Oriental Beauty

“There are two kinds of women in the world. One is like boiled water. You know what it tastes like if you drink it or not. The other is like tea.

You Yangduan sat at the tea table and said slowly. The iron kettle crouched on the pottery stove, and the boiling water splashed upward against the white mist. He poured water into a fair cup intently and put it back to warm. Then, two blue and white porcelain cups were taken from the shelf, and the boiling water in the fair cup was stretched into the empty cup. Ren Shui patted the wall of the cup, and the movement was repeated several times smoothly. Yanan was dumbfounded, as if he were in a mountain stream.

“What about me? What does it look like?” It took a long time for Yanan to spit out this sentence slowly, as if to ask, as if to himself.

You Yang stopped her hand and looked at Yanan with interest. Yanan’s little heart missed a beat and missed another beat. She dialed the bangs in front of her pretentiously calmly, and when the other party was still looking at herself, she bit her fingers subconsciously-she would bit her fingers when she was nervous. You Yang laughed suddenly, and she was overwhelmed with embarrassment.

“You are like ‘Oriental Beauty, 100 degree water is too hot, the temperature needs to be just right.”

Yanan took a small cup and took a sip. A warm heat flowed across the throat, and the warm feeling spread in the stomach. Drinking the “Oriental Beauty”, the temperature is just right, and the corner of the mouth does not rise gently.

Youyang and Yanan met in a gathering style organized by the Writers Association a year ago. At the dinner, everyone had a great poem, a poem of a glass of wine, a line of a glass of wine … Yanan had no talents, and she usually couldn’t get a word out at this time, and the fine wine naturally fell on her. She politely refused, and some people felt that she had done it, and she was not good at arguing. To be honest, she didn’t know if she could drink, because she hadn’t drunk, so she wasn’t drunk. She just had a bad stomach, she had surgery when she was a child, and she couldn’t forget the pain in her life. Therefore, she will not do anything to harm herself.

How could the literati deal so well, a few big men simply brought the glass to her. “Little girl, she really doesn’t give face.” She was very nervous, and she didn’t know what to say, just bit her finger.

You Yang looked at Yan Nan’s pitiful appearance, and some could not stand it anymore. “Okay, don’t embarrass a child, I’ll drink it for her.” He walked through the crowd, picked up her glass of wine, and sipped it out.

Yanan raised his head and gave him a grateful look.

Youyang is a businessman who runs a homestay. He rented many old houses in the country, decorated in antique style. Surrounded by high mountains and flowing water, we also rented fields to plant flowers such as geraniums, Gesang flowers, and fruits such as loquat, grapes, and dragon fruit. The flowering and fruiting throughout the year has attracted many tourists to enjoy the flowers and pick fruits. In particular, some literati and literati are still lingering. You Yangqin chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops, hops and tea all know everything. It is said that his university is a Chinese department. In the words of the circle, he is “the richest in the literati circle and the most cultural in the business circle.”

Since then, Yanan has turned Youyang’s circle of friends into a good one. She read the books he read one by one; wherever he went, she saved enough money to walk alone; knew that he likes sports, she runs in the park every day after work; he likes to drink tea To make tea, she went to the tea house to work part-time as a “tea-saver” on the weekend … she just wanted to experience his mood.

Every time You Yang sent a message, Yanan always returned in seconds, often looking for some topics and talking to him. He asked, “Why are you working so busy? There is always so much time to chat?” She suddenly felt very sad. No matter how busy she was, she would put down everything in her hands to reply to his message. In his eyes, she was just too busy.

How many days will Yanan wake up suddenly in the early morning and try to open his confused eyes, open WeChat to see if he responds to “Good Night”, and then smile or lose.

The mother called from her hometown to urge Yanan to find a boyfriend early. What Yanan thought was when Youyang blocked her wine.

“Teacher You, I really like your painting” He “.” Yanan finally summoned the courage and sent him a message.

“Huh … Really? It wasn’t painted to make you like it.” This is so choking, Ya Nan is like a throat.

Youyang invites Yanan to drink tea in his studio. A cup of “Oriental Beauty” is not finished yet. Here comes another woman, Suyan Qiandai. Yanan watched the woman coming generously and sat down again.

“Little girl, this is your future sister-in-law, how? We are as good as you?” You Yang laughed.

“Sister-in-law is boiled water or tea?” Yanan asked in reply.

“Bai boshui, a necessity of life.” You Yang laughed again.

Yanan took a sip of tea and smiled bitterly—the person who loved him on tiptoe did not love himself. It has nothing to do with boiled water and tea.

Soon, Yan Nan listened to the introduction of her predecessors in the Tea Art Museum: “Oriental Beauty” tea, because the leaf buds are eaten by a small insect called the floating sinker, it will secrete white juice that resists the small insects, and the cocoons adhere to the leaves. . Growth is not easy, so it is precious. When the “Oriental Beauty” meets the floating sinker, the floating sinker has become a special and wonderful aroma introductory, which ultimately enables the “East Beauty” to create a unique life value.

Will this relationship that ends before it begins, will it be the ups and downs in Yanan’s life?

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