One pot fresh

Under Qianjiang, Qianlong must pass through Wen’an County; every Jing’an County must live one night.

It was not the splendid scenery or the poetic woman in Jiangnan that left the car. On the contrary, in Wen’an County at that time, floods often raged and the people did not talk about life. Two to three hundred miles out of Beijing, the car was in a hurry, and the dragon’s body was burnt out, which was the point of rest and rest. Wen’an scenery is an extension of the capital. Qianlong did not plan to visit the village to visit the households to check the people’s feelings. After listening to a few reports on water control, he wanted to take a break early, leaving energy to the fascinating Jiangnan.

While eating, the accompanying eunuch served a plate of small fish. It is the first time Qianlong who has tasted “land, sea and air” has eaten such a small fish, the size of which is about the same as the ears of wheat just extracted, one by one, with head and tail, intact, clear and clear, non-sticky. Qianlong picked up the chopsticks and put it down again.

The eunuch came forward to report that this was a stewed fish from Wen’an farmhouse. The local official said that there were some special features, and he paid tribute to the emperor.

The emperor went on a tour, there was a huge catering team, responsible for the collection and processing of ingredients, and each person was responsible for the specialty. Sometimes it is accompanied by local specialty snacks, and it is screened layer by layer, and the dishes are sent to the mouth of the emperor. The road is long and stricter than the beauty pageant.

Qianlong took a bite, but it was actually a bite. Then he ate the second and third, and Qianlong ate all the small fish. Accompanying the little fish was a cornmeal pancake, which Qianlong never missed. The other dishes didn’t take care of it, and the little fish “swim” into Qianlong’s stomach. He looked at the empty plate and then the eunuch.

The eunuch didn’t quite understand what Qianlong meant. Was it full or was there another dish?

Call the fish cook, Qianlong said.

Without much effort, the cook knelt at the feet of Qianlong.

The cook didn’t look like a sieve, but he was calm and calm. Instead, Qianlong was a little curious, and asked the cook: Are you afraid of seeing the emperor?

Chef: The emperor is the emperor of the common people, the heaven of the common people.

Qianlong stood up and looked at the cook with his eyes wide open.

The cook stood up and looked up, the average look of a farmer, and he was not surprised.

Qianlong: Tell me about your cooking skills.

Chef: I don’t know how to cook, it’s home cooking, and it will happen naturally. The fish is the fish in the Wadian. The one made for the emperor is called wheat spike, and the fish grows so big. After washing, the pan and cannon were put on the roll. The dry pan and cannon were not fried. The common people had no oil at home. The fire should be slow, the cannon was golden on both sides, and it was estimated that five or six would be mature. After finishing the fish, mix in the sauce and vinegar, add the onion, ginger and garlic to the pot at the same time. The water should be moderate, soaked in fish, more flavor, less paste pot. Stick a circle of stick noodle cake on the edge of the pot, the size of the palm, dip the fish soup, and put the pot on the edge. The fish stew is fierce, the reeds are ignited, and the firewood is chopped up. After the steam is released, the fire can be stopped in another quarter of an hour. The fish has a umami taste and the cake has a fish taste. Although there is less oil and less meat, you can still taste it.

Qianlong listened intoxicated.

The cook suddenly turned his head: I originally only fished but not fished, and my wife and girlfriend were dead, and everything was left with a single bachelor. We Wen’an County used to be a pretty water town. Rivers are like nets, water surface is like satin, there are Wanliu Jindi, Shengshuihexiang, Ludang Goose array, grain and rice warehouse. The successive floods have ruined the home like a lot, many relatives are gone, many people have left their homes …

Qianlong: Does the government house cure floods?

But do n’t injustice the mansion, the cook said that the mansion is still doing its best, but the water is too big to do anything. There is the capital city above, there is the provincial capital, below is the Tianjin Guardian, born in the lower reaches of the Jiuhe, is born in a bitter land, the people of Wen’an know which one is lighter, he must keep one.

Qianlong left the seat and looked at the cook in surprise.

The cook went on to say that it is not easy for the common people, it is not easy for the government, it is impossible to collect money, and nothing can be done …

Qianlong interrupted the cook: Are you doing things in the government?

That’s not true, the cook said, just read a few days and read a few words.

Qianlong: If I reward you, what do you most want to reward?

Chef: I’m afraid the emperor will not give it.

Qianlong: Talk about it.

Chef: Since you get a reward for fish, please ask the emperor to reward this pot of fish with a name.

Qianlong pondered for a moment: How about a pot of fresh meat in Wen’an?

Emperor Xie! The chef knocked his head.

Qianlong: Is it just a name?

Chef: If the Emperor rewards him again, he will give more money to Wen’an County to dredge the river and repair the facilities.

Qianlong sat back and smiled without answering.

After Qianlong left, the county magistrate invited the cook to the palace and gave a deep gift.

The cook panicked: the grown-ups were uncomfortable.

The county magistrate said that the emperor had made a decision to chase the disaster relief silver two, and he could go to the county in a few days. The emperor has something to say to you. The emperor also said that what you appreciate is your words.

The cook said that the emperor’s reward I had already received-Wenan Yipanxian. As long as the adults use the silver given by the emperor in the right place, it is the biggest reward for the villain!