Piano sounds upstairs

There is a little girl living upstairs in my house, cute and lovely. There is always a big smile on the childish face, walking on the road with joy, stepping on the sunshine with rhythm.

Since her family moved into a piano, she began to study the piano for a long time. I think she was sitting upright on the piano stool with her waist straight, her small hands gently on the keys, and the sunlight falling on her shoulders must also be vivid and lively.

Since then, when I was studying at my desk, or relaxing and playing, the young and jerky piano sound often sounded in my ears, and sometimes I wish I could hear it all day long. The initial sound of the piano was arduous and blunt, and it sometimes appeared in a hurry, and sometimes it leaped out unexpectedly, forming a short song intermittently. After listening to it, it was impossible to tell which song it was. I guess the enthusiasm at first couldn’t support the boring practice day after day. After a while, she must become slack, and gradually gave up this hobby of flashing light.

However, the sounds of the piano accompanied me through countless days and nights, and jerky notes filled the gaps in my time, making the plain and monotonous life full of fun.

The sound of her piano originally sounded like a long-used iron saw, jerky and difficult. However, when sinking my heart and chewing the tender notes, I seemed to see her focused eyes stay on the keys for a long time, and her long fingers repeated the same movements over and over again, trying to play a string of harmonious notes. Thinking of the serious look of the little girl playing the piano, my heart felt warm.

There is a famous “law of ten thousand hours”: if you insist on doing something for ten thousand hours, you will become an expert in this field. I believe that the merciful God has prepared the most abundant gift for everyone who works hard. The little girl upstairs told me with her perseverance to practice the piano: one day, she will realize her first beautiful dream.

I do n’t know when the sound of the piano upstairs has faded away from the greenness and childishness, and it gradually flows into a beautiful piece, such as the flowing water of the mountains, like the sound of natural sound. When I hear it, I feel happy and happy. It turns out that all efforts will not be let down, the gift of life is in the direction of your running, quietly waiting for your arrival.

My nib slipped across the paper, just like the girl’s fingertips. I gently closed my eyes and listened, the sound of the piano upstairs sounded slowly, like the sun and the water, warming my atrium.

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