That alley

  Flying over Beijing at night, because the airport is in the suburbs, you can only see the sparse and cold lights. The plane landed, and the lights around it became a little clearer, but turned off like a firefly. If you look closely, it turns out that the lights were reflected through the trees. The lights of the houses were not turned on, and they became more blurred after being covered by the trees. The tree shook, the lights shook, and the lights went out, like stars in groups.

  Suddenly there was some excitement, because I remembered my childhood, the alley of childhood! At that time, in Taiwan, an alley of tens of meters could not see a few street lamps. Asphalt black wood pillars, a disk-like lampshade and small light bulbs on the top, the light bulbs flickered and dimmed. Everyone in the alley is planted with a tree wall, a kind of symbolic wall surrounded by Qilixiang. There is a courtyard in the wall, and there are trees in the courtyard. In addition, it is a Japanese-style house with small window mullions. The lights in the house are separated from the alley by a heavy load. It was this alley that seemed to be invisible, and dreamy, which gave birth to my childhood.
  After dinner, when it was dark, my mother would often let me go out and play within the limits set by her. The scope of my activities is bounded by telephone poles. I cannot cross the third root to the right and the second root to the left.
  In the small alleys, it is best to play “mandarins and robbers” and “peek-a-boo”. In particular, the tree walls and courtyards of various homes allow us to move around, and there is also a kind of magical place that does not know the ghost.
  Of course, in this process of getting through the door, there are also some opportunities to “low down the curtain and listen to jokes.” My left neighbor is a general. I am most afraid of hearing his throat clearing. Sometimes he plays “peek-a-boo” and hides in the bushes of his house. Suddenly he hears a “hum”, then the window is opened and a sputum flew .
  In the dark alley, in addition to mosquitoes, fireflies, there are groups of bats. Just before night, I saw a bunch of dark shadows hovering under the street lights, sometimes passing over the head, fluttering, scaring. Children often throw rain boots into the sky, because I do n’t know who said that the bat would get into the boots as soon as they saw them. I have never seen a bat caught in a boot, but I hit one. When I was a child, I was so bold. When I saw it fall into the grass by the river crookedly, I burrowed into the grass. I just felt the bat. I proudly took the bat home, stuffed it into a glass bottle, and screwed the lid tightly. The next day, the bat disappeared.
  The dark alleys are also intriguingly “seeking the fang”. In the darkness, everything is hidden. Longbai became a black mass; betel nut became a thin piece; hibiscus bloomed during the day and fell asleep at night. It is a variety of white flowers, which become particularly clear. In front of my house, there is a single-flowered white camellia. In winter, I love to hide under the tree, see the slight light and moonlight sprinkled on it, and then smell the if there is nothing like the fragrance. I still like a French perfume in a pink box. I think this taste is very beautiful, probably because the fragrance reminds me of childhood jasmine. As for epiphyllum, it is even more beautiful. A large tree was planted in the front yard of my house. Every time the summer night bloomed, my father would hang a lamp in the yard and call friends to come to appreciate the epiphyllum which means auspicious “Cathay Pacific”
  I love the flower and the lamp. I feel that the figure is dangling in a string of lights, so beautiful! That kind of shadow is suddenly big and small, the lights are bright and dark, the voice is coming and going, and the feeling of being mixed up is like a dream. Later, I read Xin Qiji’s words: “People searched for thousands of Baidu in the public, and looked back suddenly, but the man was in the dim light.” What was reflected in my heart was this blurred picture.
  I often think that maybe time goes by. Under the clear blue sky, no time could pass. Only the dark alleys of my childhood, each light can reflect a shadow, suddenly long and short, suddenly fat and thin. Only in the memory of the alleys, the crying, laughter, pouring water and the sound of hitting children are so real in the illusion and illusory in the truth, it is worth chewing and pondering all my life.
  How beautiful! Blurred lights, past feelings. How beautiful! That alley of time!