Try to do something else, why not

My main job is a picture book cartoonist. Most of the time, my body is sitting at the desk, but my soul doesn’t know where it’s flying. I have also done part-time work, such as commercials, movie concepts, art exhibitions and the like, but today I want to say that I was a catwalk model in a show in Paris.

In order to pass the waiting time before signing and selling, I wandered around the venue and was attracted by an independent fashion designer’s booth. Punk, Goth, and some strange fusion of princess style. The skirt has metal sequins, but it is also equipped with a feather crown, and a necklace with an ice cream pendant.

“I will never wear this dress.” I thought.

“This is a dress I designed. Would you like to try it?” A little French sister with black hair and a furry headdress drilled out of the fabric. She seems to be only a teenager, and I suddenly felt that this dress was cute. When I was a teenager, wasn’t it such a weird little girl?

“You are so beautiful, I wish I could see you wearing my clothes.” She said. At that time I had straight black hair, Qi Qihai, wearing a striped dress and smoky makeup, much like the characters in the comics. Europeans are used to seeing the blonde around them. I look Chinese like this. They feel very exotic and beautiful.

I couldn’t stand the exaggeration, so I opened my mouth and said, “Why not!” I changed my clothes behind the curtain. “I won’t wear this clothes out.” I thought to myself, but said a few words of politeness. But the French do n’t know what it means to be a condom. She grabbed my hand excitedly and whispered in unskilled English. I guess it was just to help her take a picture. It’s an hour before my bookmarks are sold. Idle and idle. So she walked me through the noisy crowd to the backstage and lifted the opening cloth. Here is the largest central stage of the entire exhibition. There are thousands of people under the stage. The spotlight shines on the stage and the music is deafening. I realized that she wanted me to go up the steps. I asked others? The little sister shook her head and said, “Only you.”

Although this set of clothes is not what I would wear, it was also designed by this younger sister, stitched with stitches and stitches. This is also her treasure, and she is willing to let me show it to her. Thinking of this, I used the courage to jump into the ice water in winter, walked out from behind the curtain, and was drowned in a halo. Wandering around on a huge stage alone, he waved with the audience with a smile, Yu Guang glanced at the big close-up of his smirk, shaking on a huge screen.

An hour later, I sat on the signing desk, and a reader dressed up as Mr. V in my work came to see me. I was happy to spend my time in a sitting position, trying to behave as a literary writer should.

She looked at me for a while and asked, “You were on stage just now?”

“I just saw a person on the big screen just like you!” Said the owner of the publishing house.

I sweated coldly on my back and said, “We Asians all look alike in your eyes …” I smiled guilty and drew my head down to draw hard.

I do n’t know where the little French sister is now, is she still continuing her own independent clothing design? After the exhibition, the ice cream necklace she gave me was always placed in my treasure box, where only the interesting memories I like were collected.

I love my full-time job. I have been doing it since I graduated from college and I will continue to do so in the future.

But if there is a chance, someone asks me if I would like to try something that has nothing to do with me. I will say happily, “Why not?”