30 tips for girls who plan to travel poorly

  Compared with the past, there are more and more people who know how to enjoy life, and naturally more and more people travel. Those who live a bit more affluent, choose where to go or choose to travel by car; those who have a certain economic basis, whether it is a free travel or a newspaper group, at least the country can go away; and for some young people who are new to society Or people who do n’t have much savings and want to travel but do n’t have much money, what should they do?
  You must have heard the word: poor travel. Traveling poorly and spending the least money on the biggest world, it sounds not too friendly to the poor. But now, many people regard it as an adventure, as a “cool thing” and vigorously promote it, so it attracts many people, even those who are not bad, to blindly join the ranks of poor travel in order to complete self-challenge An illusion of “it is easy to travel poor”.
  There is a saying that there is no free lunch in the world. Although poor travel saves money, there are many things to pay attention to, especially for girls. The poor tour is not a beast of floods, but it is not a master key. If you really plan to come to a poor tour, please accept the following 30 suggestions.
1. Before you travel

  1. Don’t take too much luggage, but it must be practical. If you want to save money, you must bring good necessities and avoid unexpected expenses.
  2. It is best to bring a set of more ordinary trousers and long sleeves according to the weather of the destination week, especially for girls who travel alone.
  3. Bring self-defense equipment, alarms, anti-wolf spray, etc., combined with the choice of transportation.
  4. Before you travel be sure to plan their own large
  -induced line, is to focus on some of the local paste it or recommend local people, must not blind road.
  5. Book a ticket for the transportation on the Internet in advance, it is not recommended to get the ticket too early, so it is more convenient to refund.
  6. If tickets are needed at the destination, you can find a reliable online reservation in advance.
  7. Prepare cash in advance, you can turn 100 yuan into zero, and then bring enough change that you usually use.
  8. Don’t bring too big a bag, prepare a small pocket that is close to the body, the more inconspicuous the better.
  9. Don’t bring too many bank cards and certificates, just one ID card and one card with travel funds, the rest is at home.
  10. Be sure to avoid holidays, let alone a lot of people, prices must be the most expensive.
  11. Take a shower, a refreshing and refreshing departure will make people full of vitality and mood will be better.
Second, about transportation

  12. Poor travel, especially girls who travel alone, must choose public transportation.
  13. Although special fares are sometimes cheaper than high-speed rail, the airport location is generally more remote. If you arrive later, it is best not to choose to fly.
  14. Traveling in unfamiliar cities, you must choose to take a bus or a taxi with a regular license.
  15. Don’t take a ride or ride a car at random. Although there are more good people than bad people in this world, they are not afraid of 10,000 but just in case.
3. About accommodation

  16. Those who send small advertisements in the train station, try not to believe.
  17. The place where you live is the best with convenient transportation and can be broken, but the security must be good, don’t plan to be cheap.
  18. Chain Express Hotel and Youth Hostel are the choices of many people, mainly because the infrastructure is relatively complete, relatively clean, relatively formal and safe.
  19. If you want to live in a non-chain small hostel, you must confirm in advance whether there is a place for a separate bath, and whether other hardware facilities can accept it.
  20. About the homestay. B & Bs in popular areas are not cheap, but relatively safe and close to scenic spots, if you go on non-holidays, you can consider.
  21. When you come to the accommodation, be sure to check whether the doors and windows can be locked, and lock the door when you sleep.
  22. Check if there is a pinhole camera.
4. About others

  23. Girls travel alone and must pay attention to safety when going out at night. Bring various self-defense appliances.
  24. When going to a place where ethnic minorities gather, it is necessary to properly understand their culture and taboos.
  25. Don’t trust strangers at will, including people who look harmless to humans and animals.
  26. Don’t be too high-profile in your work. Treat yourself as a local, as usual.
  27. It is best not to run in a remote place by yourself. If you must go, first ask for a comment.
  28. In unfamiliar cities, you can sometimes trust your instincts. If you come to a place and feel uncomfortable, you must leave quickly.
  29. Try not to conflict with local people.
  30. There is something to find the police.