Our distance

  The first time I heard about the constellation from my classmates, I was convinced that all the quirks about Virgo written in the book were accepted by my mother. Whether it is obsessive-compulsive disorder, cleanliness, or a slightly twisted character, all appear on my mother without exception.
  My mother is a doctor. I work very busy on weekdays. Before leaving, I will tell me a long list of words that are longer than the operating room operating specifications. Biology class said that nature maintains a variety of cycles to maintain balance, and people also have internal cycles. The cycle in our family is the splint gas father, obsessive-compulsive mother and eccentric daughter, forming the most unbreakable triangle in mathematics. .
  Only one time, a corner of the family was taken away.
  One day a few years ago, the school suddenly announced that all students must take body temperature when they enter the school. If there is an abnormality, they cannot enter the school. I seem to understand that the outbreaks occurred in Guangdong and Beijing, but how far away is that? I have to fly for four hours. I never thought it would be so close to me. However, since the school said, then I will do it.
  I put on my school uniform, carried my schoolbag, and hurriedly stuffed my breakfast. When I hurried out, I heard my mother complain: “Dare.” At the moment I closed the door, my mother rushed out and pointed at my neckline Stomped: “Your collar! Why does a girl don’t know how to clean herself up!”
  I turned the collar’s hand and slammed my neck back: “Yes, you born, blame yourself!” Also Without waiting for my mother to fight back, I ran downstairs “pedaling”, and behind me came my mother’s unkind complaints and heavy closing sounds.
  That night, my dad casually drew a little bit of food and told me that my mother was very busy in the hospital. I rubbed my chest and seemed to be angry with someone who agreed: “Oh.” The
  next day, my mom didn’t come back.
  On the third day, my mother still did not come back.
  On the fourth day, my anger had disappeared. I thought to myself: even if the hospital was busy, my mother would go home.
  Dad looked at me for a long time, and finally called me to the study, and said to me seriously: “Well, you also grew up …”
  I seemed to be in a vacuum. When I heard the voice, I rushed to the hospital, and the security guard stopped me directly: “This is a quarantine zone, please go.”
  ”But my mother is inside!”
  ”Is it a patient?”
  ”It’s a doctor.” The
  security guard didn’t speak to me anymore, but just pushed me desperately to my father and asked him to take me away quickly. I hugged my father’s arm and cried, “Even if it’s isolation, it’s okay to take a look!” Finally, my mother didn’t show up.
  Half a month later, as soon as I opened the door, I heard a familiar yell: “Don’t step on your carpet!” My panic and anxiety that lasted for a month gradually laid down, replaced by moving from the hands and feet The heart bursts of warm current. Mom is finally back! This warm current lasted for seven days, and after seven days, my family returned to the most stable triangular cycle pattern.
  After I entered the university, I packed my bags and moved to the school dormitory. I had a distance from my home. Instead, my relationship with my parents became more harmonious. However, every winter and summer vacation will destroy this beauty, and leave , My mother and I will return to the mode of talking back to each other. After so many years of summarizing, I finally summed up the way to make my mother not angry, that is to keep a distance from her and keep her from seeing me.
  At the beginning of the New Year in 2020, I finally found an opportunity to look at an apartment with my classmates and plan to share together. On the way home, I thought of countless ways my mother rejected me. Of course, I have prepared countless sets of speeches to ensure foolproof.
  When I got home, my mother had already prepared a table full of dishes, and she had n’t lifted her chopsticks. She sat next to me and said slowly: “You have heard about the discovery of a new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan. Now there are cases in Zhejiang The hospital where I work has become a designated hospital, so during this time, for your safety, I wo n’t go home. ”
  The chopsticks in my hand suddenly became heavy, or my people became very light, I Looking at my mother, my mother also looked at me: “You have grown up and will understand.”
  I nodded. I couldn’t say anything but understanding.
  ”Okay.” Mom didn’t speak anymore, just sandwiched the braised beef just made into my bowl. I was desperately picking up the rice, although I was no longer a teenager, but I suddenly envied me when I was a teenager, I could arbitrarily bump, cry at will, and vent at will.
  Later, I was also called back to the laboratory, and my work was full of Spring Festival holidays. The day I finished my work, I looked up and it was already dark.
  I rode my bike and passed the front of the car in the opposite direction to the home. It was a new hospital area that had just been opened to treat patients with new coronavirus pneumonia. I stopped my bike and stood outside the isolation zone. Head nurse recognized me, trot over and I explained: “Pregnant women responsible for your mother’s situation is not stable, because the basic anti-viral drugs have effects on the fetus, so ……”
  ”All right all right, you are busy you are, I This will go back. “I nodded and pushed the bike down the slope. Suddenly, I turned around. Behind the glass windows on the third floor stood a familiar figure, wearing a white isolation suit, facing me. When I turned around, I quickly pointed to the neck with my hand. I touched my neck subconsciously, and my collar was folded inside again.
  I turned over my collar and waved hard at her.
  I know that my mother will be accompanied by gestures when she is angry; I know that her mother will always turn over the old account when she is upset; I know that her mother is silent when she admits her mistake. As if I knew that Dad, Mom and I would definitely return to that period of stable triangle.
  I do n’t know, how good is my mother ’s life these days; I do n’t know what she thinks when she does n’t go home. It was as if I did n’t know if my mother was standing by the window, watching me spitting and rolling.
  I have a mother with obsessive-compulsive disorder, cleanliness, and character. She may not be perfect, but she is the only person in my life who is qualified for the term mother, as long as she is there, it is enough to feel at ease, unparalleled; her part, she will always be there, morning and evening, day and night Twilight, never leave.