The bandits tied the three-year-old son outside the forest, Suo Yinqianliang.

The Lin family hurriedly raised enough ransom to go as scheduled, but waited for nothing.

After two days of hard work outside the staff, when there was no more news, the child would be venomed by the poison, and he would report to the officer.

The new county magistrate hastily asked Bendong to sway.

Out of focus. Suddenly saw the county magistrate’s finger pointing at the case, trying to figure out his intentions, and busy to get three hundred silver: adults upstart, should replace this old case.

The county magistrate smiled and waved his hand: so, this house full of objects would be unsightly.

Two hundred grains of silver were taken from outside.

The magistrate of the county magistrate: The outsiders are the people of fame, and the thieves dare to add evil actions together! The officer will try his best to arrest the gangsters and keep the party safe.

He dispatched arrests to investigate around.

Five days later, the case is unresolved. The Lin family mourned.

On this day, a strong man embraced the child’s outsider.

The strong man claimed to be a kidnapper and said that he stayed in the wilderness that night and night. The children were scared by the wind and caused high fever and fainted. Due to the early appointment, Te Dengmen returned the child.

The outsiders were overjoyed and panicked and ordered people to present a hundred and two grains of silver as a gift.

The strong man’s face was red, his voice was ashamed, and he pushed away the silver and turned away.

Later, the staff took the child out and went to the county government office to close the case.

The county magistrate described the story of the strong man outside, and ordered the children to tell the story of the past few days.

The child looked at the child in Huaizhong’s astonishment: My child is still learning tongue, how can he confess the scene of the day?

The county magistrate screamed: I am new, you wait for this bizarre case, either to tease the official or to deliberately bandit! It ’s okay for you to speak your language, and accept the prison first, and then confess after you have learned all your words. Just sneer away.

The bureaucracy fought to take the young children, and suddenly shouted and shouted.

The head of the team pulled the staff aside and asked lightly: You raised thousands of silver for the ransom, but would you like to get rid of the fortune?

Staff outside busy: willing! But it’s five hundred and two in Xiaojing County.

The head of the shift giggled into the hall. A moment later, he said loudly: The adult wanted the suspect to be young, and he would not be put in prison for the time being, allowing his family to pay five hundred bail for bail, and the case would be tried again later.

Outside the staff, he asked someone to bring in silver, and after completing the binding, he returned to his house.