Melon egg

Yang Guang said, “Brother, are you happy?”

I was startled, glanced at Yang Guang in front of me, and smiled helplessly.

Yang Guang said: “I am not happy!”

I am not happy either. But I do n’t say, what does it mean, most people ’s lives are alive. Alive, how can there be so much happiness.

Yang Guang said: “I want to go home and go back to the village.”

A glance, the melon that I was nibbling was balding, and the soft melon rubbed my face, wet and sticky. The melons were dull and tasteless at first, and now there is no taste at all. There is no smell of melons at all. I threw the melon in my hand on the table and asked him: “Why? It’s hard to stand firm in the city, even though it’s not rich, and it’s not worrying about food and clothing. Why should I pull my feet back? What do you think?”

Yang Guang smiled, put the half melon in his hand back on the table, looked at the melon and said, “Brother, do you like melon?”

I looked at the melon doubtfully and looked at Yang Guang and said, “I like it! But this melon is not melon-flavored and sweet, but it doesn’t have the sweet, noodle-flavored melon flavor that we ate when we were young.”

Yang Guang looked at me in surprise and said, “Yes, I want to eat the sweet, noodle and fragrant melon that we had when we were young. I’m going back to plant melon!” In the last sentence, Yang Guang threw a loud voice.

I shook my head, a little blinded and dizzy. I said, “No, no, do you mean to go home and go back to the village to grow melons? Does that mean?”

Yang Guang nodded hard, very decisively.

I was very surprised. Looking at the melon on the table, he tapped his mouth and said, “This melon is no more melon, but can you give up the city life that you have to have for a bite of melon!”

Yang Guang smiled slightly: “A person always has something he can’t give up. City life is very good, but this is not the day I want. This kind of day makes me unhappy!”

A trace of anger rose from the bottom of my heart to the top of my head, and I looked at Yang Guang: “Do you want to eat a melon in your life? Go back and let the villagers say you are a fool and an egg all day? Is it interesting?”

Yang Guang got up, smiled, waved his hand, and left. After walking a long way, I turned and shouted at me: “Brother, you will come back and eat my melon in a few months! Make sure to lose your teeth.”

I got up and waved at him vigorously: “You fool egg, come back quickly if you can’t!”

Yang Guang turned and disappeared under the bright sunshine.

People in the village kept calling me and asking me, “Is Yang Guang stupid? Is it a good day in the city? But, when I came back to grow melons, was it a melon egg? Is it a melon egg! …” ”

I am speechless. If I tell them that Yang Guang wants to eat the sweet, noodle and fragrant melon that he had eaten as a child, he will go back to grow melons, fearing that they will laugh at the big teeth.

I got up and went back to the village, taking advantage of Yang Guang’s melon egg’s name, and pulled him back into the city.

Back in the village, Yang Guang was not seen. The villagers said with a grin: “Yang Gua egg, went to the cattle and horse market in the village to pick up the dung.”

“Pick up feces? What do you mean?” I was surprised.

“Yanggua Egg said that he would grow pure, natural and pollution-free green melons without using chemical fertilizers and using manure, so he picked up the manure. Now who is still using manure to make fertilizer! It’s dirty and smelly, and the output is not high. Is there a fool egg! “The villagers shook their heads and sighed.

I immediately ran to the cattle and horse market in the village.

When I came to the entrance of the Niuma market, I saw Yang Guang at a glance. He was traveling between many cattle and horses, carrying a basket in his left hand and a shovel in his right, shoveling cattle and horse excrement like treasure. His dirty look is almost the same as that of a beggar, but his face is full of sunlight, as if he can see a piece of tender green and ground breaking out and stretching hard …

How can this stretch of sunshine full of confidence not bloom gorgeous flowers and fruit?

I rubbed my eyes and quickly turned around and left.

Three months later, the village chief called and said, “Tell Yang Guang, let him lead the people in our village to grow melons. His melons are really delicious! It was the kind of sweet that I ate when I was a kid The melons are fragrant and fragrant. Many people buy them at a high price. ”

I said, “How can I tell him?”

The village chief laughed embarrassedly on the phone twice: “He came back to grow melons, who doesn’t laugh, he is a melon egg. Yang Guang said, even if you didn’t laugh, he was a melon egg, and secretly returned to the village to see him … ”

The village chief’s phone hung up, and Yang Guang’s phone came. Yang Guang said excitedly on the phone: “Brother, come back to eat melon! It’s sweet, noodles and fragrant. I have left a row of the best. You come back and pick it, just like when we both picked melon as a kid …”

Tears filled my eyes in an instant, but I clearly saw Yang Guang’s smiling face full of sunshine.