Grind your teeth for another five minutes

  Obsessed with late night, because that is the best time to write. But because of the high blood pressure, the doctor warned me not to stay up late. In desperation, I had to change my work and rest habits for many years. I had to sleep before 10 a.m. and set the alarm to 3:30 in the morning. It was really difficult to get up at that time, the dream was about to reach its climax, the alarm suddenly blew, and finally I could not resist the temptation of the sleeping god, I turned off the alarm and went to sleep. It was more than 6 o’clock when I got up, and I wasted a lot of time for no reason. After I blamed myself, I forced myself to force myself. When the alarm sounded, even with my eyes closed, I had to struggle to get up, wash my face with cold water, and let myself get out of sleep as soon as possible, then go to the park to run for half an hour Then, the whole person was completely inspired, and then began to create. After holding on for a while, the blood pressure stabilized and the writing efficiency was quite high. In the final analysis, the moment the alarm sounded, as long as you gritted your teeth for five minutes, you would break free from the sleep.
  There is such a story
  in Madden’s successful study: On a stormy evening, an engineer hesitated whether to attend a banquet or to help his workers clean up the dam.
  He was about to get married, and the grand banquet was held for him that night. The seawater violently washed the dam, and people ’s fears increased as the water level rose, because this huge stone dam protected thousands of lives.
  ”Go to the dam!” He said to himself, “The banquet can be held without me, and can be postponed, but I must go and see the dam.”
  ”The engineer is here, thank God, thank God!” When I saw this When an engineer walked up the dam, people shouted loudly. Because the dam had ruptured, they were helpless.
  The engineer tied a rope to himself, and the other people under him were also tied to the rope, and then they plunged into the turbulent waves.
  ”A little more stone!” The people shouted. “A little more cement! Everything ran away.”
  ”There is no more stone.” The people shouted back.
  ”Take off your clothes.” The engineer shouted, “clog them with clothes.”
  In the dark and cold weather, people take off their clothes to block the gap, and pray that these clothes can work. It seems that their work didn’t play a big role, but they persisted, even for another five minutes. The wind suddenly changed and the water receded. When they learned that the village was saved, they cheered. Thanks to the engineer, and the engineer saved the dam with his strong determination and perseverance when everyone else gave up.
  As Talmegi said, how many of these engineers do we need to escape poverty, immorality, and sin? Otherwise, the surging waves and the tide of mountains and rivers will swarm!
  Banquets can wait, and the dam of life is the most important. And in the moment when the turbulent sea water is about to break down the dam, endure for another five minutes, and then persist for five minutes, and it will be a miracle!
  In the danger of life, do you have the courage and perseverance of “enduring five minutes”? Hemingway said: “Courage is elegance under pressure.” So, are you that elegant person?