Fireworks in the palm

  In the last two years of elementary school, my father, who was transferred to work, moved to another place. Because the problem of school status was not resolved, I could only barely go to a primary school that was not valued by many people.
  The reason why it is not favored by others is that this school is located on the outskirts of the city, and it is also backed by a mixed market of fish and dragons. Almost all the people living here are gathered together from the fields because of house demolition, relying on a stall to support the livelihood of a vegetable vendor or butcher. When business is slightly worse in the afternoon, they will grab a handful of melon seeds and sit together. The cheers and complaints are intertwined with the ups and downs of their luck, and the atmosphere of the city erupts outward.
  Many of my classmates are children of these people, inheriting the style of their parents, and having a carefree and carefree happiness. Lack of scientific and strict guidance, this group of children with disheveled hair and unfamiliar knowledge was raised in stocks, and they looked younger than their peers. They had no special talents. The test scores worried the class teacher. After school, they still cheered and jumped into the vegetable market. In a store filled with lights and smoke, the voice of the dinner table was gone.
  At that time, when I was young, I spent my time alone relying on books to dissolve, and developed a sentimental personality in my early maturity. It’s difficult for me to integrate into this atmosphere, and I can’t understand the kind of almost nonsense character that everyone does not worry about at the moment.
  Before graduating from elementary school, he moved to the same table, Yang Xiaowei invited me to dinner at his house. In the noodle shop at the corner of the snail house vegetable market, I ate the delicious soft and glutinous pork trotters, chicken wings and salami. Father Yang satisfies a cheap bottle of wine and looked at his son with a happy face sitting in front of the TV. Mother Yang is receiving customers, because the price has not been negotiated, the business that is about to go is yellow, and a polite smile: “Welcome to come back at any time.” To be
  honest, the business of the braised meat shop is general, and the life and sand are all decorated. I can see it when I wear it, but the real happy atmosphere makes me remember it fresh. People living in the vegetable market, struggling to survive at the lowest level, have amazing vitality and resilience, like a humble creeper in the corner, unable to stop the flourishing.

  Other memories related to the vegetable market are mostly related to the mother. As a housewife, it is her habit to go to the food market every day. This is the battlefield where she confronts life.
  In order to cultivate my self-care ability, the mother who goes to the market early will always take me by force, standing in front of each stall, facing the sleepy difference between my popular grass carp and crucian carp, how to screen out fresh radish or green pepper .
  For a boy, this is an irritating and even annoying process, because some actions of the mother are extremely unnecessary in my opinion. For example, when there is no egg at home, the mother will not buy at any stall, but instead finds a woman nicknamed “egg mother” in the vegetable market. Even if the eggs are sold out, she is willing to wait a few days. Or, when it’s time to store the watercress sauce, it was obviously a seasoning on the supermarket shelves, but she had to buy raw materials such as chili and ask the merchants in the vegetable market to brew it on the spot.
  It wasn’t until I grew up that when I was eating out the same-sized takeaway, did I understand my mother’s good intentions. Those who are not afraid of trouble but also want to pursue the best attitude, make life full of solemn sense of ceremony.
  At that time, I finally grew into a long-awaited adult and lived an uncontrolled and free life, but the sad people and things were no less than before. The soaring house prices and the cruel survival are always ready. Become the last straw to crush young people.
  For the dream of my favorite news, I had the experience of working alone in Beijing. It ’s been 30 years since I rented a house, but for a small bedroom, the monthly rent would be 3,000 yuan. Fortunately, there is a small kitchen with all the necessary utensils.
  Newspaper work is under great pressure, and the work rhythm rotates like a gear. Often, only the weekend can get a sky. Most colleagues choose to cover their heads to sleep, and I still get used to getting up on time, going out to buy food for myself, and making a simple but solemn dinner. For half a year in the north, I scrambled for recipes, I was able to fry myself a Northeast territories, boiled a bowl of sauerkraut and duck soup, then opened a movie, eat them by the radiator, let the wandering The confusion gradually subsided.
  Beijing ’s urban planning is orderly, and the disorderly vegetable market is mostly shut down. Buying vegetables can only go to the nearest meat regional supermarket, and the price is naturally much more expensive. With new progress in work, I will bite my teeth and reward myself with a bag of strawberries, praying in sweetness will always have countless bright and bright futures.
  I suddenly understood why the group of lively elementary school classmates and their peaceful and happy parents have a natural and open-minded and happy body. Relying on a vegetable market for sunrise and sunset, without too many unrealistic ideas, food becomes the most authentic pursuit. They are content and happy, and the symphony of life played between meat, vegetables and fruits is simple and loud.
  Nowadays, many vegetable markets disappear in the rapid changes of the city, and become a clear window area in the corner of the supermarket. Fortunately, the vegetable market backed by elementary school still retains its original appearance in the voice of local residents. Once again learning about Yang Xiaowei’s current situation, he has graduated from a cooking school and chose to return to the vegetable market to inherit his parents’ shop. Now that the business has expanded, he has also set up the shop next door. I haven’t been able to become a scientist or engineer as defined in Success Studies, but the way I stand up on my own is worth rejoicing.

  From the first video of Li Ziqi, I have fallen in love with this food blogger who lives in the farmland. In just ten minutes, light and shadow are intertwined, and you can see a delicious pork belly simmering chicken soup or bacon claypot rice up close, how it can be transformed from raw materials to tables under the tame of cooking and wisdom delicious.
  In one scene, Li Ziqi, who was chopping wood, heard the neighbor’s pig-killing sound. He was so surprised that he quickly took out a new cotton quilt and replaced it, cheering for a good piece of pork. Washing, cutting, sprinkling, pickling, pouring meat, smoking and roasting, the fresh pork that has just been slaughtered has turned into a chopping sausage in the mouth.
  The tens of millions of fans who follow Li Ziqi must have the same state of mind-in the unrecognizable changes of the city, it is the most authentic pursuit of life, which is simple and original. For urban people, food comes too easy, and you can enjoy it when you sit in a restaurant or cafeteria. You can only see what they look like when they are put out of the pot and put into a dish. Therefore, the joy of merging into your own work is less. And satisfaction.
  It is impossible to witness the whole process from sowing to harvesting of a vegetable, but it is a magical self-healing to go to the market with a vegetable basket.
  There is a sentence that hits the soul: when you feel pain, you may wish to go to the vegetable market.
  Here, you can see the carp jumping out of the water tank, seeing cucumbers or cauliflower contaminated with morning dew on the shelves, seeing the steam violently rushing when the bean curd comes out of the pot, and seeing the old man in the countryside carrying the basket From afar, just to sell a handful of chrysanthemum or several bundles of garlic seedlings, I saw everyone’s pains and hardships in the hustle and bustle of life.
  Yes, when a cabbage is planted in the form of seeds in the spring, after absorbing abundant nutrients, it is placed on a vegetable rack and handed over to you through a pair of vicissitudes of hands, only in exchange for a few cents of change, The kind of energy that is dedicated to life is about to come out. What else do you have to hurt the spring and fall, and forget the love for this world?
  Walking in the blood vessels of the city, through the depths of sorrow, there is nothing at all. The sharp and blunt pain like a blade turns into a flying snow drifting away. It is often said in the movie that sour and sweet are just snacks, and suffering is the dinner of life. Wealthy and wealthy, the spring breeze is proud, poor and sad, sad and frustrated, one of the people can not eat three meals a day, the pursuit of the most real human fireworks.