifty thousand dollars to make friends with you. ”

Nair asked: “What about the Manet draft in the news?”

Oro said: “What draft of Manet, and everything, is the story I compiled. The X-ray photos exposed in the media are also fake. If there is no such bizarre story, who can believe that this broken picture is worth four? Ten million? To be honest, the buyer is my future partner. ”

Nair asked, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t understand yet? This auction is acting, the purpose is to let everyone know that my painting is worth 40 million.”

“What’s the use?” Nair asked.

“Of course it works. I asked my partner, the so-called ‘buyer, to mortgage the painting to the bank, and then go to do business after a loan, so that I don’t have to pay for it. I thought my brother had been in the rivers and lakes for so many years. , Can understand the truth inside, how do you know … “Auro said with a long sigh and shook his head.

Nair listened to this, and slowly lowered the hand holding the gun, feeling very lost in her heart.

Oro launched Cadillac. He rolled down the window and raised the corner of his mouth slightly, saying, “Brother, thank you for selling the painting to me.” Then Oro stepped on the accelerator and left quickly.

Nair stared blankly at Cadillac away, and suddenly, he reacted, stomped annoyedly, and sighed, “You’ve been fooled, that’s just a lie made by Oro! Just how I forgot, he’s a senior fraud Committed! “