Shunliuwu was reminiscent of him when no one was willing to commit work.

At the beginning of the spring, the commune issued a notice that caused the entire production team to panic. The notice asked to send a labor force to participate in the battle of the Yaguan Railway (of the Zhiliu Line).

The rumor was almost accompanied by a notice to enter the village. Every day, the rocks flying off the mountain site of the Yaguan Railway site would kill people. The meeting was held for a few nights, and no one would go. When the team was about to gather, the captain waved his hand and shouted, “Whoever catches it, whoever caught it!” Anyway, the last trick that worked normally didn’t work anymore, and no one stretched out his hand on the table Twenty-six paper balls, as if each paper ball was written with a “dead” word.

“Why don’t you send Shunyou five?” A sentence came out of the corner.

The dim oil lamp exploded, the sparks of the lights splashed on the table, and the meeting room lit up.

“Yeah, you can go there five times …”

The echoes followed one after another, and the captain touched his head and chuckled: “I really forgot him.” He stopped and asked, “Paishun walked five times, who gave the duck to release?”

It turned out that Shun Liuwu had been putting ducks for the production team in recent years. The duck shed was set up in a desolate wilderness. At first, the captain stuffed him with a penny because no one wanted to put ducks.

Shunliu called Li Huaiwu, born in poverty, and was alone. Since he opened his mouth, he has fallen into a problem. Especially in urgent cases, stuttering is even worse. His face is red and he ca n’t spit out a word because , People say the truth, they told him to slip five.

“In addition to not being able to trap the wife, the duck will not die, let’s go ahead,” someone suggested.

The proposal was immediately unanimously approved, so twenty-six paper balls were caught empty.

In this way, Shun Liuwu received the notice that the captain asked him to participate in the battle of the Yaguan Railway. He gave the penny in his hand to the person who came to replace him, and explained a series of matters to be paid attention to. The person said: “Guys … Dude, the production team’s expenses depend on these ducks … ducks, you can get … snacks.”

The person came and said, “Shun Liuwu, you should be careful of you, I heard that the Yaguan Railway will explode stones every day …”

“Repairing … repairing railways, you have to fry … fried stones, I … I have something to be careful of.” Shunliu Wuyuan didn’t know the reason for sending him to the Yaguan Railway, and wrapped several clothes into the package. Just report to the commune.

After that, people forgot to slip by five until the fortune teller walked into the captain’s house.

The captain had a late child after forty. It looked like a star. Who would n’t care to raise it, either had a fever or coughed, and ran to the hospital in two days. One day, a fortune teller passed by the door, and the captain’s eyes quickly invited him into the house to tell the child fortune telling. The fortune-teller was ugly and ugly. He did n’t speak well. The opening scared the captain ’s face: “This kid is not only not smooth, but I ’m afraid he ’s still worried about his life, unless …”

“Unless what?” The captain hurriedly interrupted the fortune teller.

“Unless you quickly recognize your child as a dad.”

Recognizing the name of the father is to transfer the child’s discomfort, but who wants to be such a name father?

It was at this time that the captain thought of Shun Liu Wu, but Shun Liu Wu, who was thousands of miles away, didn’t even know that he had become the father of the captain’s child.

It also happened that after that the captain’s children really went smoother day by day, and he said with a smile: “It seems that this named father is really right. In the future, we have to thank him for the smooth five.” Several other households in the village Others whose children are not very smooth, have recognized that Shunyou five has become the child’s named father.

A blink of an eye passed, and one day, a line of cadres looked serious to the production team. Among them was the secretary of the commune, and the captain recognized him.

The commune secretary took the initiative to hold the captain’s hand and choked up as soon as he opened his mouth: “Li Huaiwu … comrade, he …”

“How is he?” The captain asked eagerly, shaking the secretary’s hand.

“He is good … to save the life of a class brother, to be gloriously sacrificed … he is the pride of our commune …”

A cadre of the railway bureau described Li Huai’s heroic feat of saving himself and saving others. In the last blasting of the mountain, everything went smoothly. After hearing the whistle, the construction workers walked out of the bunker and entered the construction site to start to clear the stones. A migrant worker and Li Huai were in the same group for five minutes. A huge boulder that was blown loose just rolled down the hillside beside him, and Li Huaiwu, who had just stood up, found it. He saw him step up a few steps and pushed the migrant worker away with his shoulder, but he was smashed by the boulder. bingo……

“Actually, he just yells, but I don’t know why he didn’t yell, but …” the cadre of the railway bureau added.

“Because, Li Huaiwu couldn’t say anything smooth …” The captain wanted to say this to the cadres of the railway bureau, but the self-blame and guilt made him say another sentence: “I pushed it to him. … ”

At the time of the burial, on the proposal of the captain, a few people who recognized Li Huaiwu as his father’s name raised a tall stone tablet for him. The front of the tablet body is engraved with the name “Tomb of Father Li Huaiwu”. At first, there were only four names for “Zi”. Later, all the children with children also strongly requested to add their children’s names. Finally, the inscription was filled with dense names.

The Gubei stands in the wild, and every Qingming Festival, someone will put a box of Zhu Qi to paint the eight characters on the back of the stele: deny oneself and save others, whoever you are.