Teacher’s wheelchair

The idea of ​​buying a wheelchair for the teacher was made by Li Zhi, and the money for the wheelchair was also made by Li Zhi. However, I did things such as inspecting goods, handling, calling the courier company, etc.

The wheelchair is the most high-end artificial intelligence wheelchair. I sat on it and gently pushed the button from the first floor to the second floor, and then from the second floor to the first floor. It was stable and comfortable. The teacher’s femoral head has been necrotic for many years, and the replacement surgery has failed twice. It is an absolutely wise choice to use this high-end artificial intelligence wheelchair as a gift. The teacher will be very fond of meeting. I said to Li Zhi.

Do not! Li Zhi waved and said, it was a surprise! Tell the courier company that this surprise must be brought to our teacher within five days.

When Li Zhi said this, the courier on the package stood on my right. While calculating the shipping cost, he said a word, not to mention five days, absolutely delivered within three days. Seemingly afraid of Li Zhi’s unbelief, the courier emphasized that if they were in the same city, they could be delivered on the same day! You don’t know, our express delivery is not slow on the road, but slow before the receipt and after the delivery.

Makes sense! I casually praised it.

Don’t try to say anything useless. Li Zhi glanced at me, his face turned to the courier, I said the ugly words in front, if five days later, I ca n’t see my teacher in this wheelchair to attend our classmates ’party, I will let your boss Opened you up. Li Zhi’s words were full of dominance.

The courier didn’t know what the fat man was in front of him, so he had to ridicule and said ambiguously, why? I do n’t know if he ’s expressing that he will never be late, or that the boss will never drive him.

I comforted him and said, don’t worry, there are only seven days before our classmates meet.

It’s up to you! Li Zhi gave me a glance. The courier grinned at me and took the wheelchair to the tricycle parked outside the door. I clapped my hands and breathed a sigh of relief, saying that now I am nothing.

Having said that, I realized that I still have a lot of things to do. Book a hotel, set up a meeting place, help Li Zhi write a speech … These are all Li Zhi told me to do. He is my boss. I have to rely on him to pay me 8,000 yuan a month to support my family. He farts, and I have to wait carefully. No, as soon as the courier went out, Li Zhi let a fart. He said, why is it all right? You have to let all the students who come to the meeting know that I bought this wheelchair. However, you must not let Lin Shuangshuang know.

Lin Shuangshuang is our class flower. Li Zhi has been in love with her since Gao Gao, but later, Li Zhi failed to enter the university. Although Lin Shuangshuang was admitted to the university, he failed to graduate, and was taken back to his rural hometown by his father to marry him. Not seen for many years, Li Zhi certainly has his reason to do so. I didn’t ask too much, after all, talking is not a good habit.

I can only use the desk phone to call the students one by one and tell them that Li Zhihua bought the teacher a wheelchair for more than 20,000 yuan. The other party would generally say, yo, Li Zhi is so generous, is it a big deal? I said, okay. However, you must not let Lin Shuangshuang know about this.

After making about six calls in this way, Li Zhi suddenly grabbed the microphone and smashed it on the landline, staring at me with bulging eyes, fucking, aren’t you trying to cover up? Why did I say that I want to cover up? Li Zhi pointed to the landline and said, do you want to call Lin Shuangshuang now? I fought by the words, Lin Shuangshuang said, I know, Li Zhi is now in a big hair. I shrugged and asked Li Zhi, are you still making this call? Li Zhi threw the landline on the ground with one hand, and farted!

Facts have proved that Li Zhi’s judgment is correct. On the day when the classmates meet, almost everyone asked when they met, what about the wheelchair that Brother Zhi bought? It seems that they are not here to talk to their classmates, but to make a special trip to get acquainted with the new wheelchair. Li Zhi tirelessly told them one by one, don’t worry, the teacher will arrive, and the wheelchair will naturally arrive.

The teacher’s house is not far from the hotel, but he came a little late. A girl shouted, the teacher came, and we greeted the stars like a moon, but the wheelchair that Li Zhi paid for did not appear in our vision. The teacher sat in a clumsy old wheelchair and looked at us with a smile. Standing behind the wheelchair was a black, thin, middle-aged man with a slightly flushed face and a thin sweat on his forehead. Obviously, the teacher should be the one who pushed him all the way. Li Zhi was a little disappointed. He smiled and approached the teacher to ask, Teacher, why are you still using this wheelchair? Did n’t I buy you an artificial intelligence wheelchair?

The teacher patted the middle-aged man’s hand sideways as if he hadn’t heard it, and introduced that they were lovers. He opened a motorcycle repair shop and was a bit busy today, so he came late. The middle-aged man smiled sternly, showing a neat tooth, but did not squeak. Don’t look at him as a deaf-mute man, his hand is a coincidence! The teacher patted the handrail of the wheelchair and said, this wheelchair was modified by him with several scrapped bicycles. Shuangshuang can’t come today. He came to the meeting on behalf of Shuangshuang. A sparse applause rang out from the crowd, making the middle-aged man rubbing his hands uncomfortably around his chest.

At this time, the teacher took Li Zhi’s hand with a smile and said, I received the wheelchair you bought, the function is really powerful. It’s just that no one is pushing, I’m not used to it … when it comes to the end, the teacher suddenly becomes hypocritical.

That is, that is. Li Zhi smiled, and put his hands on the backrest of the wheelchair. Come, teacher, I will push you in.