I am such a person

The young people in the village almost went out.

Only Wang Xiaonian did not go out.

Someone asked Wang Xiaonian: Why don’t you go out to work?

Wang Xiaonian’s answer: My mother is in poor health. I went out and no one took care of her.

Ask again: What are you doing at home?

Answer: Zuo Tian.

The person who asked said: Zuo Tian did not work to make money.

Wang Xiaonian Answer: Yes.

Knowing that Zuo Tian does not make money, Wang Xiaonian still stays in the village.

Wang Xiaonian has three acres and three fields.

Three acres of rice planted in the field.

Three minutes of field planting radish taro potatoes and sugar cane.

Three acres of land can produce 5,000 pounds of grain a year, or two seasons in the morning and evening. A pound of dime per grain, a total of 5,500 yuan, excluding the cost of pesticides and fertilizer seeds, can only leave up to 3,000 yuan.

Planting radish taro potatoes in three points, half of these things eat half sell, can sell for 500 yuan.

This income is only enough for Wang Xiaonian and his mother to barely eat.

A few years passed.

Everyone in the village made a house.

Only Wang Xiaonian did not do it.

The young people in the village married their wives.

Only Wang Xiaonian did not marry.

Someone advised Wang Xiaonian: you should go out to work!

Wang Xiaonian Answer: I like farming now.

Others said: What is the use of Zuo Tian?

Wang Xiaonian said: Useful, I can grow rice, and every time I see rice waves rolling, I am happy. I can also plant sweet potatoes, and every time I dig sweet potatoes, I am also happy.

Others said: As far as your three acres of land are concerned, is eating a problem?

Wang Xiaonian said: I can make a variety of things.

Wang Xiaonian later planted 20 acres of fields.

Seeing that person, Wang Xiaonian said: I planted 20 acres of fields.

The man said: You can’t make money on 20 acres of land. I count with you, 800 kg of grain per mu of land, 1600 kg of two seasons in the morning and evening, 32,000 kg of 20 mu of land, and 1 kg per grain, 32,000 kg is 35200 yuan. In addition to the cost, you can only earn 20,000 yuan a year.

Wang Xiaonian said: Yes, it can make 20,000 yuan.

The man said: You can’t afford a house with this little money.

The man said again: he can’t marry his wife.

The man also said: You still go to work in the city, you can make 20,000 yuan in three months.

Wang Xiaonian shook his head and said: I still like to make fields.

At this time, Wang Xiaonian will use WeChat.

Will send a circle of friends.

On this day, he took a few photos, and the photos were green seedlings. Wang Xiaonian sent the photos to the circle of friends, which said: These fields were originally abandoned by people, and I turned them into a piece of green oil.

Many people like it.

Others commented: It looks good.

The rice paddy turned yellow, and he sent a circle of friends again, which read: Rice Wave Tumbling.

Some people like it.

There are still people commenting: I like to watch Insushi Qianzhonglang.

Wang Xiaonian replied: Happy.

Wang Xiaonian sent a circle of friends again that day, which was dug out sweet potatoes. Wang Xiaonian wrote on it: Looking at these fruits, it is very full.

Many people like it again.

There are many people in Wang Xiaonian’s circle of friends. On this day, some people also sent a circle of friends, a few photos and a poem. The photos are a few plants on the beach. The poems are as follows:

Plants on the beach


If it wasn’t for me


They will never be discovered

But i come or not

They don’t mind

I come, they are here

I’m not coming, they are here

Silently, they bloom

Silently, they turned out

Like some people

Obscurity in life

But they

Still happy

Wang Xiaonian thought the poem was good and immediately praised it below.

Also comment below:

I am such a person.