Three dumb

The three dumb surnamed Yue, from the village of Yuezhuang, was named dumb because he was the dumbest third.

The three dumb was born in the early 1970s. The people in the village did not know his real name, because no one ever shouted, even the mother-in-law called him Saner and Saner.

San Muba’s family is poor. When he was nine years old, his father led him to the market to buy new year’s goods. San Muba pointed to a biscuits stall and yelled. More sesame seeds were given to him, and three dumb, three, five, and two were consumed. But when his dad touched the ten dollars in his cotton pants pocket, he couldn’t find it.

His dad blushed and said to the biscuits: “My money was stolen. I’ll give it to you in the next episode.”

“Don’t eat if you can’t afford it, and you say you don’t have any money. It’s true!” The biscuits who sold biscuits gave him a blank look and said disdainfully.

The three-mute daddy pulled him and went home empty-handed. When he arrived home, he was scolded by the three-mute daddy. The next day, people found the dead three dumb daddy in the small forest in the west of the village. Since then, their mother and son have lived together.

There are a lot of Wasson on the roof of San Muba’s house, and in the spring, those Wassons can grow hard. Some people say that Wasong can clear away heat and detoxify, and can cure the disease of snake loin, so people from Shili Baxiang often come to the house to pick them. Those blue tiles are cracked and crushed under the feet of the pickers. In this regard, the three dumb mothers dare not speak out, what is the law of the orphans and widows.

Once, a foreigner came to pick again, and the three dumb bunny would n’t let him go to the house, and the village director would come soon. There was a big quarrel, and the three dumb bunny went through, and said with confidence, “If you do n’t want someone to go to the house, wait for you Do n’t ask me to stamp anymore when something happens to your family! ”The scared three-mute mother quickly compensated others.

Both of the three dumb brothers grew up, because the family could not afford to build a new house, no one told the daughter-in-law, they have gone to other places to serve as elder son-in-law.

The three dumbs graze their sheep every day, and they have to mow the grass when they are grazed. When the sheep are full, he goes home with the grass and feeds the rabbits.

There are a group of naughty children in the village. The king of the child is Liu Erdun. Although he graduated from junior high school, he can’t recognize a few characters of Dou Da. He often leads a group of children’s scouts after school. The scouts held a thin willow stick in their hands, and the sticks were dyed with paint, like a group of monkeys on Huaguo Mountain.

One day, the scout led by Liu Erdun and the goats led by the three dumbs met. Liu Erdun yelled, “The rush,” and the scouts scrambled towards the goats. The flocks of goats were beaten down, the waters were broken, and the three dumbs yelled in annoyance, beating them, and the boy scouts shouted “three dumbs, talk quickly”, while the birds and beasts scattered.

Poor wife, let alone a dumb. Three dumb married a woman with epilepsy when she was almost thirty. In the second year after marriage, he gave birth to a fat boy named Yue Huiyu, and in the third year he gave birth to a fat boy named Yue Huiyan. Both children’s names were created by the three dumb mothers who went to an old teacher in the village.

Everyone is happy and happy, with the two children Huiyu and Huiyan, the three dumb people laugh and “ahhhhh”.

There were unexpected circumstances. On a sunny and beautiful afternoon, the three-dummy daughter-in-law took Hui Yu and Hui Hui back to her family. When she passed a puddle in the south of the village, she suddenly had seizures, foaming in her mouth, and twitching her hands and feet Hui Yan also rolled into the puddle. After people took Hui Yan out, he pressed the water in his stomach and ran backwards, but he still didn’t cry. The three dumb rushed thumped their feet and cried, “Ah,” they cried and shouted like a wounded male wolf. After that, he stopped greeting everyone. Sometimes, watching the flock of scouts pounding him kept silent. Everyone in the village said that the three dumb were stupid, and the boy scouts shouted at him: “Silly and dumb, talk quickly.”

Another summer, it rained for three days and three nights, and the puddles outside the village were all level with the road surface. I didn’t know where the fish came from. Some of them even swam on the road surface. At noon one day, Liu Erdun and his two friends jumped to swim in a puddle in the south of the village. Liu Erdun accidentally slipped into a rabbit well (a small deep pit in the puddle, commonly known as the rabbit well), “Struggling, just can’t swim out. The two little friends cried in fright. Seeing that Liu Erdun was about to sink to the bottom of the water, a figure jumped into the water and desperately pushed him out of the rabbit well, but the figure disappeared.

After hearing the news, Liu Erdun’s parents repeatedly asked him who his life-saving benefactor was. Liu Erdun said that he didn’t read it clearly and didn’t know who it was. Some people say that the goats and a basket of grass on the road may be three dumb. After the people rescued the rescuer, they found that they were really three dumb, and the body still kept the posture of pushing their hands outward.

Liu Erdun’s father bought San Dumb a good coffin and buried him. On the day of the burial, many cadres came from the county and town, and gave the three dumb daughter-in-law 1,000 yuan and a large plaque with the words “seeking courageously”.

As soon as Yue Huiyu reached the school age, the principal of the village primary school came to his house to ask him to go to school. His mother said that I had no money and could not afford to go to school. The principal of the elementary school said that someone wanted to sponsor Huiyu to go to school without having to take a penny from your family.

Yue Huiyu went to elementary school for six years, and she didn’t get a penny for tuition and fees. After graduating from elementary school to junior high school, the junior high school principal also said that someone will sponsor you to go to school without having to pay a single cent for tuition and fees. In high school, the principal said the same. Yue Huiyu repeatedly asked who sponsored it. The three principals all took out only an empty envelope with the words “Yue Huiyu tuition, please ×× Principal to collect it”.

Who sponsored my tuition and fees? This problem has always plagued Yue Huiyu.

In the eighteenth year after San Muba’s death, Yue Huiyu was admitted to a prestigious university in Northeast China to participate in the college entrance examination. Just when he was unable to pay for tuition and his mother was unattended, Liu Erdun, who had not returned home for a long time, drove from When he came back from the field, he first went to San Muba to set up a stone tablet, and asked people to engrave the eight characters “No words and virtue, Liufang eternal life”. Then, he used a car to pull the three-mute daughter-in-law to the nursing home in the town. During the admission process, he solemnly wrote it with a carbon pen on the “Admission Registration Form” column “Relationship with the adopted person”. The word “mother and son”.

Suddenly, Yue Huiyu found out where Liu Erdun’s handwriting seemed to have been seen, and soon he understood it in his heart, and his tears were flowing down …

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