Magical backpack

Backpacks can be said to be one of the most familiar daily necessities for all of us. Throughout the ages, many backpacks are both beautiful and practical, which greatly facilitates our lives. However, the backpacks we introduced today are very different. They will definitely attract your eyes and open your eyes!

“It’s a teapot in the distance, but a bag in the near future.” Guess what? Yes, it is a teapot bag! The designer draws inspiration from daily necessities, and cleverly designs them into various bags, enough to be authentic.

Bring this “rice cooker”, mother no longer has to worry about my hunger! Stop it, stop it, I’m sorry, but this “rice cooker” doesn’t look good, yes, it’s also a backpack, isn’t it amazing?

Bags can shine, it seems that it is no longer a new feature. However, the function of this backpack is not only to shine. This backpack is connected via Bluetooth and related apps, and the back lights become signal lights. After the destination and route are determined, the bag will automatically light up the right or left lights when you turn right or left. safety.

Speaking of jetpacks, do you think of the cool equipment in various science fiction movies, even if you do n’t take it lightly, you can soar in the sky without taking a flying tool! The jet flight backpack developed by Martin from Singapore has caused a lot of discussion. The maximum flight speed of this flight backpack can reach 89 kilometers per hour. It can fly in the air for about 10 minutes, making you easily become “Iron Man”.

How to escape from a high building in the face of fire has always been a big problem that puzzles people. In order to solve this problem, an American company has developed an escape backpack that can transform you into “Spider-Man” in an instant.

There is no need to practice in advance, you can easily get started in only three steps, first quickly put on the escape backpack, fasten the seat belt, then hang the hook in the anchor fixed on the wall in advance, and finally jump down the outer wall of the building Too.

The escape backpack has a built-in speed-limiting wire pulley set, and the descent speed is 1-2 meters / second, so that you will not feel uncomfortable during the descent. The length of the cable can reach 80 meters, which basically meets the needs of people when they escape.

If you like large-capacity bags, the following bag can definitely meet your needs.

Whether it is a telephone booth or a mail box, all back up, the truly large capacity, the return rate is absolutely 100%.