7 standards for the exquisite woman of 2020

01 Lighten up every day and go out

  The first criterion for an exquisite woman is to devote more attention to maintaining yourself, doing more beauty, taking good care of skin, and maintaining elegance. Whether in work or in life, a woman who dresses seriously will be more beautiful, confident and charming. There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women, exquisite women with a pursuit of life, and they must like to dress themselves up nicely before going out. Put on some lipstick every day, go out with light makeup, and stick to it, you will find yourself getting beautiful every day.
02 enrich your hobbies

  After work, you can develop more hobbies you like. Learning to arrange flower arrangements, making desserts, or writing a diary, and studying cooking skills can make your life more colorful. You can also accompany your parents for dinner and chatter every week, so that they can participate more in their lives.
  Delicate women know how to enjoy life and cherish the beauty around them. Regardless of pre-marriage and post-marriage, every woman’s life can not only be chai rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, but also should have qin chess, calligraphy and painting poetry hops. Adhere to makeup, reading, sports, and tourism, manage friendships, maintain economic independence, and cultivate your own hobbies. Stick to these 7 things, and one day, you will become an exquisite woman that everyone envy.
03Keep reading a good book every week

  Jiang Sida said in “The Wonderful Flower”, which is very impressive: “You can become Fan Bingbing in one day, but you cannot read Lin Huiyin in one day.” A charming temperament. Every night, free up time to watch TV series to read more books, enrich your inner, accumulated over time, your speech and behavior will slowly change.
  Reading will make you a better self while mastering more knowledge.
04 Monthly shopping with girlfriends

  As you grow older, you will find that as time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer friends around you. Therefore, we should manage every friendship well. You can spend time with friends and girlfriends to eat, shop, watch movies, and gossip every month.
  The time spent with friends is always so easy, it will make you temporarily get rid of the troubles of work, laugh out loud, and be happy.
05 Travel to a place every year

  Either study or travel, one of soul and body must be on the road. Travel does not care about the destination, but grow more experience, let yourself be in nature, and appreciate better and better things.
  When you are young, go to the outside world to see more, appreciate the different customs and customs, and make your mind more open. Only when women have seen the bigger world can they know what life they want is like.
06 Run and exercise every week

  No matter how busy you are at work, you must keep on exercising. Physical health is always the first priority.
  After eating every day, you can bask in the sun and take a walk. On the weekends, I can ask my friends to run and run together and practice yoga. Sweating will make your mood and skin better. At any time, having a healthy body is more important than anything.
07 Have a good job

  Women have a job, have their own goals in life, and maintain economic independence, so that they can live more decently and confidently. You also have to learn to manage finances and save a little savings to be able to cope with all the accidents in life in the future. Exquisite women must support themselves, money is not how much, just earn themselves. It is important to know that the sense of accomplishment brought about at work cannot be felt in marital life.
  How many of these 7 standards will you meet in 2020?