On the tenth day of Liu Dizhu’s diagnosis of advanced lung cancer, Siping returned from Beijing.

It was cold dew and solar terms that day, but the weather was not cold. It was a small sunny day, with a few white clouds lying on the horizon, like a pile of white and soft cotton, inlaid on the blue surface. When Siping got off at the village head, it was two o’clock in the afternoon. In front of the village head sales department, there was a group of people chatting in the sun. Siping had just entered their line of sight and was immediately caught by all kinds of eyes.

Si Ping, wearing a fragrant thin long dress, does not seem to be much different from when she walked out of the village 13 years ago. After giving a smile to people with some restraint, she took the big suitcase through people’s complicated eyes, walked west along the familiar street, and finally stopped at the door of Liu Fangzhu’s house. Siping stood in front of the door and took a deep breath, slowly pushing open the false door.

The news of Siping ’s return was like a whirlwind that caused the village to become a commotion, and people chewed on the story of thirteen years ago with interest, but the focus was on Siping ’s purpose of returning. Liu Fangzhu was shocked by Siping who suddenly appeared at the door, as if he had suddenly fallen into the illusion of sleepwalking.

The fat red just across the wall from Liu Fangzhu, like an ant on a hot pot, kept walking around in the house. When Siping divorced Liu Dazhu, the fat red lips almost didn’t wear. She didn’t want Siping to bear the crime of bad conscience. But Siping was like an elm pimple, and she didn’t say anything under her pleading cry. The day they went to the civil affairs office for divorce, Fat Red cried like a dead mother-in-law, and she cried dimly. She also called Siping bad for her conscience, but she still wanted to invite Siping to have a meal. , But Siping left without saying goodbye. She poured the steaming food from that table into the pig food trough and never mentioned Siping again.

The mother-in-law who was paralyzed on the kang said that you took the wrong medicine and my head was too big. Fat Red sighed fiercely and went out.

When Fathong entered the door, Siping was busy in the kitchen. She let Fathong sit first and said she would be fine for a while. Liu Fangzhu leaned back against a pillow against the wall of Kangtou. He changed to a brand new set of red plush thermal underwear, which was obviously bought by Siping. Seeing Fat Red, Liu Fangzhu shook his head recklessly. After a while, Siping brought a bowl of steaming noodles with two white poached eggs lying on the surface. There were some oil flowers and green onions stepping in the clear soup. The heat drifted.

Fat Red and Siping face each other, Siping quickly dodges away. Fat Red looked at the bowl of noodles and said jokingly that it was different. The ordinary bowl of noodles was so appetizing that I wanted to eat it. Siping smiled and said, I’ll make a bowl for you too? The eyes of the two met again. This time Siping did not dodge, and the two laughed in unison.

A week later, Siping returned to Beijing, and only Fathong knew that she had taken Liu Dangzhu’s medical certificate and some test lists. When she returned, Siping took back a prescription for Chinese medicine. She told Liu Dianzhu that it was given by the most authoritative expert in Beijing. Siping told Fat Red privately that several experts from the Beijing Capital Hospital said that he was dead. After that, Siping went to the Hetang Chinese Medicine Museum in the county town again and again to get back big and small bags of Chinese medicine, and boiled the medicine every day for Liu Dianzhu. Two months later, Liu Fangzhu was really miraculously well, and his pale face was much fresher.

During the Chinese New Year, the two children of Liu Fangzhu and Siping came back. Their daughter is already a white-collar worker in a foreign company in Beijing. His son just entered college this year. His son looked at a table full of New Year’s Eve dinner made by Siping, and said directly to his long-lived mother, saying that this year he finally bowed to his dad’s hard fried dough stick.

When Siping and Liu Dangzhu divorced, Siping didn’t want anything at all. The only condition was two children. Liu Dianzhu said let’s go, Lao Tzu is not rare. But when Siping asked him to sign the divorce agreement, he repented and jumped and hurt Siping, shit gold sister-in-law. Isn’t it just an old mother who waits for the woman’s confinement? Does the child have a good time with you? In this way, the saw was pulled repeatedly, and the four skins of the saw were bloody, and finally Liu Dzhuzhu signed the divorce agreement. Someone asked about this, Liu Fangzhu sprayed a stream of air in his nostrils, hum, I will always be a dad!

In the second month of the lunar calendar, Yangchun ’s wind blew people’s bones coldly, and Liu Fangzhu’s legs suddenly hurt badly. Siping sent Liu Dianzhu to the city hospital and was diagnosed with bone metastasis. The doctor said back, he could give him something to eat. Soon Liu Fangzhu was bedridden, and his urine and urine were all four-pound. Liu Dianzhu scolded Siping when the pain was unbearable. He scolded Siping to find a wild man outside. He called Siping hypocritically and didn’t settle down. Siping said, if you do this again, I will leave. Liu Fangzhu hugged Siping’s arm without letting go, crying whimpering, scolding himself asshole. When he couldn’t hold back the pain, he still scolded Siping. Siping also said that she wanted to leave, but Siping never left.

Two days before the Ching Ming Festival, the pain suddenly moved away from Liu Fangzhu. His pale face was flushed and his eyes were shining. That day, he talked about what he and Siping had done before. They started talking one by one starting with their free love. The expression on his face was nostalgic and intoxicating. Siping walked away from time to time and secretly wiped a tear in his back. As he talked, Liu Fangzhu asked Siping to sit beside him. He lifted up Siping’s cuffs and stared at a two-inch scar on Siping’s forearm. The voice shivered. I owe you a sorry , Now I will return it to you. After he finished, he propped up with his skinny and weak body, and knelt in front of Siping, sorry! If there is an afterlife, I’ll make a couple of you … He knocked his head on the pillow, his shoulders shaking violently. Siping cried out with a whine, this was the first time she cried unscrupulously in front of Liu Fangzhu after she returned.

That night, Liu Fangzhu left. Siping dressed Liu Fangzhu all by himself, and then stood under the head of the Western Wall and awakened the Fat Red family.