Shimen pig thing

Ding Haopo built a hut with chaotic bricks against the wall on the ruins in Shikumen, and raised pigs in it. Soon, my mother imitated a hut and prepared to raise pigs.

When the piglet was bought back, his little nose was tender and tender, her small eyes were double eyelids, her eyes were clear, and she had slightly curled eyelashes. Everyone wants to reach out and touch it.

The piglet was bought by my mother from a farmhouse and was pulled directly from the mother’s nipple. The phrase “pulled from the nipple of the mother pig” touched our brothers and sisters at once, and felt that this little pig was particularly pitiful, thinking of treating the little one well.

We piled up a handful of dry straw scented with sunlight in the temporary pigsty to make it a temporary nest. The little guy left his mother’s arms for the first time and was alone and helpless. He refused to show up when he got into the haystack; later he was hungry and had to drill out, humming with a forefoot on the chaotic brick wall and crying for food. The second sister first fed it porridge soup, and later brought it a little malted milk to drink for it. When I tasted the delicious food, the little guy was so excited that his ears were upright, and the little tail was shaking vigorously—yeah, yeah, there is such a delicious thing in the world! We all love it and give it the name of chubby.

After a few days, the chubby was moved to the humble pig house in Shikumen. When my mother left it, the chubby struggled and yelled, it was unwilling to leave this little nest that she was just familiar with.

The chubby found that his sister was still common in his new place, so he was relieved. Hearing the door open, the chubby will scream and come over to greet him, and his little eyes are full of intimacy. In this humble hut, Chubby really started his pig career. At that time, there was a shortage of supplies, and the pig food went to the trough. It has a good mindset, and a vegetable gang can make a resonant sound like chewing on the mountain and sea. After picking the dry goods, there is soup left, and the chubby will look up and make a few clicks, as if whispering: Oh, this is too rare? OK, OK, then it will be right …

In those days, so many wild grasses in the field were divided into two categories in our eyes, one is hog grass, and the other is “non-hog grass” that pigs refuse to eat. Once, I brought a sour sister grass to chubby. We have tasted this kind of grass and know that no one can bear it. Taking a bite of the grass, the chubby quickly spit out, screamed and fled away, wowed and protested in the corner of the wall-hi, hi, can this thing be eaten? That look was like a kid who was fooled.

Once I buried another live loach in pig food. As soon as its long mouth is inserted into the trough, it feels the situation, does not move, feels quietly, and then decisively bites the loach and throws it outside the trough; when it is clear, it chews when it is picked up-that beauty! In the future, whenever I go to feed, it will first put his mouth into the pig food to detect if there is any live food buried in it.

The life of pigs in captivity alone is too boring, and the way for chubby to fight boredom is to “talk across the wall”. There is only a wall between the pig house of Mother-in-law’s house and two lonely pigs talking across the wall.

This “Shikumen” is a ruin. Why can’t we put the chubby out for activities? So we opened the door, and the chubby didn’t know what to do for a while. After being silly for a while, he recovered and ran into the pig house next door. The two pigs talking every day met for the first time at this moment. The two pigs ran their noses across the fence. They mumbled something, expressing their happiness and affection.

Look, can we still call them “stupid pigs”? Fatty is not stupid at all.

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