Plant a seed in my heart

In the late spring and summer solstice, under the setting sun, I bowed my head depressedly on the way home. Hey, what is that? A cluster of colors stumbled upon me. It turned out to be a bright and lively wisteria. At this moment, under the sunshine of the afterglow of the sun, their graceful postures became more whirling.

I walked over with great curiosity, and just as a gust of wind blew by, they immediately danced indefinitely. Waiting for me to take a closer look, the wisteria promenade on the roadside was filled with light purple flowers that had just bloomed, and they were clustered like purple brass bells in the wind. At this time of spring and summer, this refreshing fragrance makes me stop and appreciate. Nature always gives people good things, but why do people always ignore them? I thought while watching.

Walking to the end of the promenade, I accidentally saw a girl sitting on the stone bench of the promenade. What is she doing? Look closely, she looked attentively, holding a thick sketchbook in her left hand, holding a black pencil in her right hand, and kept sketching. From time to time, she changed one from the colored lead beside her as if she was in her own world.

I didn’t dare to disturb her, and walked behind her lightly, it turned out that she was painting the vine, drawing its standing root.

I couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you paint the roots of the vine?”

She smiled slightly and said, “Although the roots of the vines are not as beautiful as flowers, they all rely on it to absorb water and nutrients to maintain life. The root is the most beautiful in my heart, so I will use a drawing to write it down.”

I followed the direction of her fingers and watched the root of Wisteria unceasingly climbing up. It was because the roots continuously transported water and nutrients that the Wisteria radiata was full of vitality and the flowers blossomed.

After leaving the promenade, my heart was inexplicably happy. I do n’t know when Wisteria buries a seed in my heart, a seed that finds beauty, loves life and fights hard.