A Xiang was lying on the wooden bed not far from the window, and there was a lot of wind outside, and there were constant sounds of howling and crying wolf. The age-old glass above the door frame also has a few long laments from time to time, which is really scary. There seemed to be a woman crying out loud, he wanted to sit up and see what was happening, but he was still too timid, so he lay down motionless and immersed in his sadness.

The wife lies on his side. When he was close to his wife, he could hear his wife breathing calmly and peacefully. Counting them, they have been married for ten years, and his wife has brought him endless happiness for more than ten years. But he still couldn’t heal the sadness in his bones. He didn’t sleep well and was always tortured by some strange ideas. So his wife took him to live in this distant forest, hoping to relieve his illness.

“It’s better to send me to a psychiatric hospital.” He would always be angry for no reason.

“I heard people say that the forest near Nanshan is very quiet. Let’s go to live there for a while.” The wife saw his eyes covered with bloodshot eyes and comforted again: “Go away another day and go live for a while , Listening to birdsong, looking at the mountain view, there will always be some changes. “He looked at his wife expressionlessly, but in fact, he was very moved. He even nearly shed tears. Later, he came to live in the forest with his wife.

This dense forest, located deep in the Nanshan Mountains, has few traces. It is said that there are many wild things like foxes, wild boars and hedgehogs. Lin Cong was on the mountain, and halfway up the mountain, there was a very large inn. It seemed that some years had passed and he and his wife lived in this inn. This season, the weather was a bit cold, and the business seemed cold. When he and his wife first registered at the inn, the boss said to them: “It’s cold, the business is not good. Come and close the door. “He looked at his wife and smiled a few times.

They lived on the fourth floor. Looking out of the window, the view is very wide, the mountains and the trees are sweeping, many birds are hovering in the air, the wife leans on his shoulder, and sighs: “Living here for a while, it’s really fast Become a fairy. “He laughed with his wife. He had been looking at the flower and bird resting on the branch, not far from them. He thought the bird was peculiar and asked, “What kind of bird is this?”

“Magpie?” His wife thought about it.

“No, the magpie has a much longer tail.”

“What kind of bird should that be?”


“No, the pigeons don’t have this color.”

Then his wife told him to go downstairs and went to the bush. Perhaps because of living in the city for a long time, the scenery along the way excites her wife. She sometimes takes a few steps, squats beside a grass to see what is happening, and sometimes makes flying movements, and runs in the wind. His head is full of that bird’s look, what kind of bird is that? Flower body, pointed head, but never seen it.

After entering the forest, the surroundings became even quieter, and even the birds disappeared. The ground in the forest was covered with a layer of hay, obviously it was a trace left by man. After a while, the wife ran away, and she ran towards the depths of the forest. It is said that there was a blooming wild chrysanthemum in front. From time to time, there will be one or two pheasants screaming, and then flew from the grass in front, must have been surprised by the footsteps of his wife.

He walked in the forest for a while, and his mood became clearer, but he felt that no matter how good the scenery was, it could not cure the gloom buried in his heart. His wife always said that this is the pressure brought to him by the modern city, as long as it is properly adjusted, it will be fine. But he firmly believes that this emotion is innate, and he even sometimes feels that this is a world-weary complex.

He sat down on a pile of hay, and the strange bird still hovered in his mind, and he refused to disperse for a long time. “What a strange bird, what kind of bird is it? Hey, maybe, maybe I am the bird.” The thought startled him, and cold sweat oozed from his back. The more he thought about it, the more he looked like the strange bird, especially the look it stood on the branch.

The wife has not returned. When he looked up again, he found a ghostly breath rising around him, as if there were many people hiding in the woods. At this moment, looking forward, he found the strange bird. The bird didn’t notice him. He was walking slowly in his direction, and occasionally pecked on the ground. He was sitting still, motionless, his hands gently pressed against the ground, fearing that he would fly away.

When the bird was only two steps away from him, he began to look at it carefully. He found that the bird looked like a chicken, but it was much smaller than the chicken. It has a very sharp beak, a layer of light brown hair on the top of the head, and white hair on the front of the neck. The same is the flower hair, its eyes are very small, embedded in the middle of a piece of black hair, the eyes are shiny and shining.

The more he looked, the more excited he became. He seemed to see another himself in the bird’s eyes. At this moment, he was even more convinced of the idea that “maybe I am the bird”. In excitement, he didn’t pay attention, his arm swayed, and caught the bird’s attention. The bird twisted his neck and looked at him fixedly. For a long time, he and the bird were in a very strange confrontation.

Birds do not seem to be afraid, after all, this is in their territory. The bird’s eyes turned quickly, and no one knew what it was thinking. He thought, maybe the strange bird also saw his true identity, so he was as stunned as he was for a long time. He was excited for another idea, he could take it with his mobile phone, go back and check the photo, and surely find its information on the Internet.

He slowly put his left hand into his trouser pocket, and at the same time, the strange bird also kept his eyes on his hand, and he could even understand the strange bird’s eyes. “I must have changed that strange bird!” He meditated in his heart. Then, he slowly took out his mobile phone, and the strange bird continued to stare at him, but did not fly away. He was anxious to switch to the camera mode, and he was so nervous that he would fly here gone.

When he raised his phone and pressed the camera button, the sound of the phone scared the strange bird away. He quickly retrieved his phone and quickly returned to the album. what! He photographed it! Judging from the photos, the strange bird was about to turn its head and fly away. Its head was slightly blurred, but it did not affect the overall effect. Its body was very clear. At that moment, there was a long-lost joy in his heart.

He is still playing with this photo carefully, zooming in with his fingers from time to time, what information he is looking for in the local area. At this moment, he heard the woman crying, he turned his head, there was no one around. The cry was right in front of him, as if it came from a tree trunk on the side, and it seemed to seep through the gap between the ground. He was surely not his wife ’s cry, but he had never heard his wife cry.

Who is that? Faintly, the woman’s cry came from all directions. He was a little scared. He stood up and looked left and right without any shadow. The crying became louder. It was like a woman hiding behind his spine crying. He covered his ears tightly, still unable to avoid the endless crying. So, he shouted in front of Lin Cong.

“Xiao Fang, we should go back.” Xiao Fang is his wife’s name.

“Come here, Axiang, the chrysanthemums are blooming here.” The wife’s shout came from the front of Lin Cong.

“It’s time to go back, it’s cold!”

“Well, wait for me.” After a while, his wife ran out of the depths of the forest.

“Is it thinly dressed? It is a pity that the wild chrysanthemums over there are just right, but we can come back together tomorrow.” The wife took his hand and walked towards the inn.

He walked behind his wife and from time to time turned back to look back. The wife said, “What’s the matter? Seeing the female ghost, haha. If you know that there are so many wild chrysanthemums blooming deep in the forest, you will certainly regret that you didn’t go. Minger, you must go.” The wife did not Seeing his mind, she asked again: “How are you feeling in the forest today? Is there a sense of detachment? This kind of place always calms people down.”

“Not bad,” he said.

“That’s good,” the wife said.

Back at the inn, his wife said she was a little tired and went to rest. He leaned against the window, opened the phone album, and figured out the photo. How can we identify the strange birds in the picture? He searched a lot of ways, but no results. He browsed a lot of web pages, and accidentally saw a post on the post bar, saying that downloading a software for image recognition can identify the animals in the picture. He followed the steps to download the image recognition software.

When he opened the software, his heart beat very fast. “This time you can know what kind of bird I am, and I can’t think of such a wonderful moment in life.” He said silently in his heart. Now, as long as he drags the photo into the software, he can get information about the strange bird. He was very excited and his hands were shaking. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then looked up at the window.

The phone in his hand almost fell to the ground, and he felt his body twitch. A woman in a red coat, yes, he sees very clearly. The woman was standing on the path at the entrance of the thicket, and beside her stood many strange birds, the kind of strange birds in his album. The woman then pulled something out of her trouser pocket, and then spread it towards the flock of birds, which was very lively. He even heard the sound of pecking.

For a long time, he stood like that, looking at the woman not far away, he almost forgot the photos on his phone. who is she? Guests in the inn? As he thought this way, the woman suddenly turned her head and looked over in his direction. He suddenly felt nervous, extremely nervous, he could not see the woman’s expression, but he felt the woman’s gaze pierced him like a sharp steel knife.

Later the group of strange birds flew away, and the woman stood there, looking around. The palm of his hand began to sweat out finely. At this time, the woman walked forward a few steps, his heart almost jumped out, he looked back at his sleeping wife, his wife’s face calm, he relaxed a little. But when he looked back at the woman again, the woman was one step closer to him, and faintly, he seemed to feel that the woman was talking to him.

He couldn’t hear what the woman was saying at all. The woman even said, and gestured to him, he became more nervous. He didn’t know this woman at all. But at that moment, he could not restrain the panic in his heart. He looked back again and glanced at his sleeping wife. The wife might have been tired and slept extraordinarily. The smooth snoring made him feel calm.

The woman in red is still looking at him. A flock of birds flew past her head, the mountains in the distance, the forest quiet, and this strange woman, it was like a dream. At the moment of his delusion, the woman spoke to him again. He still could not hear clearly what she was talking about, and the woman’s gestures became more exaggerated. What would she say? Does that woman know him? He made various conjectures in his heart.

The wife rolled over and the bed rang. He was so frightened that he immediately closed the window. He turned around and looked at his wife, who was still asleep, but he was too nervous to look at the woman outside the window anymore. He stepped forward and sat by the bed, drinking again. The wife woke up at this time and saw that his forehead was covered with cold sweat, and he worriedly said, “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?”

He shook his head and said, “It’s okay. I was dizzy just now. It’s okay now. Seeing you sleep so sweet, you must be tired.” His wife smiled slightly and said, “It’s a bit, but the mood is really comfortable It ’s been a long time since I felt so relaxed. ”He handed his wife a glass of water. When his wife drank water, he suddenly remembered the photos on his phone and the image recognition software that he had just downloaded. He said,“ Look, I took it in the forest. of.”

The wife put down the glass, looked at it for a moment, and said with a smile, “Isn’t that the bird?”

“Yes, that is the bird.”

“You captured in the forest? Very clear.”

“The bird peeked at me and I was captured.” He laughed.

“Haha, it seems that this bird is also very naughty.” The wife also smiled.

“Do you know what a bird is?”

“I saw it for the first time, did you know?”

“I downloaded an image recognition software and I can find it now.” He took the phone from his wife.

“Check it out,” the wife said.

He glanced at his wife, and found that his wife was middle-aged, but did not show old age, and there was still a trace of young girl’s delicate face. His wife looked at him and quipped: “I have watched it for more than ten years, but I haven’t seen it enough. Quickly find out what kind of bird this is?” He smiled and dragged the captured picture into the image recognition software. He and his wife are waiting, just as a mystery is about to be revealed. The wife also seemed extremely excited.

The system recognized it for a while, perhaps because the head was not very clear. At this moment, he remembered the red woman outside the window again. Was the woman still standing there? Are you still looking at him? Is she the foreign woman mentioned by the innkeeper? Does he know her? There was a trace of panic in his heart again. He wanted to turn around and go to the window to see if the woman had gone, but he didn’t dare.

“Partridge!” His wife exclaimed. He was taken aback, his wife looked very excited, he also glanced at the screen of the mobile phone, two words were displayed on the image recognition software: partridge.

“It’s a partridge, but it’s a strange bird,” he said.

“Isn’t it? The partridge should be very rare, right?” Said his wife.

“I saw it for the first time,” he said.

“This kind of bird was very famous in ancient times.” His wife said.

“Why do you see it?” He asked.

“‘New post embroidered Luo Su, both golden partridges. Have you never heard this poem?”

“I haven’t heard of it, but I don’t know how good my ancient poems are.”

“‘The palace is full of flowers and the golden palace is the only partridge flying. What about this?”

“It seems to be heard, but I can’t remember it.”

“‘Jiang Wan is worrying, the mountain smells partridge. What about this?”

“Have not heard.”

“Don’t have any impression?”


“‘Aoyama can’t cover it, after all, it goes eastward. What about this sentence?’

“Of course I have heard this sentence.”

“‘Jiang Wan is worrying, and the mountain smells the partridge. It’s’ The green mountain can’t cover it, after all, it’s going to the east. The next sentence.”

“It turns out so.”

“It seems that you have to learn ancient poetry, haha.” The wife laughed.

“Partridge, the more pronounced the name, the more pleasant it is.” He said.

The wife got out of bed, put on clothes, and then turned back and said: “Anyway, idle is also idle, why not go out and walk again? The scenery is so good, there is no chance after returning home.” He was preparing to go By the window, his wife’s words startled him. He turned around, his eyes flashing like a flash of flame. The wife seemed to perceive something, and asked in a puzzled tone: “How sneaky? Is there something in your heart?”

He quickly said: “It’s okay, my head is dizzy, maybe you didn’t sleep well last night. You go down and walk around, I will come down later.” The wife asked with concern: “Is it really okay? I accompany You sit for a while. ”He glanced at his wife, and then walked to the bed and said,“ It ’s really okay. I ’m lying down for a while, and it ’s okay. If you stay here, I ca n’t sleep. “He laughed again.

The wife is out. There were dense footsteps between the corridors. He leaned inside the door, and he didn’t hear the footsteps of his wife before he ran to the window and opened it. The woman in red didn’t go away, she still stood and looked in the direction of him. The woman found him and gestured with her hand, he still couldn’t hear clearly. As soon as the woman’s words were spoken, she was swept away by the wind in the mountains.

He saw his wife walk out of the inn. The wife walked down the path to the forest, and the woman stood at the entrance to the forest. The wife wore a dark brown long coat, which looked much darker than the woman’s red dress. He suddenly felt that his wife and the woman in red were like two strange partridges. He thought the idea was very interesting, so he took out his phone and photographed the scene.

The woman’s movements were exaggerated and her voice thickened. His wife had already approached the woman, and at that moment, he seemed to be out of his soul, and his whole body felt light and fluttering. The woman ignored her wife and kept looking in his direction. At this time, his wife stopped, only a few steps away from the woman in red. He giggled again in his heart, and his wife suddenly turned around, and at that moment, he squatted down at an extremely fast speed.

He gasped, as if he had just experienced a long-distance running. He raised his head slightly and looked out secretly from the corner of the window. The scene made him uncomfortable and his stomach uncomfortable. The wife stood in front of the woman, exactly the same as the woman looked around, and looked over in the same direction. The wife watched it for a long time, and the woman in red was still talking aloud. He couldn’t hear clearly. He was afraid.

A group of partridges flew out of the woods and landed in front of the woman in red. Groups of partridges also attracted the attention of his wife. The wife turned and looked at the partridges. He let out a long breath, and a coolness rose from his spine. The woman pulled something out of her trouser pocket again, and threw it towards the partridges. The partridges were very lively, and made that kind of grunting noise.

What scared him was that his wife had talked to the woman. It seemed that they were very talkable, and his wife even burst into laughter, which made him feel terrible. As for the woman, when talking with his wife, he once again pointed his finger in his direction, and his heart was pulled into a ball again. The wife followed the direction of the woman’s arm, and looked over. Did she find anything?

At the corner of the window, he panicked. For a while, he didn’t know what to do. The whole person seemed to be stuck in boundless darkness. He summoned up his courage and secretly looked away again. His wife and woman were still looking here. In a vague vagueness, he saw his wife trembling all over, and his eyes gleamed with a dark and sticky light. The woman is still saying something to his wife. The wife is standing calmly and calmly. Who knows what she is thinking.

His wife’s calmness scared him. At that moment, he had hallucinations. He saw countless partridges descending from the sky. He stood alone in the middle of the mountain. At a glance, the partridges almost covered half of the sky. The partridges rushed to the crown and opened their pointed mouths. Seems to peck him to death. He shouted in the room, almost fell to the ground, and almost cried. He suddenly hated the woman in red. He gritted his teeth with hatred.

Fear and anger intertwined, burning like fire in his heart, he saw a scene again: a group of partridges formed a circle, he was tied with a rope on the cross in the center, and under him was The burning firewood, the partridges looked at him in pain in the fire, and jumped happily. When he was about to be burned to death, he heard the cold laughter of countless partridges. It’s ridiculous, but he thinks this is the truth.

When he looked out of the window again, the woman and his wife were gone. The ground was empty, and only the wildflowers and weeds on the roadside were waving in the wind. When he stood up, he saw many leaves in the distance blown by the wind. “It turns out that this natural withering is exactly the same as the despair in people’s hearts.” He meditated in his heart. He felt that his whole body was sinking, falling into a dark place. What exactly is there?

He decided to walk in the woods. As he stepped out of the lobby of the inn, he met the owner of the inn, which gave him a new idea. He took the innkeeper to the corner and said softly, “I’m asking you something.” The innkeeper was puzzled and asked, “Say, what’s the matter?” He looked out of the door to confirm his wife The woman in red was not there, before saying, “That woman from the field.”

The innkeeper said: “What a foreign woman? Oh, wouldn’t you say that the inn stayed?”


“But I don’t know her.” The innkeeper said.

“Aren’t you registering her information here? See where she came from?” He asked.

The innkeeper was still puzzled and said, “What are you doing here? This is the privacy of the guests.”

He was so questioned that he was sweating in a hurry. At this moment, the innkeeper looked at him up and down, and gave a few smirks. The eyes of the innkeeper made him even more panicked.

“Are you going to fall in love with others? Haha.” The innkeeper laughed.

He looked up, looked at the innkeeper, and laughed with haha, and said, “Yeah, yeah.”

The innkeeper walked to the front desk and checked on the Internet while teasing him again: “You came with your wife, be careful. But then, brother, I’m serving you, you are not at all Fear of his wife. Haha, it seems that in this world, women can make men lose their minds, serve you, brother. Hey, come out, you come and see. “He leaned forward, his face slightly reddened.

“Jiujiang, Jiangxi,” the innkeeper said.

“Oh, quite far away,” he said.

“Brother, love can always make people forget the distance.” The innkeeper smiled.

“Thank you.” He said, and he walked outside the hall.

“However, be careful about everything, brother.” The innkeeper shouted again.

He walked into the bush, and a terrible silence covered him immediately. He lowered his head and dared not look up. He felt that there were countless eyes looking at him between the branches, maybe a woman, or a wife, or partridge. “After all, I am partridge, and partridge and I will always have some common hobbies or topics.” He said in his heart. In the forest, did not see the woman and wife. It was terrible quiet all around.

Deep in the forest, he heard the woman crying again, which was not an illusion. The cry seems to come from behind, and it seems to come from the ground. Is it the cry of a woman or the cry of a wife? He could not distinguish the voices of women and wives at this time. The crying became more and more dense, as if countless women were crying. He didn’t even dare to turn around, so he flinched, letting that eerie cry cry into his ears.

Later, with his last perseverance, he slowly walked forward by supporting the tree. At the end of the bush, he hid behind a large tree and saw the woman and his wife. He almost didn’t faint. The woman and wife were sitting together and talking enthusiastically. They were looking at the wild chrysanthemum that was blooming across the street. He put his palm to his ear, still unable to hear the conversation between the woman and his wife. It seemed that the more happy they were, the more worried he felt.

What is he afraid of? He seemed to feel that the woman and his wife were planning a premeditated plan, and he, like the poor and helpless mosquito, would fall into the cobwebs of others sooner or later. When he turned around, he suddenly found that a group of partridges were also squatting beside him, looking at the woman and his wife with him. Do they recognize his true identity? You know, he is partridge.

Partridges make whispering sounds from time to time, this sound seems to come from the partridge’s belly, this is really strange. He followed suit and found that he could make a sound from his stomach. At this time, he was more convinced that he was partridge. “In another month, it will be winter. What should the partridges do? Are they here to spend the winter?” He said to the partridges gently.

He found that all the partridges had gloomy eyes, full of sadness, and even a sign of death. In this sense, he and Partridge are the same kind. Partridges can live here forever, but he always has to go back. He was tired of his life now, and he didn’t even feel any hope of life. He has been escaping. Will the partridge be his final destination?

At that time, looking at the partridges in front of him, he suddenly hoped that he could go back and become a lone partridge in the woods, why not? The grunting sound in his stomach had already merged with the sound of the partridge, and he couldn’t hear anything strange at all. In this simple imitation, he found a little fun, he has completely regarded himself as a partridge.

Just as the woman and his wife stood up, he suddenly sat up and fled towards the outside of the forest. Like a camel running wildly.

The partridges also flew away in a panic.

“Is it a beast?” The wife asked the woman.

They only saw a black shadow flying through the bushes. The bushes were too thick to see clearly.

The woman in red said, “This speed should be a leopard.”

“Weird,” his wife said.

It was the fastest time in his life, even in the dense forest. He really regarded himself as a light partridge, he ran away, he forgot everything around him, and even had a feeling of flying. Lightness. comfortable. He ran breathless, daring not to return his head once, as if the woman in red and his wife were chasing behind him. Until he rushed out of the forest, he only half-bent and stood on the path with his stomach covered.

The sunset is bloody. He saw countless partridges hovering in the sky, as if an ancient performance was being staged in a dream. This scene made him unforgettable all his life. You know, he is also a member of the partridge. He turned his head, and the forest was as quiet as before, only some leaves that had turned yellow, from time to time, slowly tumbling down to the ground, a dark, white mist-like breath was diffused in the forest.

He walked towards the inn with heavy steps. In the lobby, the innkeeper was standing in front of the bar. When he came in, a ghostly smile appeared on his face, and he said, “Brother, how is it? It’s good to have another bite of doughnut besides pasta.” “He stood at the door, bowed his head, and froze in place.” The innkeeper felt a little offended by the sentence just now, and said with a smile: “It’s okay, brother, there will always be a chance.”

He missed the call and walked straight towards the elevator. The innkeeper still said behind him: “Don’t be discouraged, brother, this kind of thing, after all, can’t be anxious. You can’t eat hot tofu. You must slowly stew, braise with mild fire, but you can’t worry.” The boss was still talking in front of the bar, as if to himself. He returned to the room. The door closed heavily because of the wind in the corridor.

Looking out of the window, the world is like chaotic gas. Partridges fly over the forest from time to time, as if looking for the secrets of the past. He opened the window and waited quietly. He didn’t know what he was waiting for. Maybe he was waiting for the appearance of the woman in red and his wife. Maybe he was waiting for the dream left in Nanshan a hundred years ago. To his surprise, not long afterwards, his wife came out of the forest. The woman in red did not show up.

The wife had just walked halfway, and seemed to feel something. She suddenly stood in the middle of the road, and then looked up at where he was. His wife saw him and shouted at him. His wife yelled and jumped. He seemed to hear his wife saying, “Hey, why don’t you come down?” He also heard it, and he couldn’t tell whether he even said it. He waved towards his wife.

“I was a little dizzy, so I didn’t go down,” he said.

“What are you talking about?” The wife was still shouting.

“I said I was a little uncomfortable, so I didn’t go down.” He repeated.

At this moment, the innkeeper stepped out of the lobby and stood in front of the building looking up. The innkeeper saw him, he also saw the innkeeper, he even saw the smirk that appeared on the innkeeper’s face. He was extremely embarrassed. The innkeeper returned to the lobby. The wife is still standing there. Several partridges flew around, and his wife held out her hand, and one partridge rested on her palm. The wife is laughing. Laughter spread to his ears.

“Come on, don’t catch a cold.” He stood by the window and shouted. The wife stretched out her hand and stroked the partridge’s feathers. The partridge did not fly away. The scene made him feel warm. His wife has always been a very caring woman. He shouted again to his wife. The wife heard this time, turned her head and smiled at him, her palm raised in the air, and the partridge flew towards the distant forest.

Under his gaze, his wife started walking back. But when his wife had just stepped into the inn, the woman in red appeared on the path. His heart suddenly shuddered, and the whole person fell like a torn piece of paper in the dark night sky. The woman in red stood in the position where his wife had just stood. Like the wife, she looked over in the direction of him.

He was in a panic, at a loss, not knowing where to put his hands. He always felt a place on his body was extremely uncomfortable. The woman stood quietly, looking at him, motionless, his gaze stayed on the woman, it seemed that at that time, looking at any other place would be inappropriate or awkward. He really wanted to become a free partridge immediately, fly out of the window, and never come back.

The wife’s walking sound came from the corridor. He covered his face, fear again like a small plate of sand, occupying every corner of his body. What should he do? The woman is still standing there. What is she going to do? He really wanted to go down immediately and give the woman two slaps, but everything was too late. The moment his wife opened the door, he almost fell off the window. The wife was startled and said, “What’s wrong?”

He was pale as paper, trying to restrain his inner fears, and pretended to say calmly: “It’s okay, I’m blowing here.” The wife sat down by the bed, and she looked a little cold and tired. The woman downstairs spoke to him again and gestured again with her hands in the air. At that moment, he was really terrified, as if he had fallen into a creepy hell.

The woman made a flying movement and walked forward a few steps. He shivered and turned around secretly. His wife was sitting by the bed combing her hair. She looked so beautiful, which reminded him of the years they had just married. They traveled around and made love in various hotels. At that time, how free they were. However, all this, like a wind without a trace, disappeared forever.

When she turned around, the woman had come towards the inn. There was cold sweat on his forehead, and there was a chill in his back. Was she coming to him? He glanced back at his wife again, who was still combing his hair. The woman walked fast, and she would soon reach the inn door. He closed his eyes in despair.

The only way is to treat yourself as a partridge and fly out from here. The sky outside is so vast, and the partridges outside are all members of his ancient family, so it is a matter of course to think of flying out from here. He is ready to leap from here. When the woman entered the inn, he opened his arms, and in his heart, he had transformed into a partridge.

“Did you know? I met that foreign woman outside today. You know what she did? Hey, she built a cozy nest on the roof of the inn. When it was cold, the partridge in the forest The plover will fly to the top of the building. Although she said she was suffering from a family ordeal, how kind of she is. You see, she will stand on the path in front of the door every day Partridge is talking, how interesting a person is. “Almost as soon as he jumped down, his wife said this.

Like a wand in the face, he rounded his eyes. “What are you talking about? She was just talking to the partridge on the roof?” He looked at his wife stiffly.

The wife was a little scared when she saw him, and nodded slightly.

“In other words, she was just looking at the partridge on the top of the building ?!” he asked again.

“Yes,” said his wife.

He suddenly felt much more relaxed, and his tense heart finally relaxed.

In the evening, there was a strong wind outside, and he spent a long night in the wind like howling.