Crumpled city

Cities and cities communicate with each other, they communicate through a long underground tunnel or a floating cloud. Of course, they can also pass a rain, or use a gust of wind.

There was a lot of sound in an endless rain. A city said: It’s so cold, the north wind always blows so tightly. A city said: My pear blossoms are about to open, but the person I waited for hasn’t come yet.

Sometimes, a city borrows a rain from another city, and it says, “Hi, man, I have n’t got a rain in a long time. You see, I ’m going to smoke. You put the new brew Let me borrow the rain first. ”

Sometimes, one city will ask another city about the whereabouts of a cat.

“Hi, did you see my cat?”

“There are so many cats in the world, who knows which cat is yours?” Usually, other cities will express their disdain.

“No matter how many cats there are, there is one that belongs to me alone.”

The cat mentioned here is a stray cat. Stray cats belong to the city. They are different from wild cats in the mountains. Stray cats have a lot of fireworks, that is, the smell of the city. There is a kind of freedom, a kind of loneliness, a kind of uninhibited and lonely.

“Hi, the cat I said is called Blue Smoke.”

“No, I have never seen a cat called Blue Smoke.”

The city is actually lonely at night, no one knows this. People always think that with so many street lights and so many night pedestrians, the city will not be alone, but it is not. In the quiet night, if you listen carefully, you will hear one city telling another city: “Oh, it would be nice if we got closer.” Yes, so close, a gust of wind can make osmanthus fragrant Blow from one city to another. However, few cities are so close together, they are always separated by a deep night sky.

The city that inquires about cats everywhere lives at the foot of a big mountain. It rarely talks except to inquire about cats.

It is a crumpled city.


A crumpled city, this does not sound wonderful, but it is true. This city is called Daddy Dun.

Thousands of years ago, Father Dun was a small village. Later, it became a city. Later, it became a ruin again. Later, it became a city again … so many times, it became now. Looks like. Father Dun lived like this for five thousand years, maybe a little longer, who knows.

Under Father Dun ’s ground, several cities were buried, and many people ’s lives and deaths were buried, many trees were withered and glorious, many rivers were deep and shallow, and many stories were combined. Because the layers have accumulated too much, the city has become crumpled. First, its landform is wrinkled, a layer of slopes, a layer of ridges, a layer of wheat waves, a layer of wilderness; second, its house is wrinkled, those walls, chimneys, roofs are like rubbed by giants It is not flat; secondly, its rivers and lakes are wrinkled, a wave is wrapped in a wave, even when there is no wind, it has never been still; also, the sheets, dresses, curtains here are all wrinkled Baba, as if every fold is full of unfoldable memories. But seriously, the most important thing is that the heart of this city is crumpled.

There is a brand new city to the east of Daddy Dun. It ’s so young and so smooth, every road is straight, every road is wide enough to run a hundred horses side by side, and every house stretches so easily. In the clouds, the lights are so bright, the most important thing is that it does not have a wrinkle in its heart … that city is called the neon clothes.

Daddy Do n’t like to talk to Niosang, what can he say to a city that is too young? For example, if you talk about the Shang Dynasty even earlier, it will only nod vaguely; when you talk about the prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty, it will just say in disapproval, did you have so many houses at that time? But if you talk about the house at that time, when you talk about the red bricks and blue tiles, when you talk about the cornices of the nave, when you talk about the city walls, it frowned. In short, it is painful to communicate with a city that is too young, which will only make Father’s heart wrinkle even worse.

Daddy sometimes yawns, and there is an old breath in the whole city. But this is better than when taking a nap. When Dad took a nap, the whole city was drowsy. Dad thought, I had to let myself relax.

When Father Dun cleared those folds, he found that Blue Smoke could not be found. Lan Yan has lived in this city for many years. It is different from other cats. Other cats are always changing. This life is a cat, the next life is a sheep, and the next life is a knight or a thief, wizard, queen … But that cat has always been a cat, has always been the same cat, has always been a cat named Lan Yan, so Father Dun always remembered.

“Hi, did you see my cat?” In this sentence, Father Dun has said it countless times, and it almost asks whoever it sees. Sometimes, some cities are too far away, it has to ask the wind to carry this sentence, so that all night and all night the wind is: “Hey, did you see my cat? You Did you see my cat? “All night and all night, the wind came back with the message:” No. No. No. ”

“I really don’t understand, how could such an old city repeatedly inquire about the whereabouts of a cat?” Nicheng, the new city, always said so.

“You don’t understand. It used to live in the folds closest to my heart. As soon as it left, that place was empty.” Father Dun said.

“What kind of cat is it?” Nisang asked, “To be honest, I never care about a cat or a person. For a city, there are many things that are more important than this, for example, I care more about me Granaries, factories, theaters, roads, bridges, population and overall construction. ”

Father Dun stopped talking.

However, Niang helped search in his corner, but did not find a cat named Blue Smoke.

Dad was very sad. It thought that Lan Yan might have gone further.


Father Dun wants to say that Lan Yan was not a cat at first. Lan Yan was actually a girl many, many years ago. But how long ago was that? Father Duncan couldn’t remember it. It had to open its stacks of memories, maybe three thousand years, maybe four thousand years.

No matter how old a person is, he always remembers his childhood, and Father Dun is the same. It remembers Lan Yan’s original appearance. At that time, Daddy Dun was almost ruined from a city. It had just experienced a long war, and it was full of decay and depression. It was devastated. Dad thought, that’s it.

However, Blue Smoke came. Lan Yan is a princess in a neighboring country. She fell in love with this place, to be precise, she fell in love with a defeated general. Lan Yan felt distressed after seeing the war raging, and the collapsed house was distressed, and the displaced people were distressed. She decided to stay here. The king did not want the princess to stay in this ruin, so the king let the wizard cast a curse on her: if he stayed in this city where the war was just extinguished, the three hundred reincarnation would also become an adult, only a cat.

Lan Yan did not think so much. She lived here and rebuilt the city with the general. They led the people to clean the battlefield, repair houses and build new homes. Daddy Dun gradually recovered the city, even more prosperous than before.

She has lived here for a long time, from a girl to a woman, and from a woman to an old man. When Lan Yan became a wrinkled old man, there was a wrinkle in Father’s heart for the first time. From then on, all suffering, all parting, all dying will leave a fold in Father Dun’s heart. Therefore, after thousands of years, Father Dun’s heart was crumpled.

For thousands of years, Father Dun has been concerned about a cat, and that cat has been called Lan Yan. Every time, Father Dun can accurately recognize blue smoke from many cats. However, recently, how old Dadun did not remember, in short, Lan Yan recently disappeared.

Dad thought, I’m too old, too old, I can’t remember my past. So many people, so many things, if you want to remember them one by one, it is really a difficult city. However, there are many sporadic memories in the city’s museums.

Daddy Dun hates the most to explore and dig its past underground, but people are always curious about it. Sometimes, when pottery jars, wine jars, coins, knives, and silverware were dug deep underground from thousands of years ago, Dad ’s heart hurt. The people who used those clay pots were gone, the people who drank the rice wine were gone, the hands holding the coins disappeared, and the masters of silverware and knives were gone, but what they said and sang, Father I remember. Once, the teapot used by Blue Smoke was dug out of the deepest underground and exposed to the sun, and Dad ’s tears shed.

Although there are still many cats in Daddy Dun’s city, the disappearance of Lan Yan has become Daddy Dun’s heart disease. It felt older, and it began to cough constantly. Every time it coughs, the whole city trembles. Sometimes, it coughed a tree out of the ground; sometimes, it coughed a litter of cats to other cities; sometimes, it coughed too hard, coughed up an ancient pagoda, and coughed a lawn It cracked and broke the roof of a temple …

Oops, this is amazing. All cities began to worry about Daddy Dun, and they helped Daddy Dun to inquire about the whereabouts of Blue Smoke.

They asked a thousand, ten thousand, one million cats, none of them called Lan Yan.

The crumpled father Dun coughed more and more. It coughed up a stone arch bridge again, coughed up a section of the old city wall, so that the flock of sheep and cattle ran in panic on the earth …

All cities are beginning to rain, because all cities are asking for rain, let the rain cover more distant places, let it go to every corner of the world, to tell a cat named Lan Yan to go back to Dun Lao father.


In the April flowering season, a girl named Blue Smoke appeared. She wore a blue floral dress with long hair and walked along with jingles. Ten thousand cats followed her.

It was the last heavy rain in spring. Every raindrop said: “Blue smoke. Blue smoke. Blue smoke.”

“I am Blue Smoke.” The girl said.

The rain stopped.

“But Blue Smoke is the name of a cat.” Yu said.

The girl was a little puzzled.

“Why are you here alone?” Yu asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m here. I lost my way one day and kept walking, walking all the way, I just got here, and I don’t know where to go now.” Lan Yan said.

“You can go to Nishang. Nisang is a brand new city, no memory is needed.” Yu said.

“But, strangely, there are always crumpled things in my heart, as if a piece of paper has been rubbed a hundred times.”

“Oh, Father Dun said the same.”

“Who is Father Dun?”

“In a crumpled city, its heart was rubbed a hundred times like a piece of paper. It was looking everywhere for a cat called blue smoke. For this reason, it had become very sick and coughed every day. A city will be crushed by it … ”

“Ah, let me help him find the cat.”

Lan Yan took all the stray cats and walked along a river named Li Xiaoxiao. She stopped in a very old city. That city is Father Dun, who is coughing and the earth is shaking.

Lan Yan said: “I heard you are looking for a cat?”

“Yes.” Said Daddy Dun.

“I ’m also called Lan Yan, but it ’s not a cat. I brought you 10,000 cats, but I do n’t know which one you are looking for. I hope you get better soon, or your bones will cough . ”

“Lanyan.” Father Dun shed tears suddenly.

The moment Father saw Lan Yan, she understood that she was the blue smoke she was looking for-she completed the reincarnation of the cat of the 300th century and became a human again. However, she remembered nothing.

Daddy Dun said, “The cat I’m looking for is in the 10,000 cats. Thank you! But you have to stay because the 10,000 cats need your care.”

The girl nodded and said, “Okay. I’ve been to many cities, and none of them made me want to stay, but, you made me feel so kind. One person and one city also know what happened.”

Father Dun said nothing. It felt that the fold closest to the heart stretched out at once.

Lan Yan lived in Daddy Dun, the ten thousand cats also dwelled in, and Daddy Dun became a famous cat city.

Every day, Lan Yan will sort out the crumpled creases for Father Dun, repair the broken walls, tiles, clay pots for it, and take care of the ten thousand cats …

Father Dun’s cough seemed to be cured overnight. It became cautious, doing everything lightly. Like an old father, he cared for the blue smoke, cared for the 10,000 cats and the people in the city. Although it still has many folds in its heart, it is inevitable for a very old city. However, Lan Yan likes this crumpled city, it allows people to touch thousands of years of time at any time, and each fold has a breath of breath.