Martial arts

In the late Qing Dynasty, Huang Dahu, the son of a large family in Xiaohuangzhuang, Hebei, practiced martial arts from an early age, combined with his singular bones and high savvy. He made a rapid progress at a time, and he played invincible at all ages. Its knives, guns, swords, halberds, axes, yue, hooks, forks, whips, maces, hammers, scratches, sharps, sticks, ji, rods, crutches, meteor hammers are all 18-like weapons, but they are favorite It is still called the double knife. Once the double knife in the hand is called, it is said that within a few feet of the circle, there is nothing, only the shadow of the knife is heavy, such as the cloak body, the end is that the water cannot be splashed, and the needle cannot be inserted.

That year, Cheng Lao Fei opened his favor and Wu Ke restarted. With a move in his heart, Huang Dahu resolutely entered Beijing to take the exam. He did not intend to stand out among the thousands of martial arts people. He actually made a move and became a resounding martial artist. Immediately, he was granted the corresponding military position by the court and entered the army to serve. However, there are legends saying that Huang Dahu’s military act was not entirely based on his ability, but that his father changed his property and opened the joints everywhere. Therefore, someone in private regards this as a joke, and when they are bored, they search for fun.

Legend, naturally unbelievable. But there is no reason to believe that someone believes.

Within a few years, the Qing dynasty had gone, and the Republic of China came. Huang Dahu’s brain was unable to turn for a while, and he was unwilling to serve the new army, new government, and new dignitaries; he would not be completely ignorant and move against the tide. Farming, regardless of current affairs, is no different from ordinary villagers. There are also differences, that is, although the section of the Zhongwuju people has become a story, they are often shaken out by the villagers and laugh at him. And every time I shake off, new materials come out, and the flow is continuous, and the burden is everywhere, making the story more vivid and vivid. Huang Dahu blushed every time and stammered in excuses, saying that he was a real man by force and was able to get it by his own ability.

Everyone unbelieves naturally, even if they believe it, then they pretend to be unbelief. Huang Dahu was annoyed, and brought a pair of knives hanging on the wall of his home like a gust of wind, and summoned it in public to prove his innocence. Only a roar was heard, and the horde of the sword blew up, and I saw a sword traverse the river, two swords cut across the sky, three swords shocked the soul, four swords retreated from the army, five swords quenched the heart, six swords cleaned up the mood … a set “The lost knife method” can be tolerated. After the storm, Huang Dahu didn’t blush, panting, and stood still. Everyone secretly applauded, knowing that this is the real ability. But he refused to accept his mouth and laughed at him the next time.

Plain life requires eternal fun. Without fun, is it still called life?

However, this ordinary life was suddenly broken one day. On that day, with the sound of gunfire, a group of short, stout, and uncultivated Japanese soldiers came from the village. The plaster flags were flying all over the place, and the bayonet covered with bayonet flashed cold. This group of Japanese soldiers occupied the villagers’ houses, overwhelmed the villagers’ women, robbed the villagers’ belongings, and deterred the immorality of the guns. The villagers dared not to speak out, and they looked like a group of docile lambs.

Only a few days after the comfortable days, the Japanese soldiers were angry. Because as long as night falls, there are always one or two Japanese soldiers who have been singled out, their throats are cut by sharp blades, and they see the king of the king. The Japanese soldiers had to go to the night, and they had to go in groups and teams, one by one, for fear that they might accidentally lose their orders, and they were confused as ghosts under the sword. At first, the Japanese soldiers and traitors were investigating everywhere, sometimes suspecting that they could not afford the “starling”, sometimes doubting that they were afraid to provoke the “four lords”, and sometimes suspecting that they were cruel “uniform generation” or “middle character generation”. The child didn’t think in the direction of the docile lambs of the villagers.

One night, an unlucky Japanese soldier was making a small solution at the edge of the haystack, and a dark shadow appeared, and a big knife in his hand lightly touched the Japanese soldier’s throat. The Japanese soldier suddenly flew blood and fell to the ground. Unexpectedly, this was a trap set by the cunning Japanese soldiers. In a flash, the brigade of Japanese soldiers rushed out of the ambushing darkness and hurled their guns desperately at the shadow. The black shadow was overwhelmed, turned and ran, and a few ups and downs disappeared at the end of the forest. Seeing that the Japanese soldiers couldn’t catch up, they fired a gun again and stopped the soldiers.

Early in the morning of the next day, the villagers in their hearts found the dark shadow in a hidden cave in Houshan. It was Huang Dahu. It’s just that Huang Dahu has four shots in his body and is already dying. The villagers raised Huang Dahu in tears and called his name eagerly. Huang Dahu’s heart was hot, he opened his eyes hard, and asked, “I, I, am I a real martial artist?”

“Of course you are a real martial artist!” The villagers affirmed in unison, without hesitation.

Huang Dahu spit out the last breath with a smile, his hands spread, his hands fell to the ground, and his sound clashed. The sound, like the galloping of thousands of horses, the waves crashing on the shore; it also resembles the tigers and roaring mountains, the Longyin River and the sea, ringing all over Henan and Hebei.