What an orderly train station square! Jixiang stood at the exit and sighed.

Go straight in the direction of the street, turn right on the street where the street sign stands, and look for a sign with yellow text on the green background: Han boss’s cake.

Auspicious saw a piece of red paper posted above the signboard saying: Welcome Dr. Auspicious! He scratched his head and smiled. Walking to the stall, Lucky shouted, Uncle!

Boss Han heard him and responded smoothly, but the fat face was raised, looking at the square, without a glance at the corner of his eyes.

Lucky swallowing and shouting again, Uncle, I am lucky!

The fat face froze for a moment, staring down at Auspiciously, “Ah”, then stretched out his right hand, then retracted again, picked up the waist cloth, rubbed his hands around the cloth, and rubbed Wandering to the booth, patting the auspicious arm and saying, good boy, at first glance is the melon of the old Ji family!

Auspicious smile, wide-mouthed.

Boss Han wanted to say something, but his throat suddenly choked up, grabbed the cuff of his right hand and wiped his eyes, and immediately turned back to the stall, turned on the small gas stove, and scooped a large spoonful of sticky batter from the basin. In a huge pan, then open the left and right bows to toss this large piece of bread, and finally sprinkle a layer of minced meat on the cake, put a fried poached egg and a section of green onions, and then roll the cake into a small bag, stuffed Into a white paper bag, handed to auspicious.

The dazzling auspicious seems not to have reacted yet. He took the noodle cake and bit it down, sighed in his heart, wow, it’s delicious!

Sitting in the back seat of Han Bo’s tricycle, Jixiang feels like a basin, gas stove, pan, and folding chair beside him. The morning breeze in June was cool and refreshing, blowing away the sticky sweat brought by the auspicious from the south, and also blowing the chatter of Han Boss. From time to time, he responded to the uncle’s words, while looking at the gradually lively streets.

Boss Han is an apprentice of auspicious grandfather. That year, the grandfather who was a carpenter in the cooperative found a little boy crouching against the door of the workshop, watching him busy. My grandfather was too familiar with this look. He put down the work in his hand, walked to the kitchen of the compartment, took the leftover pasta from the pan, walked to the door, and told the boy to go home after eating.

The boy took the cake but didn’t eat it, and shook his head in amusement. Grandfather thought he was too little, and went to get another one for him. But the boy didn’t answer, but shook his head. So my grandfather shouted and said after eating!

The boy immediately stuffed the cake into his mouth, then took out a folded piece of paper from his clothes and handed it to his grandfather. The grandfather opened it, and it stiffly wrote: My surname is Han, 7 years old, please accept me.

Grandpa folded the paper without thinking, handed it back to the boy, and raised his hand and said, go!

In the next few days, my grandfather didn’t see the boy, and found him wondering about him. Many people fell into the desert that year, but for children like him, the grandfather saw him for the first time.

On the evening of the fifth day, the boy appeared at the door of his grandfather’s house. In an instant, his heart seemed to overturn the five-flavor bottle, sweet, sour, bitter and salty poured out of his heart, and ran to every blood of the body.

In this way, the Lao Ji family adopted a Manchu boy named Han Dalu. Because of the famine, the child’s parents stuffed him with a piece of paper and went on the road together to find a place to stay. After coming to this small town, somehow it went away.

Since then, Boss Han became the boss of the Lao Ji family. The second year after his arrival, the lucky father Ji Dacheng was born.

The tricycle was parked in the backyard of the “Lao Jijia” Folk Inn, Jixiang followed Han Boss into a lounge like a kitchen. Looking out from the bright window, you can see the two vans in the yard marked “Old Ji Family”. Lucky guess, this must be the car under the name of Uncle.

At that time, Han Bo had just turned 16 years old when he learned carpentry skills from his grandfather. He didn’t study well, and he couldn’t learn craftsmanship. However, he had no skills in the kitchen. In the 1980s, when self-employed businesses sprang up like mushrooms, Han Boss rented a tricycle from the cooperative and started his small business selling stalls everywhere. Soon after the cooperative was disbanded, the car became a passenger van of the Lao Ji family.

In the past, when my father returned to his hometown to visit his grandfather, Han Bo took a tricycle to meet him at the train station, and waited while selling the cake; only when Jixiang was 8 years old, he came back with his parents. Han Bo was riding an empty car to the station and waiting At that time, the train station was small, and the mess was disturbing.

In the blink of an eye, 20 years later, this auspicious substitute for the sick father came back to visit his grandfather, everything in the train station and the small town became regular; however, the boss Han still rode a tricycle, and as long as the inn’s affairs were proper, they would sell them everywhere. His signature stalls are often delivered while walking and selling.

In the consciousness of Han Boss, I always feel that someone in a corner of the city or under a tree in the suburbs just needs a cake, a cake that warms the body and mind.