Weird little donkey

Zhao Sheng lives in a mountainous area. The mountain is steep and there are no roads. The villagers have to gather or buy daily necessities in the town.

Recently, Zhao Sheng bought a small donkey, a male donkey, two years old. Unexpectedly, this little donkey has a strange problem, only let women ride, not let men ride. The younger and more beautiful the flowery woman is, the more tender and gentle she is, her waist collapses, her legs slightly bend, and she is obedient like a little servant who pleases the master. If it were a man, the butt hadn’t waited for its spine, it snorted, jumped and jumped, and it was necessary to lift the person off the donkey’s back. The villagers in the village were novel when they saw the virtue of a small male ass. A folk analyzes that animals are attracted by the opposite sex, and the small male ass judges you as a male or a female by smell.

Zhao Sheng wants to try why this little donkey only recognizes women but not men. One day, he put on his mother’s flower clothes, put on a flower headscarf, dressed up in a frantic manner, carried a basket, twisted his buttocks, pinched his throat, learned the woman’s voice to sing: “a chicken in the left hand, A duck with a fat baby on his back … ”

Some children are watching the bustle. Zhao Sheng rode on the little donkey smoothly, and the little donkey walked a few steps happily. Zhao Sheng could n’t help but laugh, “Haha,” he laughed: “What smells, it ’s just because you are dressed in colorful clothes, and you think you are … ”

In Zhao Sheng’s words, the little male donkey bounced up from the back and lifted him off his body, causing his butt to hurt. Those who watched the lively laughed. Zhao Sheng moaned and got up, still did not understand why this little donkey only let women ride, not let men ride.

Zhao Sheng ’s parents and dads all work in the city, and only he and his grandfather live in the family. The donkeys bought did not allow men to ride, which made Zhao Sheng a headache. He suddenly remembered that Liu Hongmei, a classmate in high school, also had a donkey in her family. I heard that her little donkey went to the breeding station for a few times and couldn’t get pregnant. If you can get a donkey and sell it for 1,800 yuan, you can also subsidize the family. Liu Hongmei’s father died of illness in the first few years, and his family had a hard time.

Zhao Sheng thought, there was no man in Liu Hongmei ’s family. If the two donkeys were changed, there would be no impact on her family.

Zhao Sheng secretly liked Liu Hongmei, and it was not an exaggeration to say that he had a crush. This morning, Zhao Sheng came to the well platform, he noticed it early, Liu Hongmei often came to fetch water at this time. Zhao Sheng was embarrassed to go to her house and wanted to say on the well platform that he pretended to have met by accident.

Soon, Liu Hongmei came with two buckets. Zhao Sheng stepped in to help Liu Hongmei hit the water, blushing, stuttering and said, “I … I have something to discuss with you. My little donkey wo n’t let me ride, but he wants to let the woman ride, your family. My little donkey doesn’t have this problem, can we use it for the other two? ”

Liu Hongmei froze for a while, and said, “I have to discuss this with my mother.”

Zhao Sheng said: “After dinner, I will go to your house to find you and see what your mother thinks.”

After dinner, Zhao Sheng hurriedly came to Liu Hongmei’s house. He stood under a big poplar tree outside the courtyard door and whistled loudly three times.

Soon after, Liu Hongmei ran out of the house, came under the poplar tree, and straightened the hair on the forehead and said, “I told my mom, my mom said, we can use it instead, but we can only try it first, If you are not used to it, then change it back. ”

The next day, Zhao Sheng fed the little male ass, and the fur was combed clean and smooth, and he took it to Liu Hongmei’s house, and replaced it with the little female ass.

Liu Hongmei ’s mother saw Zhao Sheng ’s donkey tall and burly. When she walked, her hoof “dangdang” rang, and she did her best to work hard. She could almost top two little female donkeys. It was not like the thin one on the back The little female donkey is so arrogant that she thinks the donkey is worth it.

Zhao Sheng and Grandpa also felt happy. Although Liu Hongmei’s little female donkey was thinner, she did nothing to delay her work. Whenever you want to ride, it is as soft as a kitten, gentle and pleasant.

It would be a good ending if the life went on like this without incident, but I did not expect a little turmoil.

The cause is Zhao Sheng’s little donkey.

One night, without knowing what the little donkey thought, he broke free from the reins and ran back to Zhao Sheng’s house. If the old feelings are unforgettable, it ’s no big deal to come back and look at the original owner, but I did n’t expect that the guy saw the little donkey, and his eyes lit up, and he smirked. The little female donkey also has a good opinion of the little male donkey, and the two have privately achieved a romantic affair.

Originally, the little female donkey was suspected of not being able to flower and bear fruit, but unexpectedly, it turned out to be “fruitful”, and her belly became “cherished” every day. Zhao Sheng ’s grandfather was very happy to see the baby donkey pregnant.

This incident spread to the ears of Liu Hongmei’s mother. She thought that the little donkey was originally from her family, and the little donkey she was pregnant with should also be from her family. She talked to Liu Hongmei about her thoughts. Liu Hongmei said: “This donkey has been changed for almost a year. Now that she is pregnant with a baby donkey, she wants to come back. If you do this, you must not be looked down on!

The mother said, “I said that at the beginning, you can change it back if you don’t want to change it!”

Liu Hongmei said: “This little donkey is a baby donkey pregnant with others, and the donkey underneath has to be counted as someone else. You should wait for the baby donkey.”

The mother’s face changed, and she said, “Why do you elbows turn out like you girl? Do you want to go, I’ll go!”

The mother insisted on changing the donkey back. As a last resort, Liu Hongmei had to come to Zhao Sheng’s house, call Zhao Sheng out, and tell her mother’s thoughts. Zhao Sheng returned to the house and told the grandfather the situation.

Grandpa said: “It’s not easy for her family, we should help, you can take it home.”

Zhao Sheng took the female donkey from Liu Hongmei’s house out and gave it to her. Then she followed her to bring back her little donkey.

Unexpectedly, Liu Anhuaming, things have unexpectedly developed.

One day, Zhao Sheng saw a post on the Internet, asking who had a donkey, and his mother ’s donkey had to be bred. It was too expensive to go to the breeding station. If anyone had a good donkey nearby, he would be willing to go out and go out for five. Ten dollars for breeding.

Seeing this post, Zhao Sheng moved, and felt that his family of small donkeys is good, tall and strong, and the most important thing is to make Liu Hongmei’s infertile little donkey pregnant for many years, indicating that his ability is not ordinary. Zhao Sheng contacted the man online and made an appointment. The man took the little donkey as expected and looked at the little donkey, very satisfied. Zhao Sheng made fifty yuan easily.

Soon after the man went back, he found that his little donkey was pregnant. The little donkey of Zhao Sheng’s family is only a rare thing for women to ride, but not for men. Plus, it can make a long-missing little female donkey pregnant. These anecdotes have been spread in Shili and Baxiang. This time, the little donkey became more famous. In the mouth of the folks, the little donkey is a breeding donkey, and its “lascivious” is no longer a disadvantage, but a great advantage. The villagers brought their own donkeys to Zhao Sheng’s house for breeding. The little male donkeys are wholeheartedly committed to their duties, and those female donkeys are also happy to return, and most of them are one-time “wonderful sons”.

On this day, Zhao Sheng led a small donkey to go to a villager’s doorstep service. Passing through the courtyard of Liu Hongmei’s house, I heard the mother and daughter arguing in the house, and the voice was not small. When Zhao Shengyin heard his name vaguely, he took the reins of the little donkey and stood outside and listened quietly.

I only heard Liu Hongmei ’s mother say: “With a small donkey, Zhao Sheng sits at home every day, and the money is available, like the wind blowing. Knowing this, we should not change it back!”

Liu Hongmei said: “Last time I changed back to the little donkey, we are reasonably good enough. Don’t give me another idea this time!”

The mother said angrily: “Why are you always looking towards others, do you look at Zhao Sheng? It’s really a big girl not to stay!”

Liu Hongmei was silent for a moment, and suddenly said, “What if you look at it?”

When Zhao Sheng heard this, he felt a sudden jump in his heart, and his irresistible joy went straight to his heart. The mother and daughter said what he said next, and he didn’t hear it. Just wanting to listen for a while, the little donkey suddenly yelled “Aoao” impatiently. Zhao Sheng was taken aback, and quickly took the little donkey away. In a few steps, he heard someone open the door behind him. Zhao Sheng couldn’t help but look back, and saw Liu Hongmei standing at the gate of the courtyard. They looked at each other, and Liu Hongmei’s face seemed to be red …

A few days later, Zhao Sheng confessed to Liu Hongmei. When the folks knew that they were together, they felt a little unexpected. Someone asked Zhao Sheng’s grandfather, and Zhao Sheng’s grandfather said happily, “They are because of donkeys!”